Cartier Pasha Chronograph

Cartier Pasha Chronograph

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Cartier is a brand synonymous with luxury. The French jewellery and wristwatch manufacturer is one of the most esteemed names in the luxury goods market, with their products being highly desired throughout the world.

One area of particular excellence is their line of men’s wristwatches, which is home to some of the most breath-taking collections in world today. Featuring gorgeous designs, high quality construction, and plenty of styles to suit anyone, it’s clear why they are such an esteemed watch manufacturer.

For example, the round Pasha de Cartier was first introduced in 1942 and is a timepiece that exudes excellence with every inch, becoming one of the most sought-out watches for collectors and aficionados for its brilliant style and craftsmanship.

Cartier Pasha W31085M7F

The Cartier Pasha W31085M7 is a prime example of this, being a stunning piece that embodies elegance and luxury. A highly versatile piece, it looks amazing for any style from smart to sporty, making it all the more alluring.

Authentic Cartier Pasha W31085M7 stainless steel watch with chronograph

The stainless-steel case is a timeless style that works great with the pristine white dial, and this 42mm chronograph really brings a modern design to the classic Pasha de Cartier collection.

As result of this however, there are many fake replicas of this particular wristwatch, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between a fake and a genuine Cartier Pasha W31085M7.

Fake Vs Genuine

So how exactly does one determine whether a Cartier Pasha W31085M7 is fake or genuine? Well, there are many signs to be on the lookout for, with some being easier to spot than others.

fake Authentic Cartier Pasha W31085M7 stainless steel

Once it becomes clear what indicates a fake from a genuine W31085M7, it should be simple enough to spot a bad replica.


Perhaps the easiest way to tell a genuine Cartier W31085M7 from a fake is the inscription. All genuine Cartier wristwatches has ‘Cartier’ carefully inscribed on the movement found in the back of movement, along with an inscription of the serial number W31085M7.

white chronograph subdials and blue hands of replica cartier watch

So, with the W31085M7, remove the caseback to view the inscription etched onto the calibre powering the watch. Additionally, the serial number ‘W31085M7’ can be seen just above the transparent caseback of the watch.

For the most part the majority of replica Cartier W31085M7 replicas will have no inscriptions on the movement. However, there is often fake serial number inscriptions as they are easier to imitate, but the engravings are notably lower in quality and will be barely etched on to the stainless-steel case.

see-through back case cover of replica pasha de cartier


Another common way to determine a fake Cartier W31085M7 from an authentic is the weight of the watch. This watch, like all other Cartier wristwatches, uses only the best materials to construct the case and calibre, resulting in a fair amount of weight to the piece.

Therefore, if a W31085M7 feels rather light in weight, it could be an indication that it is in fact a fake.


Again, this is all down to the quality materials used with a genuine watches compared to those used in a Cartier replica. The glass in a genuine W31085M7 is 100% scratch-poof, the same cannot be said for replicas.

Sapphire-quality glass present in the W31085M7 means that it will be near impossible to scratch, making it another easy way to compare a genuine vs fake. Also, the glass is non-smear, so if any water hits the surface and smears instead of rolling off, it’s another sign of it being a fake.


blue cabochon on winding crown of fake cartier

The cabochon of a watch is firmly secured to the crown, and with luxury watches such as those from Cartier, will always feature a polished gemstone. Fakes tend to not have a gemstone fitted to the winder, but some may have poor replicas – they tend to be loosely fitted however, making them easier to spot.

With the Cartier W31085M7, there is a screw down crown set with a blue synthetic sapphire cabochon. Its rather notable thanks to the vibrancy of the blue, and given that the dials are a similar color, it should be quite a clear indicator that the watch is in fact genuine.

Fakes will have no blue sapphire, or at least a poor replica that is glued down, so check how secure the cabochon feels with the W31085M7 if it’s unclear.

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Watches are not only some time telling devices. These are high end accessories that define someone’s style and personality. Owning an expensive designer timepiece is a huge fashion statement. It tells everyone that you are successful, stylish and sophisticated. This is why so many people are fascinated by the idea of owning such a beautiful watch. The consequence is that regular people like us opt for buying a replica watch instead, an affordable version of the authentic product. is an awful looking website. This is my honest opinion. I rarely get to see something as unprofessional and amateur looking as this e-shop. The graphics, images and layout clearly show that this company has nothing to do with high end luxury watches. I mean, I know it sells low priced replicas, but it wouldn’t hurt to pay more attention to its aesthetics. The website looks like something a 5 years-old could draft up in a couple minutes. Still, let’s not be so quick to judge and take a closer look to see how reputable and liable this company really is.

On the homepage we have a small banner at the top with a Tag Heuer Monaco. In the left side of the page there is pretty rich list of available brands, in the right side there are buttons for the informative pages and in the center of the page there is a big chunk of text followed by many sponsored products. The whole thing looks difficult to browse and unfriendly. It is the kind of page you usually bounce off in a few seconds.

The website has a very wide selection of brands and for every brand there are a couple hundred items available. These are organized into collections and sub-collections which makes browsing a lot easier. Still, even in this case you have to go through 5-10 pages to get to view the entire sub-collection. This is why I think that an Advanced Search option would have made things a lot easier.

The most interesting thing about this e-store is that despite its amateur appearance, it mostly sells Swiss made replica watches. A part of its collection includes Japanese timepieces, but the dominant niche is clearly represented by fake timepieces equipped with 25 jewels Swiss ETA automatic movement. These watches cost between $350 and $500 whereas the Japanese ones are about $200-$350. From my point of view, these prices are a little bit high, considerably more than what your average fake watches store asks for a knockoff.

I do not trust the photos posted on this website. The thing that makes me doubt the authenticity of the pictures is the fact that the watches are photographed over a white paper that says when the company’s email addresses are and Wait, there’s more. Other watches are photographed over a black or gray background. I honestly think that the merchant has copied these images from other websites and that these do not belong to him. This means that when ordering something from this store we could very well receive a watch that looks totally different than what is displayed in the photos.




Even though I am convinced that these images are not of the merchandise that sells out of curiosity I took a photo of one of its replica Omega Speedmaster and compared it to a photo of the authentic watch. The result was that there are some significant cosmetic differences. The first one is in the small dials. These do not have that 3D construction. The center of the subdial should be lower than the margins. The date window is also different. It should have a black background with clear white numbers. The replica has a black background with gray digits that are hard to read. The pushers and the winding crown are not as round and elegant as the one of the authentic timepiece. Furthermore, the stainless steel is poorly polished on the knockoff.

I find the payment process implemented on this e-shop as highly unusual and unsecure. You do not place the order and fill in the payment information directly on the website. For ordering a product, you first need to select a model, after this to send an email to the company with that product and your shipping information so they can place the order and send you an email with the link where you can enter your payment details. I honestly do not understand why there isn’t a normal “Buy Now” button so you can securely order the product online. Also, they claim to accept Visa, Mastercard, Western Union and Bank Wire payments. doesn’t list its shipping prices and does not give that many details about its delivery policy. It only states that the shipping fee is included in the price of the watch and that the packages are shipped with Express Mail. Usually, this means a 10-14 business days delivery with a tracking number that is updated very slowly.

I totally dislike the fact that the company cannot be contacted by live chat or phone. The only way of getting a hold of its agents is to send an email to or Both of these email addresses are very unprofessional and unreliable. Any decent online replica merchant should have a company email address that starts with “contact@” or “sales@”.

The return policy of this merchant is highly unfair. It seems that you cannot return the watch in case you are not satisfied with it. The only accepted return reasons are if the replica is defective. In this case, they will replace it or repair it. Of course, all the return shipping costs must be paid by the customer. is an online fake watches store that raises many questions. It advertises itself as a high end Swiss seller, but the facts suggest a completely different story. The design of the website is very unprofessional, the pictures do not seem to be of its actual merchandise, the ordering process is unreliable and unsecure, you cannot return the watch if you do not like it and the customer service is non-responsive.

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If you are reading this then you are surely one of us, one of those who are passionate about luxury watches. The problem with these beautiful designer timepieces is that they have an exaggerated price. Not everyone can afford to spend a fortune on a Rolex. Luckily for us, there is the option of buying a replica instead. The thing you should consider here is the quality and accuracy of the design. If you have enough patience and knowledge about the original product then you can browse the web until you find the perfect replica for you. is one of those websites that attempt to convince us that its knockoffs are the best fakes out there. Unfortunately, its website doesn’t inspire the same message. The problem with it is that it is poorly made and it shows a huge lack of attention to important details. I am saying this because the background has Christmas as main theme. And it’s May already! The page is decorated with holiday gifts and socks. Moving on, there are two menu bars. One is on the top part of the page and it features buttons only for the main brands and the second one is on the left side of the page and it displays all the available company names. In the center of the page there are 3 sliding banners and below a few sponsored products.

The company has a pretty large collection of replica watches. It features numerous famous brands and every single one of them has a couple hundred different items. The very interesting thing is that there are even some categories with over 1000 products, like Omega or Patek Philippe. What I have noticed and can’t understand yet is why this website does not have Rolex watches in its collection. Rolex is one of the most popular timepieces in the world and not offering this brand is something unusual. The majority of online replica stores carry this company.

The brands are organized into sub-collections which is a real help for us when we are looking for a specific model. Another great thing is the price filter included in the lower left side of the page. This can be used to filter the items and display just the one that meets our budget. Speaking of our budget, these fake timepieces are quite affordable. All the prices are in USD and vary depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used for manufacturing it. There are some models that start at $100 and some that cost about $300. Most of the models are equipped with a 21 jewels Asian movement while others have a quartz movement. I did not see any Swiss movement watches on this website.

It is important for an online company to offer good quality pictures that provide a preview of the quality you will be receiving if you order them. Sadly, this store does not seem to have this type of images. The photos posted here are clearly copied from a couple different catalogs. Indeed, they show the products from several different angles, but the truth is that you can’t trust them. Especially if you consider the fact that the pictures have the watermark of a different company

Curious to see if the replica watches are authentic looking I have compared an authentic Omega Speedmaster with a replica. Unfortunately there are too many aesthetic differences to consider that these knockoffs are decent quality. The dial is the main issue. Here we notice that the writing at 12 o’clock is different. Instead of saying “Omega Speedmaster Professional” it says “Omega Speedmaster Automatic Chronometer”. Another issue is with the sub-dials these do not correspond to the original ones which are lower in the middle part and raised on the margins. The fake one has plain sub-dials. The bezel is also different. The indexes and letters on it are thicker than on the genuine model. has the huge advantage of delivering packages worldwide. There is a flat shipping fee applied for shipping. Regardless of the delivery country or weight of the package, the shipping fee is $20 per order. Most packages are dispatched by EMS and the estimated delivery time is about 10-14 business days.

There are only two accepted payment options, Visa and Mastercard which is actually quite disappointing. No one argues the popularity and liability of these two card types, but sometimes it is nice to know that you have alternatives, especially if you are the kind of person who doesn’t want to put his card details out there. Another worrisome aspect is the fact that the payment processing page isn’t secure. Basically, anyone can hack the page and access your details fraudulently.

The company does provide a return policy, but its conditions are not that fair for us, the customers. The main issue is that there is a restocking fee which applies to all returns. If you want to send the watch back for a refund then you need to pay a $20-$40 fee whereas for exchanges there is a $10-$20 fee. Furthermore, the customer pays all the shipping back fees. In the end, you will be paying more to return the product than to buy a new one.

As far as customer service goes, don’t get your hopes up. This store isn’t the type that provides professional customer care. It does not have a contact phone number and a live chat. It just includes a Contact Form on its page and a Gmail account. I find the latter option as very insecure and unprofessional. All decent e-shops should have a professional business address where customer can send securely their inquiries. isn’t the ideal source for buying replica watches that will last forever. Just like any other fake timepieces website, it carries a wide selection of knockoffs at low prices, but there are other aspects that discourage us from buying its products. And these are: the unreliable product pictures, the limited selection of payment methods.

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Quartz

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Quartz

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When the Royal Oak was unveiled in 1972 it took the entire watch world by surprise. Back then, luxury timepieces were extravagant dressy models manufactured from solid gold and of considerably small size. Audemars Piguet chose to break the rules and master the unique art of creating timeless watches that defy conventions and everything that is considered ordinary. Its timepieces are luxury sports models made from amazing steel with a powerful design that revolutionizes modern watchmaking.



The avant-garde style of the Royal Oak has become its most notable trademark. With over 50 years of ruling the watches industry, this remarkable icon is defining for the brand’s excellence and innovative spirit. The tapisserie dial, the octagonal bezel, the masculine steel case and the integrated bracelet are just a few of the things that certify the model as a magnificent timepiece.

Royal Oak replica

Getting an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak fake right isn’t easy. It is a task that challenges many replica manufacturers and only a few succeed to clone it correctly. The most notable mistakes are usually found on the dial of the watch. This is the part that features most complications, thus the most difficult to imitate. The tapisserie pattern is the detail that catches your eye and invites you to discover more about the product. AP uses a special raised rectangular dial that has a unique shine. It is not completely matte just as it is not very shinny. Classy is the word that describes it best. For fakes it is very difficult to make this tapisserie pattern with the correct size of the raised squares. Still, there are other differences that are even more obvious as you can very well see when comparing the pictures of the replica with the one of the authentic Royal Oak. The writing on this replica is all wrong. First of all, the AP logo and the “AUDEMARS PIGUET” name from the dial are larger than the ones on the genuine timepiece. Secondly, the replica has an extra writing at 6 o’clock which says “QUARTZ”. This isn’t found on the fake AP. Next there are the silver hour markers with luminescent coating. These are thin and long batons on the original watch, but on the replica their shape and thickness is way off. The knockoff has shorter, thicker and rounder hour markers that look totally different than the real ones.

Royal Oak Replica

The thing that is easy recognizable on an AP Royal Oak watch is its unique octagonal shaped bezel manufactured from stainless steel and attached with eight hexagonal screws. Most often, this part of the timepiece is cloned correctly as it is not very complex. A quick look at the images of the replica and of the genuine watch proves this. The bezel has the correct shape and look. It even has the nice vertical brushing surface that is defining for Audemars Piguet.

brack dial audemar piguet imitation

The brand is a true artisan when it comes to creating comfortable and stylish stainless steel cases. The bold and masculine stainless steel case of the Royal Oak involves an extensive technical production process and the result is extremely pleasing, still it is not something that difficult to replicate visually. This is why the brushed case, the pushers and the integrated metallic bracelet of this watch are very nice imitated on the replica watch. When you compare these two you can’t see any visible differences.

Imitation Audemars Piguet

Fake Audemars Piguet Band

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is a watch that stands out from the crowd. It is a modern and sturdy model that is iconic for avant-garde horology. Its charismatic dial, uniquely shaped bezel and rugged case recommend it for outgoing men with a pronounced sense of fashion.

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Breitling Navitimer 50th Anniversary

Breitling Navitimer 50th Anniversary

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The Navitimer is the modern tribute to the classic aviator chronograph watch. With a unique and attractive style, the timepiece invites you to a world where the spirit of aviation and tradition are peerless values. With its ingenious slide rule and a design catered for professional pilots, this superior instrument gained its cult status in the field of aviation.


The first Breitling Navitimer was introduced in 1952 and its success was unparalleled. The model was selected as the official watch of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). This special decoration is also the reason why the B winged logo is found on almost every Navitimer dial. It is a symbol for the amazing collaboration between pilots and Breitling. The brand’s achievements continued in 1962 when its special edition Navitimer named Cosmonaute went into space on the wrist of astronaut, Scott Carpenter. The timepiece is also famous for its role as the preferred watch of James Bond in the 1965 “Thunderball” movie starring Captain Derval.

replica breitling limited edition

The amazing success of the Breitling Navitimer has turned it into a much sought after timepiece, not just for those who can afford it, but also for people that would rather pay a couple hundred dollars for a knockoff. This lead to the growth of a replica market where you can find all types of qualities Navitimer fakes at various prices. The trick here is knowing what the key attributes of an authentic looking replica are, a thing that we will discuss below by comparing the images of a special edition Breitling Navitimer 50th anniversary replica with the ones of the authentic product. This model was launched in 2002 and it is a rare collectible.

Breitling A41322 Replica

The Breitling Navitimer is legendary for its bi-directional rotating bezel with a slide rule on the outer ring that turns the watch into a navigation calculator with a sleek chronograph. The rule serves for calculating average speeds, fuel consumption, climb and descent rates and other essential navigation data. The ratched stainless steel bezel allows easy grip and overall handling. The design of this rule is very important when it comes to a knockoff. The bezel is complex and this makes it difficult to replicate. This can be seen when you take a look at the pictures of the fake Navitimer. The outer metallic part of the bezel doesn’t have the same look. The easy grip margins are more rugged and have pronounced corners whereas the ones on the replica are more rounded. Also, the inside rule has different style of indexes and gradations. The font is different, the size of the numbers is smaller and the gradations are not as spaced apart and long as on the genuine watch.

50th anniversary A41322 Dial

The 50th Anniversary Breitling Navitimer comes with a black dial, three white subdials and a date window that is located between 4 and 5 o’clock. The face of the watch is a little bit crowded as on all types of Breitling watches, but its core quality is also present- it has an intriguingly superior legibility. Now, regarding our replica watch this doesn’t have such a poorly cloned dial, but there are small differences that give it away and these are: the 50th anniversary logo which is in a different shade of gold, smaller and more spaced apart from the 12 o’clock hour marker, the date aperture that says “DATE” above it when it should have this word printed below it, the seconds hand has a different type of arrow tip, and the 3 small dials that with incorrect markings.

Fake A41322

The case of the watch measures 42.1 mm, is 15 mm thick and is manufactured from solid stainless steel which has been completely brushed. The solid case back is made from the same material and has the same brushed finish. Also, the rear of the watch features the specific Navitimer markings, plus the 50th anniversary logo and wording. Unfortunately, the pictures of our replica show a Navitimer that has only the front of the case brushed, the back is polished and instead of the special edition logo on the center of the case back it appears to have the winged symbol.

Breitling 50th anniversary fake watch

Breitling Navitimer is one of the most popular chronographs in the world of classic aviation watches. It is the undeniable star of the Breitling collection, a professional instrument that has served as an essential method of calculations for generations of pilots. Its heritage goes on even in the modern days by being an exceptional ally both on land and in the air.

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