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Perfectwatches website is like a library of fashionable time pieces. It is a neatly organized library presenting to its e-shoppers an impressive collection of watches, an online resource of iconic timepieces displayed in a very accessible and straightforward manner.


The first time I entered the site I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of its perfectly categorized template. Going from collection to collection I’ve discovered iconic watches such as Rolex Submariner, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, Omega Speedmaster Professional, Breitling Navitimer, Zenith El Primero, Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, Bell&Ross, Patek Philippe Nautilus and many others. Some of these watches are incredibly hard to find on the market of replica watches and the fact that you can find them on just one website says very much about their stock and supply capabilities.

I love the fact that the website has interactive features. For example, while reading the information for the Rolex Submariner-rl103 I’ve noticed a button with the text “Take up to 40% off”  so I clicked it. A new widow opened on the screen explaining how I can benefit from the available discounts. The same type of buttons was there to inform me about how the links of the band can be removed, about the difference between Swiss and Japanese watches and a short „information pamphlet”. This was new to me. The websites I am used to are not this dynamic and informative. And that’s not all it has to offer when it comes to interact with its visitors. This is my favorite feature: when you scroll down the page you can read under the description of each watch a series of questions from website visitors answered by customer service. These show a realistic and accurate selection of particularities for each replica.

Some of the other very neat functions of this website are: the currency can be changed from USD to euros and vice versa, it has an extremely inclusive list of available languages, an option to create an account and set up your wish list, a newsletter sign up form, and, of course, the “have an idea” option. This website is anything but boring. You could browse and shop with pleasure for a couple of hours here. For men this is the closest version of what women call a shopping spree at the mall.

The accepted payment options are Visa, Western Union, Bank Transfer,  Echecks for US customers only,  and JCB. If you ask me, it is quite diversified. It largely covers all possible payment preferences of most e-shoppers.

CONS: I know from experience that replicas are not recommended for water exposure, but I still pay great attention to this information to see what policy each company has for water damages. offers does not cover any water damages and this could really cause a lot of hassle if any humidity would accidentally get inside the crystal.

Pictures: The website presents high quality professional photos taken from key angles as to show important functions, buttons and markings for each product. The style used for taking these photos is unique and particular. Surely, you won’t find these pictures anywhere else on the Internet.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer Service: I had a really nice and pleasant conversation with one of the customer support representatives. To all of my usual questions regarding quality, shipping and warranty policy he had a very polite and professional answer. I couldn’t help trying to get a little bit on his nerves just to test him, but he endured all my annoying questions with heroic fortitude. Of course, phone and email assistance are also available Monday-Friday from 8 AM to Midnight EST.

Summary: is the place where you can really enjoy buying with style and finesse some of the most carefully selected replica designs. It is an online store that mesmerizes its visitors with rich descriptions, high quality photos, interactive features and dynamic functions.


  1. Top notch replicas. I ordered 5 watches from them and except one minor issue with band screw I have no complaints.

    • I see you purchased watches from Perfect Watches. I ordered a watch but have not received it. I called their customer service number and was advised that they were moving locations and all deliveries are delayed. I tried to follow up again but can not get through either by phone or on line. Appears their website has been taken down. Do you know anything about what is going on? Thanks.

  2. I just Received my 7 watches from
    I’m unhappy with 6 out of 7 !
    1.The Porsche Design watch was 9mm larger width than advertised! Pc08
    2. The Rolex Daytona, feels like TIN. Has faded markings on the Bezel. Looks different than
    That of the website.
    3. The Cartier Tank Ladies, is much smaller and lighter than an original.
    4. The website had a Promo of a free Pink Omega Ladies watch.
    They substituted it for a $30 cheaper white Omega watch. No notification !
    5. Another Black Omega DeVille Mens watch, is small 36mm and feminine compared to the pics

    # The factory is in CHINA , BUT the support and sales team is based in USA ! ??
    The USA team, haven’t direct access to the full range it seems. So they can’t be held responsible
    For size and Colour discrepancies ! It’s absurd …
    They have the audacity to afford me a $50 DISCOUNT on future purchases !

    # These watches should retail for $50-80 maximum !
    NOT $125-250 !

    I feel cheated !


    I have all the pics and email communication on file .

    • raveen could you please email me pics of the whatches you’ve recieved

    • is no te same site as

  3. Every once in a while you stumble on to a great site that sets it apart from most others. PerfectWatches is that type of site.
    I had been looking for a Rolex Daytona in rose gold with bronze face and black leather strap. PerfectWatches had the identical model I was searching for and after reading many positive reviews on this site, I decided to order it. Shipping was as they claimed 7-10 days.
    When the watch arrived I was very surprised with the quality and likeness to the original. This is where it gets interesting. Unfortunately there was a defect with the watch strap and it came apart. I immediately contacted customer service and was asked to send photos showing the defect. Within 30 minutes I was informed that a new watch strap complete with hardware was being shipped to me FOC. And true to their word the watch strap arrived promptly and all is well. If you are skeptical about dealing with replicas and honesty of the company selling them, PerfectWatches is everything you are looking for. Bravo

  4. Perfect Watches doesn’t stand behind their product. I received a day-date just that looks okay but the date doesn’t sit center, where it belongs. It’s a dead giveaway that it’s a fake. They offered to give me a discount on a purchase of a new watch but were not willing to exchange it unless I paid for for the shipping back to Hong Kong. A company that doesn’t fully stand behind their product doesn’t desire my business, or yours for that matter. I suggest you find another source for your watch.

  5. Just ordered and received three replica Rolex’s, absolutely no complaints whatsoever, excellent service, excellent product.

  6. After having had to changed my mind quite often due to 7 or 8 of my choices not being in stock, in spite of the fact they were showing on the website as being in stock, I eventually settled on 3 watches (there was an offer of buy two get another watch free, so three in total).

    I received them promptly, which was great, but when they arrived only one was acceptable. One watch (a Bvlgari ladies rose gold) was almost orange in colour and the Breitling I chose was much smaller than the dimensions given on the site and the rose gold colour parts of the watch were almost brown in colour, not a nice pinkish yellow gold.

    When I asked for a refund as per the info on their site, I am told that this is not an option “at this time” whatever this means; I have asked the question three times now of why this is and it’s the same answer over and over again “not possible at this time”. I have also been offered to choose two other watches to the same value but I still have to pay for return postage, restocking fees for two watches and postage back to me again if I have to choose this option or a 30% discount on a future purchase from them.

    All I can say is if you pay by Western Union/MasterCard, and your purchases are not suitable, I think you can kiss goodbye to your money… buyer beware!! I only gave 0.5 rating due to the prompt delivery…

  7. I just bought from perfect watches and my new GMT MASTER 2 is amazing. I have 10 years of experience with Rolex and i have collected 10 Rolex watches from Tourneau in NYC. This model has been my dream model but most my real Rolexes are stainless steel and range from $8,000 to $12,000. I just can’t stomach paying $30,000 for a Gold Rolex. Now with my new purchase from I can now look like a million bucks without spending a MILLION BUCKS! Their customer service was great and I already made another purchase for me and my wife. I really can’t tell the difference and the quality is stunning. Every week before my purchase I visited Tourneau and had the real version in my hand and on my wrist. And I can tell you there is no difference, and believe me if there is, its not worth $30,000 and thats how much my model costs. I got it for $225 and with the added discount, $210. I’ll never buy a real Rolex ever again. I wish I knew this 10 years ago.

    • How did you go about paying for it

    • If you have that much real rolex models, how couldn’t you see any difference like the weight or quality ?
      If you got already that much rolex models, buying a fake one isn’t going to replace a real one !

  8. I haven’t received my order yet since I just placed it two days ago, butt I just wanted to make it known that this company has SUPERIOR customer service/support. They are better than most companies we are used to ordering stuff from. The phone support people are given a great system to work from which allows them to look up your order by phone number and answer any question you have. They can also see every email that the company has sent you regarding order info, shipping, tracking, and they seem to have a very strict quality inspection on all items they sell. I got into a conversation with a rep and he told me they will sometimes refund customers or hold off on shipping out items until they can replace an item if it isn’t high enough quality.

    I will update when I receive my order

    • bullshit this is a fake reply they are , according to their website, supposed to contact you w/i 24 hours to verify you placed the order they did not and when they did it was to try to get more personal information cheap bad watches so they can get all your info and sell it to other scammers

  9. i wanna buy 1 watch from this sit but i still cant trust it

    • No way, Jose. cheap, cheats and creeps.

  10. Ordered replica rolex Day-Date (rl197). It arrived with a defective band that will not open. Also ordered replica rolex DateJust (rl219), but it was terrible quality. The crown will not screw in, and the days do not align, get a bottom have and top half of day numbers. Perfectwatches claims I must pay for a jeweler to repair, or I must pay return shipping for refund less a $60 restocking fee! Stay away from this vender.

  11. We received some watches from this company and they were all scratched up. The bands are of cheap quality and one had a broken link. We tried calling the company and got an answer machine. We paid via auto withdrawal so they got our money, we feel disrespected and cheated. Do not do business with this company, beware and run!!!!!!

  12. Poor quality watches, even poorer customer service. First watch arrived, band broke within two days and kept very bad time. Returned the watch as instructed and sought a refund as offered. The refund offer was then recinded and a duplicate poor quality watch was shipped to me. Avoid this site.

  13. Hi guys I got 4 watches that looks great everyone was happy to be honest I will order from them they was fast and they have also return policy so for me perfect watches was good I’m sry for you guys but I was lucky

  14. be very c areful…. company is “off shore” so you basically have no legal rights they tried to get all kinds of addl infor from my bank and my personal banker bulked at giving it to them effectively cancelling my order my buddy was not so lucky and had his checking acct hacked and received three worthless watches BEWARE

  15. Thanks for your excellent service. Watch received in perfect condition I am very pleased, quick despatch, and prompt delivery. Finally, thanks for your excellent communication.

  16. I choosed this webside because they have the best choices in watches and great service. I tried doing it from a different dealer before and they gave me a hard time. I think everybody should try it and be satisfied like me.

  17. Everything was just perfect. Starting with the gentleman that took my order on the phone to the watch arriving on time and in perfect condition!!!

  18. Wow so mixed reviews I shouldn’t trust the positive reviews with so many negative ones. Was about to purchase over $1000 worth too! Lucky I didnt

  19. Whatever you do ….DO NOT SEND the watch back to them for any reason…you will loose both the watch and the money…This has actually happened to me!!

  20. Wanted to buy a watch but after going through all the reviews…a little confused..

  21. Hi, I am thinking in getting this Omega rep, what suggestions do you have? Do you know if they have a good rep?

    Thanks and regards.

    Juan R


  23. Let’s be honest folks. Anyone that thinks they’re going to get a $10-$30,000 watch for a couple hundred bucks is fooling themselves. If you want to pay for what you get, either go to an AD or go to Macy’s and pick up a Citizen or Bulova. Get real. I picked up a couple of pieces from this outfit and a couple of observations: I have 3 authentic Breitling’s and the “Rolex”‘s I picked up keep the same time- a feat in itself. Same with my authentic Omega. I’ve never been a Rolex fan just because they’re everywhere so I thought this to be a reasonable way to get a feel for whether or not maybe one would be next. Have reasonable expectations. You are not going to get a five figure watch for a couple hundred bucks. Finally, their service and responsiveness was outstanding for what I guess you would call grey market- that in itself is worth something. I really don’t feel that anyone has any right to complain about a purchase they should know better than to not be authentic- come on.

  24. I’ve bought 2 beautiful watches from them, stainless gold submariner and a day-date gold presidential very very close to the real deal minus of course them not being water proof.Customer service is better than what you get at a local store that knows you!Both watches arrived well packaged and on time. I wasn’t to happy with the bands…minor flaws in the plated gold..called them up and they sent replacement bands without any questions or pic’s, nor did they want me to send the imperfect ones back. Of course no charge to me.After reading some of the negative reviews I guess it depends on the customer service rep you get or they are not real reviews. Very professional and no funny business with using your credit card.I gave them a 4 star rating because of the bands,but other than that i will use the site without hesitation again…replacement bands were 100%.

  25. These guys are amazing with the customer support. The order was shipped to the wrong address. The timeline was long due to the geography. The have hired some guys in Ca. to follow and fix the issue. I have always measured transactions by the ability to fix thing. They are solution oriented. The product is great, fit the bill for my needs. Needless to say this is a stand up outfit that has figured out how to keep happy customers. Kudos to customer support and taking care of problems over a Christmas holiday, with plenty of volume.

  26. Can someone please tell me if this website is legit or not?? I just placed an order and there are so many mixed reviews I don’t know what to believe.. Someone help me out here, they are asking for a picture of my credit card and a copy of my id

    • DON’T BUY FROM THIS GUYS. YOU MIGHT AS WELL BURN YOUR MONEY. Ordered a watch, paid through Western Union on Jan 16th and they still haven’t shipped my watch. Now, they’re on New Year’s vacation, until the 26th. That’s almost 10 weeks. I’ll just assume they’ve already stolen my money. At least I didn’t give more sensitive information.

  27. I see the reviews on here are quite extreme for both good and bad, so I will give my honest review here after 3 years of experience with this site.
    1) The people who gave a 5 star review are either working for this business or knows nothing about replica watches.
    2) The people who gave bad reviews are telling the truth, but partially it is their own fault.
    3) The replica here are usually between 70 – 80% realistic when compared to the real thing, the main difference is the movement. If you are cheap and buys the Chinese movement, depending on the style, it could work from a few months (or shorter) to 5+ years. I have experienced both. I bought a Cartier Calibre which worked for 3 months, and a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Just which is still working after 7 years. Yes you heard it right, 7 years and still working. All other ones have worked somewhere in between, average about 1 year.
    4) If you pay for the Swiss movement, I can’t say that it is real Swiss movement, but it is definitely smooth when compared to the cheap Chinese movement. I got a couple of Swiss movement watches here which lasted more than 3 years.
    5) Regardless of the movement, if want it to look more authentic, don’t buy the metallic bands, because they are usually poorly made. The leather bands will look much better.
    6) Certain brands will always look better, such as Rolex, which has been copied over decades of improvement, so they will always look better.
    7) Forms of payment. A lot of people who got sucked into the discount for wire transfer and other bank payments. Sometimes it is not really their fault because the Chinese government heavily monitor these sort of overseas transactions, sometimes the payment simply got stuck in the bank somewhere. These people do always able to get the payments. Word of advise, use a credit card. Pay the foreign transaction fees and you will know they go the money.
    8) Don’t expect them to honor any warranty or returns.
    9) Don’t blame the product if you over use it and abuse it. I have seen people posting pictures of a watch after 1 month of used which looked like they have been using it for 3+ years.
    10) Customer service. In my experience, they are actually quite accommodating, unless you want your money back of course. Each time I buy one, they follow up with me via phone and email until I confirm that I have received the product, which could take about 3+ weeks from the time of your order.

    Happy Hunting!

  28. thanks Dave

  29. Here is my review of Perfect watches. AVOID at all Costs.

    If I could give a 0 I would. I got an Omega Seamaster from them and the day it arrived, it was broken. The strap kept undoing and the crown fell out. I tried on several occasions to gt a hold of them to let them know of this problem. No one would answer my emails. Then I got one back about a month later. I told her about the issue and then she never responded to any emails. She never once apologized or offered to help. They wanted me to send it to them at my cost, and I know I would never hear from them again. And then today she says, your watch is now over 6 months old and they can do nothing about it.

    Never, ever , ever waste your money on this horrible company. They will never do anything for you and they don’t stand behind the crap they are selling. I would have bought 5 more watches from them in one order if they had just fixed their issue with my watch. So much for customer service.

  30. I regularly buy from this store (at least twice per year). Their customer service is great and knockoffs look pretty close to original.

  31. I was just about to pull the trigger and place an order with, when alarm bells started ringing with regard to the information they ask for. I opted to pay by credit card and of course they ask for the number, expiration and security number – all perfectly natural. Then they ask for the bank’s name and phone number (the credit card customer service number from the back of the credit card). They then ask for your date of birth, so that they “can provide a better service”. So… if I were to enter all of that, they’d have my full name, address, date of birth, credit card details and contact details for my bank… yeah, right. Next they’ll want my mother’s maiden name! I do a lot of on-line ordering and am NEVER asked to disclose all this stuff. It might be legit, but I am not going through with this purchase.


  33. Horrible website

    Got this when they send me a faulty product and refunsed to take it back properly

  34. Sorry I have a problem. I can’t find site on google which tells me cancelled site. How can I solve this?

  35. They can trap u easily if u have not gone through reviews posted by numerous individuals on independent sites like this one. They only show 5 star reviews probably by their staff. I was one of such customers who fell to their tricks. I was lured to opt for wire transfer which I did from my bank account. Nothing was mentioned on any special procedure requirement. I transferred 400+$ via wire and mentioned purpose as buying a watch. I had to send many reminders to them to confirm the wire receipt . It took them 10 days to confirm that they can’t pick the funds coz I mention purpose as buying a watch n not as travel expense. I told them where it is specified that I have to mention this. They just apologized and asked me to cancel transfers. I had already paid hefty fees as transfers and then various calls n requests to my bank n followups took another 12 days. After cancellation charges and exchange difference finally I got back my payment after a total deduction of around 140$. I requested them to give me discount as compensation as it was their fault but they refused.
    During waiting period, I explored many sites n found out that there are lots of complaints against the subject company. The watches they offer are not worthy n many complaints of receiving defective pieces. Many other sites offer the same quality at less than half the price quoted by PF. Why pay 199+ $ minimum for a fake? Other site offers the same at 90$. Swiss movement cost 700$+. Visit Ashford n u can get many Swiss watches for 100-200$ easily. Why 500$ difference PW is charging for Swiss movement worth 100$? Hope this reaches loads of replica buyers n save them unwanted waste of money n hazzles.
    Thanks for reading

  36. The first watch I bought from Perfect Watches was a £20,000 Hublot for around £250. I liked the look of the watch but wasn’t happy with the quality, but, come on, it’s the cost of a cheap Casio!The watch was perfectly fine as a copy but I wanted an exact replica and realized I would have to opt for a Swiss model which are around 100% to 150% more expensive. Perfect Watches are one of the very few companies that allow you to call them. You are not left on the line forever and their customer service staff are very friendly and efficient. They accepted my return request and were prepared to refund my card. Yes, it is expensive to return items as EMS are the only service you can use but Perfect Watches will refund you the cost on receipt of a copy of the postage receipt. I bought the Swiss Model and it is, in every way, just like the real thing, including the weight. I love it so much it is the first watch I have ever kept on whilst sleeping. I have bought more items from them since and their quality is the closest possible to the real thing. But remember, go Swiss.

  37. Don’t bother with this website. I ordered a watch and it didn’t even match the pictures, went through months of going back and forth with these people and finally received a watch I thought was quite a decent replica. Until after a few months the mechanism decided to break. After contacting PerfectWatches, I was told they would give me store credit even though their website clearly states 6 months warranty.

    Don’t waste your money on these watches, they will eventually break and most likely within a year of purchasing.

  38. their junk, rotted out in 3 years. thanks for selling junk towel heads! offered no help, just a big tough shit. don’t waste your money buy a good watch for 200.00 usd

  39. They sell what you are paying for. Be real. Need perfection?Go to the Authorized Dealer. Want an excellent replica? Buy here. To me, a buyer, PF is the real deal.
    PS. if you can afford it… go Swiss.

  40. This site took care of me and responded all throughout the process. Even when I got nervous they still assured me I would receive my products, which I did. It did take about 21 days to receive my watches but in all honesty I cannot complain. Their customer service was legit. Never ignored me and kept insuring me that I would receive my merchandise.

  41. It is a fraud. I paid the clock 2 months ago and I have not received it. Now the mail address is invalidated and the website is closed.

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