Seamaster Aqua Terra Replica

Seamaster Aqua Terra Replica

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Although style and beauty are, as they say, in the eyes of the beholder, nobody can deny that elegant design of Omega Aqua Terra wristwatch is simply stunning. Omega manufactures two version of this model: 41.5mm and 38.5mm. Smaller version replica is not available on replica market, so I’ve bought the one with 41.5mm dial diameter. Checkout the images of this knockoff for comparison and read my review, so you can decide if to go for this replica or to buy something else.


Authentic 2503.33.00 Omega model with steinless steel band


grey dial Omega replica watch

The Dial

As you can see from the picture of authentic watch, dial color is wrong. Original Aqua Terra dial is white, while replica color has stainless steel gradation. If you look closer, you’ll notice that hour marking on imitation Omega have much steeper angles and the flat surface is a bit smaller compared to authentic watch. The seconds, hours and minutes hands however, are strikingly similar. Luminescent dots above hour marks are also perfectly replicated. Date window near 3 o’clock mark is spot on as well as logo, font and rest of the writings. It’s not the case here, but sometimes there are spelling errors on dial writing, for example I once saw an Omage Seamster replica that said “proffesional chronometer ” instead of “professional chronometer”. It’s an easy mistake to make, eh?

upper part of the dial

Date Aperture of a Omega imitation Watch

Swiss made marking on the lower part of the dial

The Bezel

Fortunately for replica manufacturer, the bezel of this watch is not as complicated as on other luxury watches for diver (e.g. Rolex Submariner). Although it’s considered a divers watch, the bezel has no gradations or other etched markings. No mistake on replica here.


see-through back cover and band of genuine aqua terra watch

Back Case Cover

Back Cover of this replica watch is transparent, as it should be. But what you can observe through the see-through window is totally wrong. Movement and rotor should be steel color, but as you can see on this imitation, the movement is golden.

mechanical movement of Omega replica in gold color

closeup image of knockoff watch movement

Band & Clasp

The weight of the band feels heavy. Omega logo on the clasp is embossed exactly the same way as on genuine watch. Band’s links appearance is also very similar to authentic Omega Aqua Terra.

Omega etched logo on band clasp

All in all it’s not very accurate replica, mostly because of the wrong color of the dial. It should be white and not grey or steel color. Another dead giveaway of this knockoff is the color of the movement that is clearly visible through transparent back case window. The right weight and correct markings can’t compensate for these two major shortcomings. If you’re looking for more accurate replica, check out this Omega Planet Ocean imitation. My mistake was that I bought Swiss replica version of this watch and got highly accurate ETA 2824-2 mechanism, unfortunately it’s the wrong color. Probably if I would get cheaper, Japanese replica version, the movement would be the right color.

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Orange Omega Seamaster Replica

Orange Omega Seamaster Replica

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Just as the name suggests, the Omega Seamaster is a tribute to sailors and divers around the world. This very modern design with bold features and striking color accents was launched in the 40s and due to its innovative functions and extreme performances it quickly became a hit. Nowadays, the newer versions of the Seamaster are getting bolder and more stylish than ever. Those who love watches with a unique touch have the same idea in mind, to wear this iconic timepiece.

Authentic Watch

Authentic Watch

This is why; today I am going to run a quick comparison between an Omega Seamaster Orange bezel replica watch and the authentic model. The purpose of this review is to show you how to identify the main particularities of a very well cloned imitation timepiece. At first glance, this appears to be a very genuine looking Omega Seamaster fake, but at a closer look we discover several irregularities. The thing is that there are not that many perfect Omega Seamaster replicas on the market. Most of these clones have huge discrepancies and look totally fake. It is very difficult to find a correctly looking imitation watch online. Continue reading to see what the most important design elements are.

Seamaster Chronograph Replica

The authentic Omega Seamaster has an elegant and shiny scratch resistant sapphire crystal, a refined matte black dial with silver and white contrasting hands, markings and small dials. The distinctive touch is the orange oversized 12 o’clock hour numeral which matches the bezel. Also, between the 4 and 5 o’clock hour markers it features a simple date window. On the other hand, the replica has different style of hour numerals and small dials. The font, thickness and size of the orange 3, 6, 9 and 12 hour markers are totally different while the 3 small chronographs are orange and silver instead of just silver. Furthermore, this Omega Seamaster replica does not have a date window whatsoever.

Dial Close-up

The best part about the Orange Omega Seamaster replica watch is that it has a beautiful orange ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel and quite robust buttons and pushers. The latter ones are decorated with orange discs that match the color of the bezel. When comparing the replica watch with the genuine one, we observe that the look of the bezel is very similar, but the buttons are very different. These are considerably smaller and thinner, thus looking fake.

dial up view

If we study the dial of the replica, we see that the markings regarding the brand and its features are identical to the ones printed on the original dial. The font and the size are correctly stamped on the simple black coated Omega Seamaster dial, just that the color appears to be a little bit faded which is a huge negative aspect. But the rest of the Seamaster replica watch is rich in authenticity markings that make it very similar to the authentic product. For instance, the full solid stainless steel band features a simple and robust clasp that is engraved with the company’s logo and name, just as the caseback which say Seamaster and has the iconic Omega seahorse embossed. From this point of view, you can really tell that the manufacturer was very keen on replicating all the important authenticity marks as to ensure the highest possible degree of accuracy.

fake seamaster back case

And of course, an Omega Seamaster cannot be complete without a genuine looking second hand. Luckily, this replica has the same orange accents as the authentic timepiece. This very small detail contributes to a higher degree of accuracy.

fake planet ocean band clasp

So there you go. These are basically the main things you should pay attention to when you are intending to buy Omega Seamaster replica watch online. This very elegant timeless model is ideal for those who are looking for the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

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Black Omega Seamaster

Black Omega Seamaster


Contrary to popular belief the Omega Seamaster is not a new watch. Actually, it was introduced in the 40s and since then it came a long way. The 1948 watch was a hit and it became extremely popular among sailors and divers because it brought new features that were useful and modern.  The watch line was launched in 2005 with the same idea in mind, to have a unique watch that kept the great functionality of the old Seamaster but with new functions and better performance. The watch was created to pay homage to divers and sailors around the world.

Here we have a Planet Ocean Omega Co-Axial 42 mm Seamaster Replica, which is very well made. There are barely any differences between this replica and the original watch, but a more thorough analysis on key elements on the watch will be presented below. Before that, it should be stated that good Omega replicas are pretty hard to find and the most decent ones barely have all the elements that make them similar to the original. This is why this particular replica is so unique. It is a very high quality replica that has been made with great attention to detail.

Omega Replica Black Seamaster Dial

The original model features beautiful scratch resistant sapphire crystal, a lovely black dial with contrasting white markings and hands that give it a really elegant feel.  It also offers a date window at 3 o’clock position with a black ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel and a black rubber strap that mimics a leather strap beautifully. The great details and high craftsmanship of the original watch can surprisingly be found on this replica too, making this particular watch a lot like its high end counterpart.

Omega Seamaster Dial 2

Omega Seamaster Dial 1

Second Hand

On the dial, the markings concerning the features and water resistance are the same as the ones on the original, along with the markings that have the same beautiful striking color that stands out from the background. And things don’t end here, on the whole watch there is an abundance of elements that make it astonishing and well-made compared to many replica watches out there that are sold as high grade.  When looking at the side of the watch, you will notice that it has the well-known Omega logo on the winding crown, which is another sign that those who manufactured this watch took a long time to craft all the beautiful details onto it.

Side Dial Omega

Fake Omega 600m

Back Case Cover Seamaster Imitation

Another detail about this watch that needs to be mentioned is the seconds hand; this hand comes with the same orange accents as the one in the original watch, making this replica yet again a perfect example of a good copy. Also, the black strap looks and feels just as comfortable as the one on the original and is combined together with the rest of the watch in an elegant and timeless design any person would find perfect. This is definitely a great find and will probably make a lot of customers happy since it can give them that high end watch experience.

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Omega Replica Seamaster James Bond

Omega Replica Seamaster James Bond

The Seamaster Omega is definitely a classic that goes back to 1988 and it was promoted first at IFREMER Faré mission that celebrated the fact that the French submarine Nautile dived for a record of 4,400 meters. The watch was created to work in harsh conditions and came with wonderful features unlike other watches in those times.

Omega Replica Seamaster James Bond 1

Omega Replica Seamaster James Bond 2

Omega Replica Seamaster James Bond 3

Omega Replica Seamaster James Bond 4

One of the Seamaster watches is known to be worn by James Bond in 1995 in the film Goldeneye. This raised the fame of this particular model and soon any man and boy on the planet wanted to wear one. This is why it is such a widely replicated Omega model and replica manufacturers have brought it to a level of art. Pierce Brosnan is wearing a Seamaster Professional chronometer in the movies and that’s due to its wide technological capabilities. This watch is known to have a simpler style but many functions, however, the look is recognizable even by those who are not usually fans of watches.   This simple but striking style is what makes this watch amazing and unique.

Omega Replica Seamaster James Bond 5

Omega Replica Seamaster James Bond 6

Omega Replica Seamaster James Bond 7

At first glance we can see that this is a very well made replica. The bezel has a beautiful smooth finish with a nice carbon styled design on it that looks extremely well and elegant. The replica manages to capture that elegant essence of the original and even has the same shades of colors. The dial is quite simple, it comes with white matte markings and the handles are also simple with white matte accents. The whites on this replica watch are the correct shade, very similar to the original watch, a thing that usually fails to be delivered by replica watches manufacturers. The color of the bracelet and all the metal parts of this watch make it obvious that this replica is made with high grade stainless steel.  The details that set this replica apart from other replicas are some of the smallest accents that can be found on the original; for example, the omega logo that can be found on the crown, a very small and sometimes insignificant detail, but definitely an important aspect when it comes to the similarity of the two watches. Another great detail is on the back case of the watch, a beautiful carving with the logo and the watch model number and series. The bracelet is also the same as the one on the original watch, easy to wear and very comfortable for long term wear, and also featuring a small detail on the locking system, the brand logo and the watch model. This Omega replica is surely a keeper as it is a high quality and very accurate copy of the original.

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White Ceramic Omega Replica

White Ceramic Omega Replica

The Ceramic Omega Seamaster in white will definitely blow you away with its great details and the overall design it has. This watch is definitely superior in style to many other high end brands out there. Apparently, it is a wonderful fusion between the traditional Omega styles and new ideas, which brings a modern touch to them, a touch that definitely makes them special. Any fan of the Omega brand will simply love this watch, starting with its simplicity and ending with the fine details it features.

Fake Ceramic Omega Seamaster White 1

The watch comes with a 36mm diameter with beautiful proportions and accents that can be easily observed. When it comes to its replica, it too manages to recreate that wonderful touch of style the original brand has. One thing you will notice at the first glance, a significant difference between them, is the fact that the original watch has a purer white color than the replica. However, the replica watch comes with its own interesting touch and some might prefer that combination of whites instead of the original as it actually gives the watch a sort of vintage look. You cans see the same details on the ceramic bezel and also the grey accents it has.

Fake Ceramic Omega Seamaster White 2

This watch is definitely suited for an elegant person and we can see both on the replica and on the original brand how well it manages to bring out simplicity and combine it with high tech features.

Fake Ceramic Omega Seamaster White 3

Another thing that makes this replica watch a really good one is the fact that it manages to contain all the great details you can find on the original brand, for example the design on the back of the watch. It is copied to perfection and has this beautiful depth to it. Another amazing detail that you can see on this great replica watch is the omega logo on the crown, just like on the original.

Fake Ceramic Omega Seamaster White 4

The bracelet also looks the same and seems very comfortable to wear even for longer periods and looks just the same as the one on the original watch. The writings on the face of the watch and the design of the seconds, minutes and hour handles are the same as the ones on the original watch, details that make this replica a really well done one. Also, there are small carvings on the outer ring that are replicated well. This Ceramic Omega Seamaster in white replica watch is very similar to the original brand and besides the overall color that may be a bit darker, everything is right where it is supposed to be.

Well-made and with great detail, this replica watch is definitely worth the money and it is probably one of the best looking replica watches out there.

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