Replica Day Date Watch

Replica Day Date Watch


The Rolex Day Date is one of the most famous Rolex watches out there, not just because it is a good looking watch but also because it has been on the wrist of many presidents of the United States. What makes this watch unique is its simplicity and elegant style, but also the fact that it has such a great visual impact. Being one of the most recognizable models created by Rolex, it has been hard for many to resist the temptation of owning one. However, not many have the amount of money required to buy such a beauty and most will buy a replica of it. As not all replicas are the same, it is important that the one you buy has the most similarities with the original watch. Here we have a very good replica of the watch with just a few imperfections unrecognizable to the untrained eye. At first glance there is absolutely no difference between the replica and the original watch. We can see the flutted bezel crafted beautifully o the replica and bringing out the design on the face of the watch.  This brings a beautiful elegant touch to the design making the watch stand out even more because it catches the light in a very interesting way.

Fake Rolex Day Date Watch 1

Fake Rolex Day Date Watch 2

Fake Rolex Day Date Watch 3

The watch comes with a dial of 36 mm, making it slightly smaller than other watches. The face of the watch comes with a beautiful blue dial that has elegant precious stones hour markings that look exactly like the original. It is quite obvious that this watch was crafted at a level of high detail because if we look closer we can see certain elements that indicate to that: the font used for the date, the logo it features on the crown and on the bracelet, and its finish. The bracelet and the back of the watch also have the same smooth look that we can see on a genuine replica watch. All these details make this watch completely undistinguishable as a replica, not to mention the fact that all the markings and writings on it are extremely accurate. The only thing that would give this watch away would be the slight darker tint of blue it has, but that depends on the light too, so other than that, there’s nothing that would set this replica apart from an original Rolex Daydate.

Fake Rolex Day Date Watch 5

Fake Rolex Day Date Watch 4

Fake Rolex Day Date Watch 6

The watch has been a symbol of style and elegance; while the collectors look at it as a classic, the ones who are more untrained or don’t know much about watches have considered it to be sort of a cliché. However, this watch is truly unique through its distinguishable way of suggesting a certain social status and that’s what you want to gain from a luxury watch, be it just a replica watch, and in this case, a well done replica.


  1. So what was the website you ordered from?

    • I’ve got it from

      • This watch you reviewed is it Swiss or Japanese replica? Looking for this exact watch.

        • Hi, this watch is Japanese version.

  2. Hi there,
    your website is very interesting.
    I want to buy a replica rolex milgauss watche (for men) (green with the “ring green saphire”. Could you tell me the best website for this replica watche. I wanted a replica with the swiss mecanism. I want a very high replica quality . This is my number one criteria. I find this replica beetween 78 to 328 usd. I accept to pay 330 usd but I want a the top of the fake!
    I saw one which looks great on I ame not sure if it has the swiss mecanism. Could you give an advice please? Thank you.

    • Hi Pat, site looks good and shows actual pictures of fake watches. I’m not sure if their $338 Milgauss has Swiss made ETA movement, but for sure it is not cheap Chinese mechanism. So it worth paying 338 USD.

  3. Your website is helpful. Can you advise on Is this a honest website? Thank you

    • Their watches pictures are very good and refund policy is straightforward. This site looks trustworthy indeed. Please write a comment after you receive your order.

  4. I am wondering about a site called as well as . Also what is your preferred site to order from

  5. I would love to see you do a review on
    I would like to know if they are trust worthy and if their merchandise is looks as good as their pictures.

  6. The Day/Date you reviewed is very deceptive but in a good way. This is one of the watches I have been looking for, however even if the face looks great, it’s the weight that sells me. Do you know the wt of this watch? or any thoughts on other websites that give the weights? Thanks for helping us find the “Best” of the replicas

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