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SWISS is the must have in the replica watches business. We all know that Swiss quality is the holy grail of replica timepieces, the closest version of the genuine product. So when a company promises to offer solid Swiss handmade Replica watches Made in Geneva by Swiss Watchmakers, it definitely captures our attention.

PROS: has a very professional and modern look. The Intro page features 7 big, clean and edgy promotional banners. The bottom of the page reinforces our purchasing impulse with the following incentives: 100% true photos, secure payment processing, free watch box, free shipping and up to 20% discount. Basically, everything you expect from the best deal ever. Are you ready to see more? Just click on the E-Boutique button from the top menu bar. This will reveal the Swiss made Rolex collection. No other watch brands are provided here, just Rolex.

The collection is not that large, but considering that the only brand available is Rolex, you have to admit that it manages to include the best of the best. The most popular models ever manufactured by Rolex Co are present on Browsing through the store is incredibly easy given the fact that the items are organized perfectly into collections, such as Daytona, Submariner, DateJust and so on. Each category includes the most representative designs and probably the best sellers.

As the name clearly points it out, the merchant only carries Swiss watches. No Japanese models are available. The watches are a little bit pricey. They cost about $1000-$1500, more than other Swiss replicas. But I guess that if the quality is really good then it is definitely worth it. The description page is short, but complete. It has all the essentials. In just a couple of words you are explained why these replicas are of excellent quality. The case, movement, bezel, dial, crystal and the water-resistance are examined and explained in detail.

The company accepts credit card payments like Visa and Mastercard, and also Western Union and Bank Wire. Plus, when you pay with Western Union you get a 15% discount and with Bank Wire 20%. Paypal or COD payments are not supported. These are ones of the most used payment forms, accepted and preferred by customers all over the world. Companies that are able to provide these options are clearly trusted and liable merchants that are capable to process your payment securely and to handle and deliver your order successfully.

All watches come with a standard two years warranty. You can choose to add another two years of warranty by paying an additional $150. This means that your watch will be protected by the extended four years warranty regardless of the manufacturing defects you experience.  This sounds like a pretty good deal.  If you wish to send the watch back for a refund or exchange then you need to ship it within the first 7 days from the delivery and provide the company with a tracking number. The shipping expenses are not refundable and if a tracking number isn’t available then the package will be refused and the refund/return request will be rejected. So pay great attention to these conditions before you return the merchandise.

CONS: promises a quick, reliable and free of charge worldwide shipping service. Supposedly, the company has numerous stocking facilities throughout the world which guarantees the fastest delivery time. All packages are shipped with a tracking number and a signature is required for delivery. All good so far! The actual delivery time is 12-20 business days, depending on the location. Well, that seems a little bit too much time, if you ask me. Especially, when you are a company that is supposed to have stocking facilities all over the world. The company is clearly lying about its stocking facilities.

Pictures: The pictures are pretty good. Most of them are made in the same photographic style, except for a couple of them. This shows that the images represent the actual stock. It is great to finally come across a company that uses pictures that are of its own merchandise. The photos are clean and clear. The watches are presented from all angles and all important parts, markings and details are highlighted. What I like the most is the attention to every particularity- some pictures even show how the luminescent markers and hands glowing in the dark with a green tilt, while some images are of the inside Swiss mechanism of the replicas. These are one of the best pictures I have seen so far.

Domain registered: USA

Customer service:  The company provides customer support by contact form, phone and email. Apparently, the customer support office is based in Switzerland. That sounds quite impressive. It would be even more impressive if a live chat service would be available, but I guess the phone number and email address will have to do for now. As an overall look, this company seems to be very professional especially from the point of view of the services it provides to its customers. Everything is well organized; even the contact lines are divided into Toll Free and International, into Sales and Customer Support.

Summary: seems to be a very solid company, a trustworthy manufacturer of high grade Swiss replica watches, and the kind of merchant that you would trust with your hard worked money. The website looks very professional, the product photos are obviously 100% of the actual merchandise, the customer service is very responsive and the policies are quite fair. This online store is a good choice for any online shopper, even if the watches are more expensive than on most replica websites.


  1. Bought a watch from this website arrived late over the last few months the watch has fallen to pieces do not buy from this website avoid at all costs they will not reply to my emails regarding said watch as I said avoid at all costs.

    • Sono ladri prendono i soldi e non spediscono nulla tanto non li puoi rintracciare

    • Achtung! Solidswiss scheint betrügerisch zu sein!!!! Vor 1 Jahr eine Uhr bestellt, die ich mit Kreditkarte (800 Euro) bezahlt habe, die mir jedoch nie geliefert wurde!!!! Die Firma antwortet nicht und ist zu keiner Stellungnahme bereit. Auch das Geld wird nicht zurückbezahlt. Bitte schreibt mir, wenn Ihr auch ähnliche Fälle habt. Wir werden das jetzt an Europol melden!!!

      • Hallo Malex, was ist daraus geworden?

  2. Solidswiss is a fancy scam the watches are absolutley not from switzerland and the quality is ok but not even close to 99% the weight is less and the markings are not laser but made by engraving machine, the links are tight so they wont move as they should the movement makes scratching noise and is easily spotted as a fake by anyone who knows Rolex, also edges are sharp and rolex never make sharp edges on any watch!. You can buy the same quality or better for half price!!! So please dont fall for this scam.

  3. Estoy intentando comprar un reloj de mujer, pero tardan en contestar el mail que envié solicitando los modelos disponibles. Esto me hace dudar de la seriedad de la tienda.

    • Yo uso el traductor de google, así que lo siento si hay errores.
      A juzgar por los comentarios a este artículo, esta tienda no es muy confiable

  4. Solid Swiss watches are not from where they claim and its from CHINA.The clone movement are also China .The steel are not 904L.The color of the green submariner especially the bezel is not the color of the original.The free case as they claim like the genuie box are very crude and does not look like the original box at all.The watches are lighter than the original.These watches are only worth one third of the retail price they sell.
    Their advertisement are deceiving even those photos are from original rolex watches because I can see some of their plastic covers and markings are takenn from original rolex which they claim they have about eighty pieces.The watches that I got was posted from China.
    They refuse to respond to my email after I told them that all these are real Scam.

  5. I just wanted to share my experience with with you guys.

    I order my watch and paid via bank wire transfer because of the 20% discount they provide.

    The problem was that I was expecting to have the watch in 14 days but it took almost 21 days to receive it. Tom told me that because of the limited production it may delay a few days until the stock arrives in their warehouse.

    Finally it worth waiting for because my new Daytona is stunning. It looks awesome and it shines in my wrist. It feels heavy and solid as their name.

    I’m waiting for their ladies models to be on-line so I order one for my wife too. Off course I will tell her its a real one. LOL.

    • Hi Arthur

      I am thinking of buying from Swiss CD but have doubts on their products. How good are their products so far after two years? I have my doubts because the account which they asked me to wire to is in Costa Rica.

    • Arthur,
      Thank you for your review. It is so far the best I have read. iam getting ready to use my bank card to buy the RolecGMTmaster with the Blue and black benzel. Having read yours iam happy with what you said,however the rest are terrible revies. what Arthur do you think, iam serious I need someome like you to be real and what you wrote is very good. iam going to leave youwith my e-mail address so u can give me anymore advise if you can and have the time. Heres my e-mail address. I used to own two Rolex watches real a numbr of yrs ago and woulf likeanother if they are what the company is saying.
      Thank you Arthur,heres my address I live in New York City.
      Ric Scott

  6. A week ago I received a Milgauss Pro-Hunter Green version I ordered from for a little over $1300, it took close to a month to receive, but was ordered just before Christmas, so that explains the delay, when I emailed customer service to get a delivery date, my email was answered within 5 minutes, advising me that the watch was in customs and would be delivered in 2 days, it was delivered the next day. I will be comparing this watch to a Milgauss Pro-Hunter Orange version I purchased in Bangkok last Dec. (2013). Hereafter the Solidswiss watch will be referred to as the SS watch, the Bangkok watch will be referred to as the BK watch for brevity. The bracelet and case on both watches is excellent quality, and probably from the same mfg. since they look identical and have identical serial no.s., the no. is exactly centered in the 6 o’clock position on the SS watch, the BK version is about 10 degrees off-center. The face of the SS version is a much deeper black, the BK version is lighter and seem to be tinted slightly orange. The markers in the SS version are perfectly painted within their silver borders, the BK version has paint bleeding over into the borders in several areas. The SS version has a PROHUNTER logo, the BK version has a PRO-HUNTER logo, if you check the Pro-Hunter website you will see that PROHUNTER, sans hyphen is printed on the face of their watches, PROHUNTER is correct although they use Pro-Hunter in their printed materials, go figure. Now about the accuracy, the SS version gains 4 sec/day, the BK version gains 37 sec/day, which leads me to believe that there is a superior movement in the SS watch. Now, my opinion, I was initially disappointed since I had ordered a “matte black” watch, but received a “glossy black” watch, upon comparing the SS watch to the BK watch, the SS watch is superior in every way to the BK watch excepting the bracelet and case which is identical. I am happy with this purchase and feel this watch is as close to the “real thing” as possible. It is a beautiful watch.

  7. Hello everybody

    I order a submariner from solidswiss 10 months ago. My watch came from UK and not from China. I have 6 replica subs in my collection and this one is by far the best of all.
    I don’t know if its Swiss made as they claim, but it has a very good build quality and i wear it in the pool with no problem so far.
    As for time keeping its +7 secs per day. Not bad for a replica.
    Now I want to order a Deepsea from them.
    I don’t know about the other guys that had problems with them but so far they answer all my emails.
    When i will get it i will post my impressions here.

  8. That’s it. Now I’m angry!

    20 days ago I placed an order to solidswiss and last week I received a Deeppsea. It came from China so it avoid customs they told me.
    The watch is 99% exactly like my genuine Deepsea. I have the genuine one and I got the replica for everyday use.
    I did compared the watches side by side for over an hour and I was extremely angry. I was trying to find a difference, even a small detail, something that will distinguish the genuine from the solidswiss replica.
    I never found anything, not even the smallest detail. The watches are identical.
    I’m so angry with Rolex now because these guys in solidswiss created a watch that is exactly the same with the genuine and i got it for only $1120 (got the 20% off paying with bank wire).
    I could get 10 watches from solidswiss and i’m sure that nobody could know that they are replicas.
    I say 99% same because I didn’t open the case back to see the movement, so i give the Rolex this 1% for the movement difference, even though so far the replica is 1 minute off in 7 days!

  9. I just received the new black-blue GMT from solidswiss.
    The watch came from Taiwan so is pass customs they claim.
    I’m not sure if this watch is Swiss made but it defiantly looks Swiss. I have a genuine Omega watch and I’m impressed of the build quality of this replica. Its far more better than the Omega. My Omega has pins in the band links and the metal is king of dark steel. The solidswiss GMT has screws! on the band links and the metal is shiny and the finish is amazing. Overall the solidswiss is a fantastic watch and i’m very happy to receive this quality replica.
    5 stars from me.

  10. Hello everybody
    I received my Rolex submariner blue dial about 3 months ago.
    The watch is amazing guys. I have 4 replica subs in my collections and even by holding the Solidswiss sub you feel the huge deference with the other. Its extremely well bonded watch and it feels exactly like the real Rolex.

    Its heavier that all the replica subs I ever seen and the surface smoothness is amazing. When I give it to friends to look at it they all say “Wow, this is a real Rolex, its heavy, nice”

    Thank you Solidswiss!

  11. They really suck and i hate their website. They have the worst customer service, they ignore my emails and they didnt send me my product ive been waiting over 8 months at first they said its coming its coming and never came. after being burnt by them i was done with replicas as i thought all of the websites are just scams. and really still wanted designer luxury watch but do not want to spend as much money for real but didnt want cheap china fake.

    An old work colleague of mine told me that there are places to get real swiss made replica rolexes because he had one for over 5 years which he bought in switzerland etc but they don’t market themselves or push for sales like the scam sites. i eventually found one after crawling the entire internet that i thought i would share but they are very strict on privacy laws and do not allow you to purchase unless you are an approved member i guess to protect themselves and business.

    hands down they have the absolute best replicas on the market they have just updated their site i see so not all products are available to shop; but i bought a rolex yacht-master 2 rose gold and a Hublot Big Bang both came with boxes and also real swiss eta movement.

    you can pay to get genuine rolex engines installed by them, and genuine rolex case, dials and bracelets but will drastically bump up the price but still calculated cheaper then buying from real store.

    i love my watches and will defo order again. pricey but the best on market and should last.

    • Hello Abdul,

      Can you share how to find the website in swiss you mention ?? A hint ??

      Will be up to me if I can become a member.

      Thanks \ Felipe.

      • I am very interested in this site he is speaking of as well. Any information would be appraciated.

    • Hi Abdul Razid
      Is it for real. Can you provide links or hint to this site. I have trawl through the net and can’t find anything as described by you. I too hv been scammed by Solid Swiss CD. Should sent complaint to the authorities and Interpol.

    • Hello, Abdul.
      I think you are talking about another website. site only sells Rolex replicas. Not Hublot replicas.

  12. Review: ************* SOLID SWISS ***********************

    1) Yhe company Solid Swiss are scammers!

    2) The detail are all wrong!

    3) The convey replica watches are from China and sell them by 4 to 10 times higher
    price for the same quality!

    4) The high price is tempted to achieve the high-quality internet presentation!

  13. I never run into a number of Rolex owners, but I do have an expeditious story. It was Submariner Rolex I chatting for with a local sales adviser who is a watch guy. Just because of high prices of the authentic Rolex I was not able to buy it. On the suggestion of this wonderful guy, I make a search online for Solidswiss in order to find quality replica Rolex. After verifying the site I ordered for my Submariner Rolex and within a couple of weeks it was on my wrist. Honestly, I wore several watches but this Submariner made me special feel. Apart from the brand name, it is right weighted and quality wise it made me special feel. Simply you can say it as an affordable luxury. Thanks to Solidswiss for offering such an excellent replica Rolex timepieces at reasonable prices.

  14. When talking about Rolex, a big money comes into mind. It’s not me alone who wants to own rolex watches because they are passion of men. They are not affordable in any way so cloned rolex is a good option. Internet is full of crap sites having crap replicas. It is hard to go with any of them but one of my friend told me about solidswiss guys. I took a leap of faith and ordered a submariner in May. I ordered via credit card because nothing is secured than that. At first I disappointed because it took a week more than the expected time of delivery but after seeing my submariner, I couldn’t be happier than this. Solidswiss guys delivered what they promised. I want to say if you are still sitting on the fence then just jump in and go with solidswiss.

  15. It’s Charbel from Sweden.This is my 3rd purchase from and I ordered Deepsea Pro Hunter this time. Guys I want to say I have 2 watches from them already, one is a submariner, and other is Gmt Master II, they never fail in quality and make their promises true as stated on their website. As this is a little secret and I want to excel in my community of friend, I wore this deepsea in a party and my friends shocked(as I didn’t reveal it to anyone). I want to say if you are fashion savvy and want to look different from rest of the world, go with solidswiss guys and make your dream come into life. After having sub, gmt master, and now deepsea, I am going to place an order for Daytona soon.

  16. You guys know that Rolex Explorer collection is one of the best choices for adventurous enthusiasts. The simplicity and stunning design of this iconic version enhance the actual attraction. Thanks to Solidswiss that accomplished my requirements within my budget. Its 40mm large case contains 904L stainless steel, sapphire crystal, luminous indexes and hands. I don’t know it’s purely Swiss made or not but the craftsmanship is enough to feel me happy. I am a simple guy, work in a corporate building; believe me when I wore my new Explorer in office time before a week everyone appreciate me. I already had two other watches but never seem to get noticed like this Explorer very often does. I do enjoy the look of this stunning timepiece. Thanks Solidswiss.

  17. Yes! it was an aspiration for me to wore a Rolex on my wrist. Thanks to Replica watches, even though these are not originals but enough to fulfill my requirements.Especially when it comes to limited budget. Before buying my green bezel replica Rolex Submariner from solidswiss, i was searching for a reliable dealer. One of my facebook friend suggest me solidswiss facebook page. After some discussion I placed my order. Almost after two weeks the watch was on my wrist. I am happy with this great timepiece, as green is my favorite color. Thanks solidswiss team for your special attention.
    Things vary from person to person. For me is a great platform and could be great for other USA people.

  18. Don’t ever ordered from this site!!!!! They steal the money from me!!!!! three months ago I ordered, not a single email from me was replied back. ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!!!!!

  19. I did not get the watches for the moment, but it was so easy to place an order! I had a lot of questions to ask and their customer service responded very fast. On the 5th of November I finally decieded to act. I already have the real Rolex Daytona with black besel, and after analysing the Daytona, I was surprised how similar they are on their pictures. Will write when the watches will arrive.

    • Please do Mike…. its hard to make a decisión with all these mixed comments….

  20. Hi, Its me again. I ordered watches on 6th of November and get them today, December 14th. What was funny is that they sent them from China only on 8th of December! It took 6 days to arrive, but I can’t understand why they didn’t send the watches for more than a month.
    I compared them with my Real Rolex Datona. I would say that they are not 99.99% the same. This replica is 2 mm thicker, but on the writs you can’t see the difference. Another thing, I believe their pictures are from authentic Rolex site. Before buying, I analised their pictures and started to believe that the watches are 99.99% as on the picture.
    On the other hand, the bracelet is 99% as Real and the Sapphire glass is also real. This is my 3rd Rolex replica. I have one for 200$, one for 500$ and this one. 200$ are simple, but still working. 500$ replica worked only 3 weeks. Now it’s in the garbage. Hope that the Solidswiss watches will work longer.
    Now I am sure in one thing: even the best replica can’t be 100% equal to the real Rolex. I believe that Rolex makes sure that nobody has right to copy their watches. I would say this is a good 80% identity replica from outside tat maybe worth 1500$. Last thing: after full charge, authentic Rolex can work 72 hours, and this replica 48h(written on their Site).

  21. I asked the helpdesk a question how it is possible that Solidswiss could manufacture replica Rolex watches without breaking laws that are protecting Trademarks. If it was really manufactured in Switzerland Rolex would bring it to court. The response of the helpdesk was: this is not of your business as a buyer. I am 100% sure that Solidswiss is a non-European company. Likely a Chinese company. The website address has NOT the Swiss extension. The website looks professional though they write discound instead of discount. A REAL professional company is not making such mistakes at their website.

  22. You could gauge that these watches were from Taiwan or China, as they were shipped from the factories there. Any “reasons” that they said that they re-send from Switzerland to China/Taiwan and thereafter to USA, in order to avoid customs or taxes, were plain bull. In all fairness, the quality was good for replica but you could get same quality ones at 1/3 of the SolidSwiss pricing. Check around- even the serial nos. of the ones fro SolidSwiss and those from Swiss-quality AAA replicas were the same, difference being the latter acknowledge that there were Asian clones and selling at 1/3 of the prices.

  23. I ordered the watch on the 24th October and made a payment by Swift through the German bank according to their bank details to Guatemala. This bank details were given by ssolidswiss Swiss. During first 2 weeks after the payment I exchanged letters with Tom. He wrote that they hadn’t receive the money. I contacted my bank with a formal request letter, and the Bank confirmed that the money was delivered to the beneficiary. For over 1 month nobody in Solid Swiss has been responding to my letters! Please give me advice on what to do in such cases?

    • Hi Julia, unfortunately there is nothing you can do to get the money back. This is the problem with western union or bank wire – once the transfer is made, you can’t demand money back. Maybe your bank can advise what to do in this case.

  24. I already bought 500$ replica and the quality is not the same: white color on nubrers from tachometer was gone in one week and they didn’t keep charge, that means sometime it stopped and restarted again. Also, the 500$ replica were much thicker and the Sapphire glass entered completely in metal body that is not the Rolex way. Now it is about one month that I owe the replica and I can see the difference. They did not let me down.

  25. Hi!

    Habe im November eine Rolex Deep sea gekauft, das Geld auch gleich ūberwiesen und noch immer keine Uhr bekommen. Auf meine Mails wurde ich immer vertrōstet von “Tom”. Hat jemand eine Idee was ich tun kann.

    LG Mike

  26. very bad and thief .. at begging they will reply to ypur email until you sent the money they will ignore you that what happen to my order since 04/11/2014 and until now nothing

  27. Solidswiss is not solid. I wired my payment to them in last November.
    Tom promised shipment and delivery many times up to February. But that
    was rgw last time I got reply from Tom. Now I learned this is Tom’s usual pattern of running the business – taking payments and not deliver. Stay away from Solidswiss.




    All the 5 stars comments are written by people working for the SolidSwiss company and it seems that they are rubbing people through Internet .

    I bought a watch online and it never delivered to me


  29. When I sent them an email telling that I want to Cancel my order they reply with YOU IDIOT!


  30. I finally received the Daytona I ordered and paid for from Solidswiss (after more than six months and many reminders). They sent it to me from China. The watch (Daytona) ceased to be a chronograph in less than one day. The lug at 2 became a stopper to the second needle on subdial at 6. ie. stopped the movement sunning. I emailed Tom. He insisted it’s Swiss made and they sent from China only to avoid customs inspection and seizure. What a joke. China is notorious counterfeit goods exporter and Solidswiss can avoid customs inspections shipping their replica Rolex in bulk to China from Switzerland to store before they distribute to the world. This is far out. Tom is fighting very hard that the Daytona they sent me is Swiss made. I told Tom that the movement is defective or otherwise inferior China made that I want to return it for full refund. At this time no answer from Tom. Solidswiss cannot be more enticing and misrepresenting themselves.

    • Hi James,

      Glad to have read your comments as I had wanted to buy one from this website until they asked me to wire into their bank account in Costa Rica.

      Guess this is a scam website

  31. Hello everyone. I have some interesting information. Like all of you, I was interested in buying a “99.9%” perfect Rolex clone from Solid Swiss. Their web site is very convincing. But we all need to remember the old adage “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” I wouldn’t touch Solid Swiss with a ten-foot pole after reading some of your experiences here. I am genuinely sorry that so many of you got duped and cheated. I almost did too.
    But the information I wanted to provide is that there seems to be a “clone” web site of Solid Swiss called “”. The information, claims, and photos are either exactly the same as found on the Solid Swiss site, or they are very, very close. Even the prices are almost the same-$1249 for a plain stainless-steel Submariner, for example.
    I just wanted to warn everyone.

    • Jeff,
      Do you know anything about the “” site, their quality, or customer service? A friend of mine said he ordered one from them years ago and was extremely happy with it. I have been burned by, and have never received my order and am just a little nervous about trying another site with the same claims. They all say they are available by phone, but yet no one ever answers,…….. so not sure how to get questions answered or legitimate information. Thanks!

      • Mark, I was looking at too, did you have any luck?



  33. This company is a complete scam Please do not order anything from these crooks The watches that they send her straight from China the quality is pathetic and they are nowhere near what they say they are this company should burn Please for all those people who do not know anything about watches do not order anything from this company or you will be sorry and the owner threatened me and told me if I refunded and send the watch back he knows where I live and would cost me $3000 for doing to

  34. ( is a big scam for sure.
    They have got their money for over 5 months now and never
    Heard nor received anything to where might change my oppenion of them.
    Surely, They aren’t legit and they have other websites owned by them to quad triple their scam and dishonesty.

  35. Buyer beware!! Ordered a watch over 40 days ago and still has not shipped. Sitting in “Quality Control,” whatever that means. I got sucked into the 30% discount if I wired the funds. I noticed the funds are going to Costa Rica, that made me nervous but I still did it. I am a fool. They will not answer emails or return phone calls. They spent a lot of money on the website to lure in idiots like me. Don’t make the same mistake I made.

  36. Worst of the worst. It’s been two years since I’ve tried to get a warranty repair. I’ve never worn the watch s nice it was an out of box failure. I even purchased the extended warranty.

  37. They took my money ,I send a bank wire to South Africa, and they don’t answer my emails , even my phones ,their phone number is not exist , only answer machine , and they will never reply to you , I dought i’ll receive my package , more than a month now , the worst experience ever .
    If anyone wants to help us , how to shut this off to avoid more victims , please don’t hesitate , Thank’s

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