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Swiss watches are the holy grail of luxury timepieces, even in the replica world. When it comes to knockoffs, a Swiss made automatic fake is the best there is. Replica manufacturers know this and the ones who take the chance of selling only Swiss clones are the ones that on long term have more to gain because a satisfied customer is a returning customer. This is also the approach of, a fake watches online store that offers only high grade Swiss automatic movement timepieces. Today we will focus on finding out how good and reputable this company really is. Continue reading!

The website doesn’t look like your regular high quality Swiss watches online store. It is quite far from this. The homepage is unaesthetic, unfriendly and unprofessional. The layout is quite crowded and tiresome for the eye. On the top there is a menu bar with the buttons for the informative pages, in the left there is a list with the available brands, in the center there is a small sliding banner, below it the sponsored products and in the right side of the page a large section filled with text. The color scheme is black, gray and red which makes it even difficult to find the site agreeable. carries a considerably large collection of different designers. The list reunites names that are very popular across the globe. I like the fact that the items included in each category are a very varied and inclusive selection of some of the best-selling models ever created. Important brands like Rolex, Omega and Breitling have only a couple hundred products while less popular replica names like Tag Heuer or U-Boat include less than a hundred items. Nevertheless, every category is divided into-subcategories and the replicas can be sorted by using the price filter.

Unlike most replica watches stores, sells only Swiss automatic movement replica watches. It does not offer Japanese fakes. The thing is that the prices for these Swiss knockoffs are more than the average price available on the market. Even though these clones are equipped with an automatic Swiss mechanism, I just can’t understand why they cost about $500-$1,700. For $1,000-$2,000 you can buy an authentic new Omega or Tag Heuer. Why spend the same amount on a fake?

I have to hand it to it! This website has really good quality product pictures. No matter if we are talking about its replica watches or Swiss movements, this merchant is very keen on posting numerous images that show the products from various angles. The focus is on depicting some of the most important design particularities and markings, but also to offers accurate close-ups of the inside mechanism. From my point of view, this is how all reputable online replica stores should present their knockoffs, with detailed good quality pictures. is a huge surprise to me. It is one of the few replica websites that show a great interest for offering the best available payment options to its customers. Not only the company accepts Visa, Mastercard and JCB card payments, but it also offers the choice of paying by Western Union and Paypal. For Western Union payments there is a 15% discount and for card payments there is a transaction processing fee. If you ask me, Paypal is the best option for paying for your online purchases.

As far as delivery goes, the store offers two main shipping choices. The first available option is EMS which costs about $35 and it takes about 7-10 business days to arrive. The second option is DHL, it costs $50 and the estimated delivery time is about 5-7 business days. I think that these two choices are a little bit expensive. Still, out of these two I would prefer EMS as its price is more reasonable and the delivery time is not that much. Also, regardless of the option you choose, a tracking number will be provided for your package. has a pretty interesting warranty. Apparently, the company offers a different warranty time for every part of the watch. For example, Watches movement, dial, hands, lume, bezel, sapphire, crown and buttons get a 5 years warranty; the stainless steel bracelet gets a 3 years warranty; the leather, rubber or nylon strap gets a 1 year warranty and the clap gets a 5 years warranty. There is no word on the Warranty page about a return policy. Only on the FAQ page there is a mention of offering a refund policy, but it does not say in how many days from the delivery you can return the replica for a refund.

Unfortunately, the customer service provided by this store is not that great. Supposedly, the customer care department is available 24/7, but they do not provide a contact phone number or a live chat button for easy and immediate queries. The only way you can get answers from this merchant is by email or MSN. Honestly, I do not find MSN as a very professional communication channel. seems to be the perfect Swiss replica watches store. It offers a pretty diversified collection of fake timepieces, has excellent product pictures, it accepts numerous different payment options, including Paypal, it offers free worldwide delivery and a 5 years warranty. The only parts that may change your mind are the high prices, the expensive delivery and the lack of information about a refund policy.


  1. This is the biggest cheat online. Don’t ever get into business with this shithole. Once they have your money don’t expect anything back.

    • What is your evidence? If there is no evidence, please do not malicious slander any Website! As I understand it, is very trustworthy!

    • I’ve ordered 4 watches over the past 2 months. Got every one of them and they are really nice quality

      • CROOKS !

      • I bet you’ve been ripped-off by now lol

  2. I have just been ripped off for £5,000!!! Stay clear of this shit site they lure you in with good quality priced Replicas at first then once they gain your trust and you place a larger order they’ll take you for as much money as they can. Fact!! Be WARNED!!

    • I do not believe they are a liar! Too many high quality watches come from them! Maybe you should really make an order with them!

  3. This is a pure crook site ! You will never receive any watch !
    Beware !

    • Very irresponsible reviews!
      I got order watches and it is high quality!

  4. Great SPECTRE Omega replica, exceeded every expectation I had. I did not like the fact that I had to send copies of my credit card statement and a photo of my actual credit card. Obviously, I blurred out other non-relevant info. But, I got a great watch!

  5. Hello everyone and if you are reading this the you have bought from this website or are considering doing so. I strongly urge you not to as I have lost near $2,000 to this person Yanjie Dong in Beijing via Western Union. Please Do Not make the same mistake I made. Stay well clear.

  6. For those people who have received their watches from this site just know that once he decides your spending enough you WILL LOSE your money just like me and lots of others. You’ve been warned lol.

  7. Please Don’t buy from this company !
    I ordered a few monts ago a Rolex watch
    Transferred the money and they send them
    till so far all ok.
    Then the shipment was confisticated bynthe customs
    in Hong Kong
    The guy promised me to send a new watch many times
    I am still waiting He don’t answer my mails anymore.

  8. I paid for submariner watches through Western Union, and they serve really super perfect! The watches is the best I’ve ever seen!!

  9. I am purchased Patek Philippe nautilus watches.
    This is the best replica I’ve ever seen, a very trustworthy seller!

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