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Are you planning on buying a new Swiss replica watch? Then maybe you should check out This very professional looking online store carries a very wide collection of beautiful Swiss and Japanese knockoffs at very attractive prices. It appears to be the perfect online store for watch passionate people, but is it really that perfect? Let’s find out!

The website has a very friendly and modern appearance. I like it very much because it uses wide sliding banners with very beautiful images of designer watches, fresh color accents and an airy template that makes the homepage look very appealing and easy to use. There is only one menu bar- at the top of the page- where the products are organized by Movement Type and Gender. To start browsing the collection, simply click on one of the buttons- Swiss Replica, Japanese Replica, Japanese Rolex or Ladies Watches.

No matter, if you already know what replica watch you want to buy or if you want to make an impulse decision, here you will surely find something that will impress your tastes in designer watches. The collection is very impressive and large. It includes every important watch brand and every single category has a couple hundred different models. Browsing the products is really easy as you have the option of filtering them by price and popularity.

The replica watches available at have a pretty ok price. These are not too expensive and not too cheap. Somehow they correspond to the market’s average price. For example, if you are interested in buying a Japanese automatic movement watch then you must be prepared to spend about $180-$250. If you want to get the best quality available on the market then a Swiss automatic mechanism replica is the most suitable option for you, which costs about $350-$700.

The company seems to have product pictures that were copied from two different sources. Some fake watches have photos over a white background while others have photos over a black one. The only common thing they have is that both styles of pictures show the products from all possible angles at a very decent clarity. You can see every well all the important details of these knockoffs.

Great news! offers free worldwide delivery regardless of the number of products you are buying or the total amount of your order. All packages are shipped with EMS and the estimated delivery time is about 7 business days. Of course, if EMS can’t deliver to your country then the company will send the order with DHL, UPS or FEDEX, also free of charge. As you probably know, EMS also offers a tracking number which allows you to follow the progress of the shipment on a daily basis.

The accepted payment options for buying a knockoff on are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Western Union. All these payment methods are highly reliable and secure. Most Internet companies and customers prefer these because they are very easy to use and have a very short completion time. This means that your order is fully processed quicker than with other alternative payment options.

Every replica watch purchased from this site comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Basically, the company offers a 7 days “no questions asked” refund or exchange policy and a 12 months free repairs warranty. Still, there are some conditions here. There is a 10% restocking fee for all returns and for exchanges the customer will be charged a $25 shipping charge. Also, you will have to cover all the costs of returning the watch. Regarding the repairs warranty, this applies only to watches that have a movement defect.

My advice to you is to never order a replica watch online without first speaking to the company’s agents and confirming all their policies, guarantees and services. This is why customer care is so important. You need to be able to contact the company right away and clarify all your doubts on the spot. Unfortunately, this website does not provide chat or phone communication options. You can speak to the customer care representatives only by email.

From so many points of view, seems to be the perfect replica watches online store. It has a wide selection of Swiss and Japanese fake watches, affordable prices, a diverse array of payment options, free international delivery, a 7 days refund policy and 12 months free repairs warranty. The things that you may not approve of are the expensive return costs and the unresponsive customer care department.


  1. Hello, on August 1, I ordered them 2 clocks worth 1300 dollars my money took them right away !!! After 3 days I was told that one model does not have it I think this should have been told before they took my money but …. !!! I chose another model after another 2 days told me that this model also did not have it, I chose a third and did not have it. I asked for the money I said I had to wait for them 2 months I will not wait to wait, but they continue to lie to me and make me choose 4 model clock and do not return the money. Do not buy from these people they are crooks and scammers, I burned with 1300 dollars unfortunately, but if I can help someone and prevent him from being a deceiver, he too. They took my money 14 days ago and have not yet confirmed what clocks they will send me. Unfortunately, they are not in Europe or in America such people are in jail !!! If I’d read about them early, I’d have 1300 dollars in more, but !? DO NOT BUY FROM THEM YOU ARE NOT CORRECT !!

    • Hello,
      My name is David Barnes, I am the sales representative for Allswisswatch.
      The above comment is not real.
      We NEVER process any payments directly through our website.
      We always first check if the ordered products are available and in good quality, before we send a link to our customers by email, so that they can verify and validate their payments with Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode.
      IF something is wrong with an order during the process, we personally call the customer to arrange a solution.
      Just another fake review, for unknown purposes.
      Feel welcome to contact us by email, phone or chat.
      Thank you.
      ONLY then, when the bank approves the pending request, which usually takes 1-2 days, we receive the actual payment and ship out.

  2. I intend to buy watches fr allswisswatch but would like to ask 2 questions: Is legal without lawsuit? Can I return watch if imported tax is high in my country?

  3. Such a liers..they took my money (800$) for 2 watches but instead if getting a watch to wear i got a teddy bear!!!i know that some people may not believe that but any one can email me and i will send him a picture of the bear in the shipping company with the tracking number and all the details on it..dont try to make this company (allswisswatch) rich by steeling our money.this is my email for any prove of what i am saying

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