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If you were looking for an Australian based replica merchant able to supply high quality replica watches at affordable prices then might be just the perfect merchant for you. It is a company that claims to base its business on free worldwide delivery and major price savings. Let’s review it and see if it really is a reputable source of superior fake watches!


The menu bar is positioned right at the top and it includes all the available brands. This is possible only because it is pretty bulky and thick. Its large buttons help you visualize your options right from the start. I find it very helpful and easy to navigate. The collection of watch brands is pretty inclusive, but not very wide. It has only the most important and representative designer names. Average watch companies are not available at this online store.

Just by clicking on one of the large buttons from the menu, you can access that specific category and see an Advanced Search bar in the left side of the page. From there you can select the specifications for the replica watch you want to buy. For example, you can choose the collection, the price range, the gender, the movement type and the fabric of the band.

Each brand category includes hundreds of beautiful replica models and the prices range from $100 to $700 depending on the inside mechanism, materials and design. Japanese movement watches cost about $100 to $250 while Swiss movement replicas are $250-$700. Both different types of movement qualities are justified by the functionality of the inside mechanism and durability of the watch itself. Nevertheless, these are the price ranges available on the online replica market for Swiss and Japanese replica watches, the same prices that most of the other fake watches merchants offer.

On the Payments page, the online replica merchant states that it is able to process payments by Visa, Mastercard and Western Union. All orders paid with Western Union are eligible for a 20% discount. Let’s verify this, shall we? Strangely enough, this is the actual truth. is one of the few online merchants that respect their claims about the accepted payment options and it is also one of the couple replica websites that can process Mastercard payments. Finally, my faith in fake watches companies is restored! claims to ship packages out of Australia and with the Australian Post. The merchant delivers packages all over the world and there are no shipping fees involved. It sounds pretty good especially if we consider the fact that all these packages are sent out with Australia Post and take no more than 7-10 business days to arrive. Additionally, all orders are shipped with a tracking number which will be emailed to you after dispatch, and by using it you will be able to follow the entire tracking progress of your order. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

This online replica store has a 14 days return policy. This implies that within 14 days of receipt, you can send the fake watches back either for a full refund or for an exchange. To take advantage of this policy just contact the company and request the return information. Make sure that the watch is unworn, undamaged and that it is sent back with all its initial boxes and accessories. After the company inspects the returned goods, it will process your full refund or an exchange. Refunds take about 7-10 business days to appear on your statement.

CONS: has a website template that I have seen at many different online replica companies. It has the same gray and purple color scheme, flowery embellishments and wide menu bar, only the name is different. Could it be possible that fake watches webpages have run out of online store designs to replicate and now they are all going for the same girlie-like appearance? Yeah, sure! It may seem like a very friendly website with easy to use features and an appealing appearance, but would it hurt to differentiate their image even by a little bit?

The product description page is pretty short and limited. It does not say much either for the quality of the watches or the professionalism of this replica company. Basically, it is a schematics of the most important specifications of these fake watches. Things like gender, movement, band length, material, crystal and case size are roughly mentioned.

The bad part about its return policy is that this replica merchant does not have a repairs warranty. There is nothing to protect your investment from the sad event of having your watch break down after the first 14 days from the delivery. If such thing occurs then you can just throw it away at the garbage bin as it will be almost impossible to find a local jeweler willing to service it.

Domain registered: USA

Pictures: has incredibly good product pictures. These are very clear and professional photographs that show every beautiful part of these replica watches. Each product features about 7-10 images, all of them in the same photographic style presenting the knockoffs from every possible angle and focusing on all the important design particularities. These photos are so clear that you can even see the fingerprints on them. Obviously, these were taken in own studio and they represent the replica watches that this online store really sends to its customers.

Customer service: Why is it so hard for online replica companies to understand that in order to sell fake watches they need to be easy to reach? This merchant clearly does not comprehend this or chooses to ignore it as it does not supply a contact phone number, an email address or a Live chat service. The only way of reaching the company is by sending a message through the Contact Form included on their page. I am totally against ordering from a website that cannot be contacted directly by phone or Live Chat. The lack of a proper communication channel lowers your chances of resolving any possible dissatisfaction.

Summary: is one of those online replica stores that carry a very inclusive selection of beautiful fake watches, features very affordable prices, has a very easy to browse replica collection, provides free worldwide delivery, a 14 days refund and exchange policy, excellent product pictures and is also able to process Visa, Mastercard and Western Union payments. It sounds too good to be true, right? Except for the fact that it does not offer a repairs warranty, it lacks a responsive customer service and does not have a proper description for its products.


  1. I recently bought a watch through my watches online.

    When i received it, the watch wasn’t working, and it was different to the photos on the website. I immediately emailed the support and requested the return information and stated the issues, with attached photos. The next day I received a condescending email that didn’t address any of the questions or issues i had previously stated in my email. To the point where they told me to simply ‘set the watch to the correct time and your problem will be fixed’. Ignoring the point i had told them that the watch was stopping every 25- 45 minutes.

    Long story short the correspondence from the customer service was a drip feed, obviously waiting until the 14 day money back guarantee is up. It was extremely infuriating that i could not get one answer out of them.
    I have now, had to pay for an extra battery, and a circuit for the watch as it is out of warranty which both cost me double what the watch did.

    I do in no way what so ever recommend you use this website, it is a scam.

    I have since passed their details onto my lawyer to pursue.

    • Lawyer??? Fake watch ???to pursue which side?? LOL

  2. I bought a watch from them, it was in great quality and looks exactly the same as the original was perfect.

  3. DO NOT BUY ANY THING FROM THEM. I bought a watch and paid for it and got the bank statement as proof and they still denied and lied through there teeth so I won’t get my money back and they didn’t deliver anything. They just stole $300 from me so now I will take them to court

    • Can you please kindly check your credit card bills, your payment with this order was not successful. you can still call your bank to confirm it, if you find it in your bills, but we did not ship it, you can just call your bank to cancel it, you can just charge it back with just a phone call

  4. There is the proof and they still won’t give me the watch or even The $282 I spent on there website. They are frauds be warned

    • this is not proof, please check your credit card bills, but it’s just in processing, your payment was not successful. please just check your credit card bills, you must made some mistake, we will ship your items as soon as your payment was successful, you can call your bank to confirm if the payment was processed, if it’s not, please cancel this, if you have paid for it, you can just call the bank the cancel the payment, and we will be punished too

  5. Fake and scam. Do not fall for it. The site looks good but it’s all fake. If you purchased from them – please call your bank to cancel the transaction and block your cards.

    • this is a site sell replica watches, so the items was fake, but they were in very good quality

      • This Steven bullshitter is rigging this website to give it a higher rating online, when in fact, every single comment on here is 0.5 star because it can’t go any lower.

        I can’t stress this enough – this website is 100% scam. DO NOT buy anything at all – really. Nothing at all – they’re fake. You should really spend more time figuring out how you can be a genuine business owner rather than a scammer – scammers are losers. Loser!

  6. I recently purchased a watch from this company. I have been charged the full amount by them. However I have not received any confirmation email. I also have tried to contact them via the online request form. However, I have tried to submit this contact approximately 30 times across the last week. Each time its says “unable to submit request, please try again later.”

    I’ve reported this to my bank as fraudulent and an investigation has commenced. I will not be withdrawing aforementioned investigation until information or issue is rectified.

    • we are sorry that we have met some problems with the system, we are unable to receive messages at that time, and now it’s recovered, and now you may have received your watch too

    • Sorry for the bad experience Jamie – this was a scam. Just spend your time dealing with your bank – they are a lot more helpful than this loser – cos he ain’t gonna give you nothing back – believe me.

  7. BEWARE CUSTOMERS!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. I was sent a damaged bag and they would only send me a replacement IF I SPENT MORE MONEY buying another handbag, when I declined they simply ceased emails with me!!! A very untrust worthy company. Products were also inferior and look very fake!!!!

  8. Absolute bullshit of a website. Do not trust this is a big scam. Everyone in this position please comment further. This website is proof of this dirty scam artist website. Shameful to call yourself an Aussie business!

  9. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE. I purchased a replica watch from the website and when I received it the watch looked completely different to the one I ordered, not to mention the horrible build quality of it. When I saw this I emailed them and asked them if they had mixed up my order. The email they replied me back with was extremely hostile and they blamed me for ordering a different watch. I tried to contact them again but was unable to. Luckily I stopped my friend from making the same mistake and giving these scammers $300.

  10. I recently bought a Patek Phillipe for $308.22. As soon as I paod it I received an email saying once it has been shipped they will send me an email with tracking info. I never received this, after 5 days I sent an email asking whats happening. Got a reply literally 5 mins later from Steven with tracking number. I had np chance of checking it even if I wanted to as the site is all in Chinese. At this point I thought its a scam and just said fuck it. 3 days later I received my watch and btw it looked exactly like the pictures. Great quality replica and it has been working perfectly so far.
    I havnt given 5 stars as I was a bit annoyed with the fact they never sent me the tracking no. via email that they said they would.

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