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First thing you notice about Mega Watch store is elegant, low key design with numerous brands in its left menu and most famous replica collections like Rolex, Omega, Cartier and Chopard, are featured in the middle boxes. In the blog section you can read about newest additions to their catalog like Everose Yachtmaster  model nr 116655 and Omega Fly To The Moon And Back watch.


Let’s start from the obvious – their replica photos are stunning! I browsed through many categories and couldn’t find even one image from authentic watches catalog. Some other sellers use catalogue pictures for front images and the worst dealers use only genuine pics.

Moving on to return policy, Mega Watch “guarantee the complete satisfaction of each and every customer “, so no big surprises there. I’ve never saw an online store promising anything less than that. What is surprising, is the fact that right off the bat, on the return policy page they promise exchange or FULL refund. Believe me, I read many policy pages of other sellers and saw pages full of words, sometimes thousands of words, but none of those mentioned phrase “full refund”.  It’s nice to know that this store guarantees that you can get your money back. You have 30 days from receipt date to return the order back to for replacement or, as I mentioned, full refund. There is no restocking fee whatsoever, which is another advantage of this online shop.

There are multiple payment methods you can use to pay for your order: Instant Banking , Credit cards, Bank transfer, Bitcoin, Western Union, MoneyGram or Interac. I never heard about the last one, but rest of the methods are pretty common. Instant Banking grants you 15% discount. If you choose Western Union, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin or MoneyGram, you get 10% off the amount of your order. There is no discount if you pay by credit card, probably because in this case, transaction fees are paid by the seller.

Promotions from their FAQs Page:

These are the discounts we currently offer:

  • We offer a 10% discount if you order more than one item.

  • We offer a 20% discount if your order reaches $600 or more (This discount offer does not apply to our Swiss watches).

Shipping conditions are pretty standard: 7-10 days delivery by express courier.

Customer support is one of the fields Mega Watch really stands out in from of competition. They offer Email, Live chat and phone support. I called their phone number available Monday to Saturday, 8:00AM — Midnight (EST) and a nice lady answered my questions in fluent English. Their Live chat is working and responsive, unlike most of other online store where you can find Live chat banner, but it’s always offline.


I submitted not very positive review to one of their products and it wasn’t published. Maybe they saw that email address I used doesn’t match any customer who ordered that item or they just don’t publish negative reviews from customers.

Prices for Panerai and Tag Heuer Replica watches are 10-20% above market average.

Testimonials page is empty, although this store is online since 2013.

All in all, I think is a great store with fair return and refund policies, extensive customer support via phone, chat and email. I will update this post with pictures of the watches I’ve bought from them.

Here are the watches I bought from this seller:

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I am sure you can agree that is a pretty nice looking replica watches store. It has an elegant black and gray color scheme, refined menu bars and very discrete banners and pictures. It is the type of website that inspires confidence and professionalism. Judging just by its appearance, it could very well pass as a high end luxury watches retailer. Of course, the webpage is very tidy and beautifully constructed, making it a very friendly environment for those who are looking to buy beautiful replica watches.

On top of the page we find the options of selecting the desired language for displaying the website, the currency menu that allows us to view the prices in any currency we desire, the account and shopping cart features. These options have the purpose of enhancing the website’s functionality, thus providing us a more easy and pleasant shopping experience.

The company carries an extremely large number of brands, and all of them are listed in the left side menu bar. The largest category seems to be Rolex with almost 500 models while the smaller one (Porsche) counts exactly 10 items. Once you click on one of the categories a new page loads, a page that shows the available items in the right side and an advanced search bar in the left. The brands are organized into categories. Besides, this thorough classification by collections, the products can also be filtered by movement, size, gender, color, price and type of band. All these numerous search options are meant to ease our search of the perfect replica watch.

The prices available here, at, are pretty fair and meet the average prices asked by the majority of replica websites for their watches. To be more precise, a Japanese replica costs about $180-$250 and these are equipped either with an automatic Japanese mechanism or with a quartz movement. The Swiss replicas are more expensive as these cost about $300-$800. The huge price difference is due to the complexity of the inside mechanism and to the type of materials and stones used on the watch. For example, a gold color Swiss watch covered all in stones at the outside costs $785 while a regular Japanese watch all stainless steel and no stones is $185.

Frankly, I like websites that know how to write a good description for its products. With just a few words, presents a pretty short, but inclusive product specification for all of its beautiful replicas. All important details such as movement, gender, case, dial, back, size, glass, crown and thickness are listed, but each one manages to clearly explain the particularity and quality that comes with these knockoffs.

When ordering from there is the option of paying with one of the following payment methods: Visa, Western Union, Bank Wire, WebMoney and eCheck. This is a pretty varied selection of payment methods and the most appealing thing about them is that most come with a discount. For example, orders paid by Western Union and Bank Wire enjoy a 20% discount while orders paid with WebMoney and eCheck have a 10% discount.

The company ships packages only with some of the most reliable carriers such as EMS, DHL and FEDEX. The costs of the delivery are paid by the customer and these are added at the final step from the ordering process when you are requested to select the delivery country. All packages are shipped with a tracking number and the estimated delivery time is 5-7 business days. Of course, there is also a 1-2 days order processing time needed for your products to be tested and prepared for shipping. Once the order is dispatch, you will receive the tracking number by email.

All replicas bought from this merchant are entitled to a 30 days return policy. The return policy applies for those situations in which the customer contacts the company within 30 days from the delivery and requests the return information. All returns fee will be paid by the customer just as the company will pay the shipping costs for sending a replacement product. Furthermore, there is no restocking fee which is really great. It is such a shame that the website does not say anything about being able to repair a replica after the first 30 days pass. There should be at least a 6 months repairs warranty for all these fake watches.

The pictures are very beautiful, a good example of how replica merchants should illustrate their products. Every single image is a very clear and good quality photo that exposes all the important particularities of these imitation watches. While checking out the pictures we can see the details of the band, caseback, buttons, bezel, dial and clasp. There is even a photo showing how the replica looks on an actual wrist. These are indeed images taken in its own studio, images that demonstrate the superior quality of its knockoffs.

Obviously, the company is keen on providing friendly and responsive customer care to its customers. To ensure this goal, it offers assistance by phone, email and chat. The business hours are Monday to Saturday, 8:00-Midnight(EST). These days, there are only a few replica online sites that invest the time and effort into Customer Care, but in my opinion this aspect is very important. A reputable and liable store should be easy to contact, it should do everything it can to answer all the questions of its shoppers.

I must say that is a very elegant fake watches store, one that carries a wide range of beautiful replica timepieces, has affordable prices, customer orientated policies, very good product pictures and friendly customer service. For all of these reasons, I feel like the website is one of the few trustworthy ones we can hope to find online.

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