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Luxury watches will forever be our passion. These exquisitely functional jewelries fascinate us with a timeless ability of combining style and charm with extreme precision and utility. Brands like Rolex, Omega, Breitling and Tag Heuer represent the main reason why we are attracted by intricate timepieces. Their design is simply perfect, sophisticated and fashionable. There is no feeling more luxurious and rewarding than wearing one of their watches on your wrist. is one of the eshops that carry replicas of all the famous brands and tempts us with affordable prices and good services. But before getting your hopes up, let’s see how trustworthy this merchant really is.

The homepage is not that impressive. It is as simple as it gets. It has a white background, a white and red color scheme, medium size sliding banners, plain menu bars and a few featured products in the lower part of the page. It looks pretty ok, it is nicely organized and seems to be friendly and easy to use, but I guess the main problem is that it looks utterly common. What I like the most is the fact that it isn’t overpopulated with promotional banners. It is fairly easy on the eye.

At the top of the page there is a red products menu which includes buttons for the most important brands like Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Cartier and Panerai. The rest of available brands are included in the left side brands list. This is a pretty long menu bar from where you can start the search of your favorite replica watch. The company seems to offer a very large collection of knockoffs. Just the Rolex category includes over 5,000 items. That’s a lot to browse, no matter how passionate you are about these products. Unfortunately, the items are only organized into sub-categories and there is no Advanced Search available. There is only one price filter which doesn’t feel like enough to sort out the “browsing over 5,000 Rolex replicas” problem. offers both Swiss and Japanese replica watches. Plus, all the prices are in GBP. At first look, these are pretty affordable. The fake timepieces equipped with 21 jewels Japanese Miyota automatic movement cost about 50 GBP-150 GBP. Of course, the ones that are powered by a 25 jewels Swiss ETA self-winding mechanism are considerably more. These cost about 200 GBP-740 GBP. The prices vary according to the complexity of the automatic movement, the available functions, the popularity of the design and materials used for manufacturing the replica.

The company does not use product photos that were taken in its own studio. In fact, these images may very well be stolen from other websites. The reasons that make me think this is the fact that the photos were taken in two different studios- some have a white background and some have a gray one-, the quality of the images is very poor, you can’t zoom in, and they have the watermark of a different website: Using copied pictures shows us that we can’t trust this merchant because it is very likely that you won’t receive what is displayed in the photos.

When you order a replica watch from you have the option of paying by credit card only. I think that this proves how unreliable this company really is. All reputable online stores are dedicating their time and efforts to offering as many and diverse payment options as possible. But this merchant accepts only Visa and Mastercard, plus its payment processing page isn’t secured so your card info can be hacked by any third party. There are no alternatives available, like Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Wire.

The company charges a 20 GBP flat rate shipping fee. So no matter what your delivery country may be, you get to pay only 20 GBP for shipping. Sure, free delivery would have been nice, but this one works as well. After all, it doesn’t matter your order total, number of products or weight of the package, you pay the same amount. All the packages are dispatched with EMS and the estimated delivery time is about 7-10 business days. Usually, the company needs about 2 business days to prepare your order for dispatch, and all the packages are sent with a tracking number. offers a 14 days refund policy. From what I have read on their website, it seems that you can send the replica watch back no matter what your reasons may be. Just make sure you do this before the first 14 days pass. Also, there are no restocking fees applicable and the initial shipping fee will also be refunded. The only thing you must be aware of is that all the return shipping costs must be paid by the customer and are not reimbursable.

I hate it when I fall for it. I hate it when replica watches websites like this one put a Live Chat on their homepage, I click on it and it doesn’t do a thing. In this case, it just redirected me to the Contact Us page. And there I found out that the only ways of contacting the store is by a Contact Form or by sending a message to their Gmail account. I do not approve of Gmail accounts as these are very unsecure and unreliable. A working Live Chat and phone number would have been great.

I for one wouldn’t order replica watches from I know that it has a very large collection of knockoffs, low prices, a 14 days refund policy and international delivery, but let’s not forget the bad things- it accepts only card payments and it uses copied product pictures.


  1. My personal dealings with this “company??” have been bad putting it mildly all of the above is mostly true. I had a wrong watch delivered and a return was just not going to happen. I was warned that the return would almost certainly get confiscated by customs. I swallowed this and ordered an alternative watch (how silly was I!)whence the money was taken twice via my card and they could not supply the watch. I cancelled the order. I have a long string of emails from this band of criminals and I apparently have to wait 40 days for the credit to be made to me due to their banking system. I am still waiting for my credit of £257.00.

  2. Hi. I am about to purchase a Rolex Daytona for £59 from Should I or shouldn’t I? Please help


    • Hi Dilz,
      I would be very surprised if you receive high quality replica from them, but if you do please post the pictures of the watch in comments section.

  3. Foreverwatches is a complete SCAM. This is a shady woman sending garbage via mail from her home. I ordered two swiss ETA watches at over 600 each and recieved a bag of parts. I was told I had to “return” the garbage in order to get my ordered products. Total scam and realized I just got $1200 stolen from me. Then you will be reported by HER to real watch manufaturers as trying to purchase illegal contraband items from her at which point you WILL recieve a letter from Gibney, Anthony & Flaherty, LLP informing you of your pending lawsuit for purchasing illegal items and options for settling. So out $1200 in product and $10k in legal fees is what you get from FOREVERWATCHES. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM. Located in the USA.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for your help. Who would you recommend I should purchase a watch off for the highest quality?

    Thank You

  5. Foreverwatches is not real. They do not have watches. Charged my CC for over 200 and then they went *poof*! All I got in the mail was an empty box in a yellow bag. Will not respond to my query and will fight to the last end with your bank on who owes who because they have a tracking # stating you recieved “something”. They sell your information, not watches.

  6. Ordered a $400 watch. Recieved a Toy Army Man. Their responce:

    “If so,you need to return for exchange.

    Pls leave your order number name and the reason you not like toy on a note and put it into the parcel when return it. I will email u once we have this package and make sure that we can have this parcel.

    Following is shipping address:

    Qianqian Lu ( receiver ’s name)

    Room 403, Building 1 , No. 1 of Road Xinghu, District Huli,

    City Xiamen, 361000

    Province Fujian,


    13559104973 (phone number) “

    • I also received the wrong watch and told to
      “If so,you need to return for exchange.
      Pls leave your order number name and the reason you not like toy on a note and put it into the parcel when return it. I will email u once we have this package and make sure that we can have this parcel.
      Following is shipping address:
      Qianqian Lu ( receiver ’s name)
      Room 403, Building 1 , No. 1 of Road Xinghu, District Huli,
      City Xiamen, 361000
      Province Fujian,
      13559104973 (phone number) “
      but am afraid to send the wrong watch back at least I’ll have something

  7. This company should NEVER be used they are a bunch of crooks, i bought a watch which was faulty and after emailing them with photos etc, they said send the watch back and they would refund the money, but after nearly a year of endless emails and phone calls none of which they replied to i STILL haven’t received my money back and they refuse to answer me via mail or otherwise. So long and the short of it if you want to be ripped off and lose £400 like me there are better ways rather than use these con artists !!! anyone wants more info feel free to email me at YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!

  8. do not buy from these thieves, they took my money, did not have the watch I ordered, have not returned my money and have deleted my previous reviews and record of my order! FRAUDSTERS!

  9. Do not buy from this retailer! I purchased a ladies Cartier Tank Swiss movement replica for my wife. The strap was really short. My wife has small wrists and it was tight on her. I contacted them to order some extra links. They took my order and £20 via Moneygram. Following several emails and promises that it had been dispatched, I have never received the links. I now don’t even get the courtesy of a reply. This Company is a total rip off. Been left with a watch that can’t be worn and £20 lighter in the pocket!

  10. Do not buy from these rip off fraudsters!! They have sent me the wrong watch which cost a small fortune and have not answered any of my emails. If the watch was any good I wouldn’t mind but it’s crap quality and you can tell a mile off it is a fake. Avoid .

  11. They are FAKE. They have no watches. This review is run by them. Check date of reviews. Stay away. FAKE FAKE FAKE. They stole my money and I saw no watch

  12. I need to cancel an order ASAP please help me please

  13. Yes they are replica watches but still not cheap at over £100 each
    Watch arrived broken and their stock reply was take it to be repaired will will discount you next time.
    As if there will be a next time.
    I’ve asked for a full refund but to date this has been refused.
    Currently in the process of a Section 75 claim with the credit card company I used to buy the watch

  14. Thanks for the heads up… should have known it was too good to be true. My transaction stalled, then I couldn’t log on, then couldn’t retrieve password so became concerned as I’d “registered” and provided card details etc…
    I emailed re the issue and got weird response from someone called Joy which confirmed it had stalled “stupidly” I sent a pic of the transaction screen again!
    Sent second email asking if they’d a problem only to get told to re register and re order using a different email… only then did alarm bells ring.
    Fortunately nothing off my card and I’ve cancelled it so they can’t use any details provided.
    Old adage is true a fool and their money easily parted.
    Take care

  15. Communication is not this company strength as I could not trace the shipment, The delivery came late by 10 days, but I received a great watch , very well made, with real leather strap. All function works as they should. They even have given me a free gift, a Mont Blanc carbon pen (immitation), but again, very well made.

  16. If this site is as bad as the reviewers make it out to be… Does anyone know a genuinely good and trustworthy site for high quality replica watches that can deliver to the UK? I don’t want to risk trying out this company now after seeing all the scams which have happened

  17. please help me, I have ordered a watch and another 2 transactions, one was approved, how do I cancel the transactions. I’m very worried.

    • Hi Harry,
      Have you contacted their customer support?

  18. Watch had the wrong movement in it. As a result the chronograph doesn’t work. They said I could return it, however from experience sending anything to China is a waist of time, because it never arrives. It doesn’t look bad, and they sent me a free gift. However, i would not recommend them.

  19. 100% Fraudulent stay away no watches no communication I hope these rot in hell!!! Bastards

  20. I have purchased a watch from these and it came in 2 weeks and it’s perfect!

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