• Price
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  • Warranty is one of those websites that love to show off a clean and elegant design and unveil surprisingly groundbreaking functions. It is focused on offering an easy access to a broad selection of well-known high end brands and on making your online shopping experience so much easier. Just browsing through its selection of imitation watches feels like a real journey throughout the history of luxury timepieces.


The website is very easy to navigate. On the top it has a simple menu including the informative pages such as Shipping, Guarantee, FAQ and Contact Us, while the right side of the page is reserved for a drop down list of available products and brands. I couldn’t help notice the segregation between Swiss and Japanese replicas. This very simple distinction makes you wonder what to choose: Swiss or Japanese? What is the difference and is it really worth it? A very tricky question with a very simple solution: the chat window. I started chatting online with the customer service department to get answers to this dilemma and I got more than I was expecting. Formal yet friendly answers offered in the most professional manner. I was delighted by how my inquiries were handled by the operator. Nowadays it is very difficult to find a representative that is capable of offering you the technical or informational support you need. And I did get the answer to my question: quality. Quality is the main difference between Swiss and Japanese replicas. Pretty obvious, isn’t it? The number of jewels in the mechanism, the type of gold plating, the craftsmanship and the life span of the movement are the actual differences between a Japanese or a Swiss quality replica. These technicalities are very important and shouldn’t be ignored when you are considering buying an imitation watch.

From a functional point of view Replica magic proves to be in trend with the most important online sellers in the industry. You can’t run a self-respecting online store without including a couple of functions such as currency convertor, advanced search, live chat, Newsletter and quick message forms. For example, the website offers the possibility of viewing the prices in 3 of the most used currencies around the world: USD, GBP and Euros.

The accepted payment methods include Visa, Western Union and Bank Wire. These are ones of the most secure and reliable worldwide payment methods used by all major merchants. There isn’t a single online shopper that isn’t familiar with at least one of these payment options.


Just like most replica companies, is based overseas and it may turn out to be a chanceful purchase when it comes to delivery time and shipping expenses. None the less, I have dealt with an impressive number of merchants based in China that were far more serious and professional than US ones.

Pictures: From what I can tell all the photos from the Replicamagic website are of their own stock. These are not photos of the original products, nor photos copied from different sites. The particularities of the pictures show that these were taken by their own cameraman. When you want to conduct a successful online business you need to be prepared to invest in high quality photos that will reflect the true quality of the products you are selling.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer service:

There are so many websites selling replicas that do not offer any kind of customer service that when you finally find one that does, you feel like you have found the Holy Grail. It helps very much to speak to a live operator before placing the order and get all your worries and doubts out of your system, just like it is essential to be able to contact the company if there are any issues with the products after receiving them. In such moments a responsive customer support over email, phone or live chat.

Summary: Replica Magic is decent online store for buying replica watches, unfortunately their prices are very steep.


  1. Hi,

    Why do all the links take you to The site also seems very similar to Are you affiliated with them in any way?

    Also, I find the reviews to focus too much on what the website looks like instead of what they actually sell. I have seen some good reviews for sites I know produce bad replicas – although do produce geed replicas (at the higher price range), I do find that their replicas are very seldom 100% accurate.

    I can never understand this, as noting that a watch has, for example, a white on black date wheel and not a black on white, seems quite an obvious thing. The position of logos and date windows is another that astonishes me when I see it.

    Understandably, the price you pay will determine a lot, but I think it may be a good idea to comment on what a site is good for; either for people who want to pay as little as possible for something that is passable (but would clearly not pass any close scrutiny) – some people would be happy with this; or sites that sell replicas where they have gone a long way to make a 1:1 replica – including modifying the movement.

    The latter are usually mush higher priced, but I, for instance, prefer paying what is still a decent bit of money (sometimes over $1,000.00), but knowing that only somebody who actually knows what the difference between the replica and real movements are (and of course, sometimes the originals use the same movements in any case).

    Some comments on what as actually received compared to what is advertised would also help. All of us who have done a bit of research have come across the same photos being used on many different sites.

    Unfortunately this is the nature of the beast. People selling replicas are, by definition, not honest. So you must be aware that there are going to be quite a few dodgy dealers trying to sell you crap at a silly price. We often rely on reviews to assist us, but the truth us, you will probably lose some money along the way, until you find a supplier that will provide you with something you will be happy with.

    If what you really want is the original, then it is going to be difficult, just remember, that even originals have imperfections. I have even had a case (I must admit it was a very expensive replica) where the replica seemed to be of a better quality than the original.

    In any case, please take these comments as constructive criticism and I hope it will help somebody out there. I would like a response about the obsession with They really are not that good.

    Happy hunting.

    • Hi Nico,
      Thank you for your constructive input! You’re right, perfect fakes just don’t exist. This fact puzzles me a bit. Although replica manufacturing is not high precision enterprise, factories must invest a lot in manufacturing process, so it’s amazing how they can miss e.g. hour markings color after they copied everything else.
      Regarding superwatches – I received very good replicas from them and even more important is that when I received broken watch from this store, they sent me a new one without any hassle. This wasn’t the case with many other stores. Let me draw you a scenario that happens often when you receive broken/scratched/not as described replica watch:
      First they try to blame shipping company, then they blame it on you, then they don’t reply (not necessarily in this order). This is very frustrating.

  2. Is this website trustworthy? Photos seems not real and the site design is ugly.

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