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Submariner Date Replica

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Rolex has had many interesting collaborations and themes when it comes to their collection some being received more than other. One of the most successful collections is the Oyster Submariner, a watch that is specially designed for divers, a watch that celebrates Rolex’s passion for the water world.

The watch has a 40 mm case, making it a perfect size for any wrist, big or small. It is finished with an impeccable stainless steel and can come with several dial colors. It is considered one of the best diver watches in history not only due to its amazing technical features and endurance, but also because it is a beautiful watch, one that became popular even with people who never used the watch while diving.

The watch has a 60 year history, appearing for the first time in the early 1950’s. It was the first water-resistant watch to be able to withstand dives to depths of 100 meters. Since that time, Rolex has greatly improved the technology and materials behind the watch, creating a more durable watch that can reach depths of over 300 meters. However, in this case it isn’t the technical qualities that made the Submariner such a huge success. The simple elegance and beautiful design are the key features that made it one of the most beloved watches ever released by Rolex.

Black Submariner Replica (3)

Such a beautiful watch with such a rich history is bound to come with a hefty price tag. This can make it hard for some people to purchase the watch. A replica is a great alternative for the watch enthusiast that was charmed by the Submariner’s looks and history, especially if it is a quality replica.

Black Submariner Replica (5)

Here we have two watches that will challenge even the best of Rolex experts when it comes to telling them apart. The details on the replica are so precise that there is basically nothing to distinguish it from the original watch other than the highly reduced price tag.

Black Submariner Replica (6)

The bezel, case and crown are almost identical being placed in exactly the right place and looking the part. The dial is also identical with everything from the watch numbering to the classic Rolex logo to the hour, minute and seconds hands. They are identical even down to the Submariner writing on the dial, where the maximum 300 meter depth is specified.

Black Submariner Replica (4) Black Submariner Replica (1)

The belt is also spot on with the three piece linked pattern being exactly the same as on the original. Like the original Submariner, the replica is finished in a polished stainless steel that will increase its aesthetic value as well as its durability.

Black Submariner Replica (2)


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Graham Chronofighter Replica

Graham Chronofighter Replica

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Graham is a very unique and interesting watch brand. In recent years, it has created some one the boldest and recognizable left-sided crown chronographs that also impress with their extremely modern designs. One of its best timepieces is the Graham Chronofighter 2CCAU.B09A which strikes as a stylish watch with an irresistible carbon “trigger”, an intriguing personality when worn on the wrist and with a strong ability of empowering its owner with sophistication and brilliance.

brown band, black dial Graham Chronofighter watch

Authentic Graham Chronofighter

The Graham watch company was founded in 1995 by Ernst Thomke, Pierre-André Finazzi and Eric Loth. At first, it was called Les Monts S.A and its concept was to revive the best works of iconic British watchmakers. But in 1998 the firm released two new brands: Graham and Arnold&Son. Then in 2010, Arnold&Son was sold and the company changed its name to Graham London. One of the initial founders, Eric Loth is still leading the brand’s success.

The name Graham was inspired by ‘Honest George Graham’, a British watchmaker born in 1673 who invented the mercury pendulum, brought important improvements to the pendulum clocks, developed the 28-day long case dead beat escapement in precision regulator clocks and even built the most complex and precise planetarium at that time. His work was significant for the evolution of modern watchmaking and calendar complications.

back case cover of Graham Chronofighter watch

I am a huge fan of Graham watches. I find their designs and choice of materials simply fascinating. One of the most interesting particularities of their models is the chronograph trigger on the left hand side of the case. It has a distinctively bold and modern look, especially because it is made of carbon and the black color highlights its forms very stylishly.

Fake-Graham-Chronofighter wristwatch dial

For me, the Graham Chronofighter 2CCAU.B09A is the best example of sophistication. With a modern color choice of yellowish numerals and bluish hands and indexes, a masculine black carbon fiber case and a fashionable choice of straps, this watch steals your attention in a heartbeat. It’s beautiful, fashionable and complicated. This is what I love the most in a watch and also the reason why I got myself a replica of the Graham Chronofighter 2CCAU.B09A. Below I will share with you my impressions on my new Chronofighter knockoff.

Fake-Graham-Chronofighter black watch

The particularity:

Graham as a brand is obsessed by trigger actuated chronographs. It’s the brand’s meaning and quintessence. There is a logical reason for fitting a trigger on a chronograph watch. The thumb is the fastest acting finger so it has the best control over the chrono function. When the watch has a left side trigger you don’t even need to look down at the watch to operate the stopwatch. Its location and design are intuitive, especially on the Graham Chronofighter which has been shaped so that it fits the thumb perfectly. The anatomically constructed trigger allows you to measure elapsed time without interrupting your eye focus on the task that is being performed.

wrong back case cover of graham replica watch

The design:

No one can argue this. The Graham Chronofighter 2CCAU.B09A has a stunningly masculine look. It is the right choice for modern men with a very active and bold lifestyle. Nevertheless, its rugged aesthetics are nicely balanced by well-studied curves and fresh color accents. The choice of materials is also very unique and accentuates its distinctively unique look.

imitation graham watch close up

The dial:

The Graham Chronofighter is available in an array of dial colors, but I opted for the black dial with yellowish numerals and blue accents. I find this version very interesting and refreshing. My replica watch looks pretty authentic. It has that beautiful matte finish dial, the lovely yellowish numerals in the correct font, the bluish gradations and hands, the correct wording and markings, but something is slightly different. At the 3 o’clock position there should have been a small seconds display, but instead there is a 12 hours subdial. And at 6 o’clock there should have been a 30-minutes counter. Instead there is a 60 second subdial. Another small difference that I dislike very much is the date window. The font is different. On my imitation watch, the white numbers are slimmer and more faded than on the authentic Graham.

ceramic case of graham knockoff watch

The case:

This model is considered an oversized watch as it measures 47 mm in diameter so it is not a watch that would suit anyone. You got to love big watches so you can effortlessly wear the Chronofighter. And it is not just its case that goes a bit over the top. Let’s not forget that this timepiece sports a considerably large trigger that adds up to its measurements. But even though it is a big timepiece, it is very comfortable to wear. It feels very nice on the wrist. What I find different about my replica is the shape of the bezel. On the authentic watch, the bezel is domed whereas on my replica, the bezel is flatter. Also, the left side trigger is designed differently. The original one has a beautiful geometrical pattern printed on it whereas on my clone the same design is deeply embossed in the metal. The screws on the trigger are also different and the crown is smaller and slimmer. It just doesn’t look right. Taking a look at the caseback doesn’t offer too much satisfaction either as the real Graham Chronofighter comes with a see-through caseback that reveals the G1747 self-winding movement, but on my knockoff there is a solid black caseback engraved with the company’s name and logo.

graham rubber strap

The strap:

The Graham Chronofighter comes in a large choice of straps. Some are vintage leathers and others are modern rubber bands. I went for a rubber strap when I ordered my replica as this is a more practical and comfier option, especially on an oversized watch. The rubber band on my imitation Graham looks very nice and feels very durable. It comes with the distinctive pin buckle and a square shaped pin that interfaces with rectangular shaped holes. And last but not least, it has all the correct markings.

The movement:

The authentic Chronofighter comes with the stunning G1747 automatic chronograph movement which beats at a frequency of 28,800 vph (4Hz), has 25 jewels, and offers a power reserve of 48 hours. To understand how exquisite this mechanism is we need to mention that the oscillating mass is adorned with a côtes de Genève motif and blued screws, and the mainplate is decorated with perlage. It goes without saying that my replica watch has an inferior automatic movement. It is boosted by a Japanese automatic mechanism that only tells time and shows the correct date, but does not have a working chronograph.

Turcoaz hands graham watch dial


replica graham watch subdial

The Graham Chronofighter 2CCAU.B09A is a stunning watch. It looks amazingly stylish and delivers impressive functionality on the wrist. One of its biggest assets is the unique left side chronograph trigger that enhances both sophistication and ease of use. Being so appealing and fashionable, it is quite understandable why I decided to get a replica of this timepiece, but I have to say that the clone doesn’t even come close to the original thing. The huge difference between the subdials, the caseback and the design of the trigger makes it easy to spot as a fake. Sadly, this time I am not completely satisfied with my replica watch purchase, but I hope this review will help my readers choose wisely when they do their online replica shopping.

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Rolex Deepsea Replica

Rolex Deepsea Replica

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Rolex Deepsea is the largest watch in Rolex collection to date. Although I don’t like bulky watches, this timepiece is one of my favorites Rolex watches. It’s pretty heavy, though! If you haven’t wore a big watch before, this can be a bit awkward until your wrist will gets used to the weight. After a while the watch will feel like it is perfectly sized and weighted on your wrist

Fake Rolex diver's watch with stainless steel band



One of the major differences between authentic Rolex watch and my Rolex Deepsea replica is the gradient dial. 2018 edition genuine Deepsea watch has nice blue to black gradient dial, while my imitation has black dial without any gradient. The word “DEEPSEA” is correctly positioned and has the right green color font. Another problem is date display. The number is just not centered and aligned a bit to the left of the center of date window.

black Rolex replica deepsea watch


The bezel of this Deepsea imitation watch looks like it’s made from ceramic, but the markings are not as deep and “crisp” as on authentic Rolex. I was relieved to get my knockoff with this kind of bezel. I was very afraid to get one with simple aluminum ring bezel – this would be a dead giveaway.

fake ceramic bezel of Rolex watch


The case is a bulky 44 mm in diameter and also very thick. This Rolex replica watch features helium escape valve at 9 o’clock position on the side of the case and the winding crown with rubber o-ring. The store I bought it from warned me not to dive with this diving watch. Their warranty doesn’t cover any water damage, so swimming is also out of the question.

gas escape valve button


Oysterlock clasp was copied to perfection from the outside, however there is no micro-adjustment system. If one wants to shorten the band length, the only way to do it is to unscrew the screws and take off one or two links.

engravings on inside of the clasp


Authentic Rolex Deepsea comes with Perpetual Calibre 3235. Rolex states that patented Chronergy escapement and Parachrom hairspring features of this mechanism makes the watch resistant to magnetism and mechanical shocks. My replica does come with automatic movement, but there are no markings on it, so there is no way to tell where or by whom it was manufactured. But hey, the watch is pretty accurate and the second hand sweeps smoothly and I don’t really care if it’s Swiss, Japanese or Chinese made mechanism. Power reserve is decent, approximately 30 hours.

solid stainless steel back case cover

Although this replica looks very impressive and you might not spot the differences at first glance, the fact that blue dial gradient is missing and the date alignment flaw are too obvious mistakes. Can’t recommend.

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Submariner 16613 Silver Serti Replica

Submariner 16613 Silver Serti Replica

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The Submariner has a splendid history that began in 1953 when Rolex decided to create a revolutionary diver’s watch never seen before. Equipped with an outstanding automatic movement and encapsulated by the legendary waterproofed Oyster case, the Submariner offers extreme precision at depths of up to 100 meters. After 60 years on continuous innovations, current Submariner designs preserve many of the classic aesthetic details of the first Submariner because its style and beauty are truly timeless.

Genuine Rolex Submariner 16613 Watch


Rolex Submariner is a watch that exudes style and elegance. Even though it looks simple, it has an understated sophistication that allows a smooth transition between your everyday companion and a sturdy sports watch. Its technical specifications emphasize its role as a superior wristwatch with modern connotations. The 40 mm diameter case comes with a large crown guard and a scratch proof sapphire crystal, a unidirectional bezel and a 2.5x magnifying lens over the date display.  The color options for the dial, bezel, case and band also vary greatly turning the Submariner into a very modern and stylish accessory.

One of the most intriguing Rolex models is the one with reference 16613 which was actually introduced at BaselWorld just three decades after the Submariner’s debut. Launched in 1983, the Rolex Submariner 16613 came with a very appealing aesthetic particularity. It was made from steel and gold, offering an extra touch of luxury and refinement. Another particularity of the 16613 is that it comes with a bold colored bezel and most often with a champagne dial or a diamonds setting. They even came up with a distinctive name to mark its overstated aesthetic details. A Rolex 16613 with a champagne or silver dial and diamonds markers is called a Serti dial. And believe me, it doesn’t get more extravagant and sophisticated than the Submariner 16613 Serti dial.

Fake Rolex Submariner watch model 16613

This being said, I think you can understand why I just had to have my very own Rolex Submariner Silver Serti replica watch. Serti is actually the French term for “setting”. In this case, it is a diamonds setting. Two-tone Rolex knockoffs are among my favorite timepieces and I just love the affordable yet luxurious allure they have due to their steel and gold finish. So it is really to surprise that I bought myself a Rolex Submariner replica watch with the notorious Serti dial. I am a huge fan of contrasts so I chose the silver dial to emphasize the two tone band. If you are curious to know my thoughts on this replica watch continue reading my review.

Silver dial with diamonds hours marks replica watch


The case of the Submariner 16613 Silver Serti measures 40 mm and it is the essence of Rolex’s genius craftsmanship. Constructed from a solid block of stainless steel and decorated with 18 ct yellow gold strips between the 6 and 12 o’clock and the bracelet, it strikes as an elegant yet sturdy case. And let’s not forget that it can be submerged up to depths of 300 meters without compromising its inner mechanism. This superior water resistance is ensured by the triple lock innovation that is integrated into the winding crown system. To complement its sleek design, the case is adorned with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal that has a 2.5X Cyclops lens at the 3 o’clock position, over the date window. Basically, everything about this watch screams extraordinary. Of course, I am aware that my replica isn’t and couldn’t be as extraordinary as the real watch, but it still is a very good watch. The case has the same size as the genuine one, it comes with the big crown guards, a correctly designed winding crown and the glass is scratch proof sapphire crystal with the 2.5X magnifying lens. It basically has everything it needs for being a very authentic looking imitation Rolex case.

fake rolex submariner watch bezel


The bezel of the 16613 Rolex Submariner is bold and modern. It impresses with its deep blue and yellow gold color combo. The background of the bezel is a stunning matte blue whereas the markers and indexes are yellow gold color. And at the 12 o’clock position has a luminescent white dot over a yellow gold triangle. Even though, the bezel of my replica watch looks pretty good, I am not very impressed with it. It has that beautiful blue color as the genuine watch has, but the yellow gold on the markers and indexes is not the same. On my replica it is in a lighter and fader shade of yellow gold that under bright light has a very intense white reflection. Luckily, it has a couple of things right- it rotates unidirectional as the real one does and it makes the same retching sound when you turn it.

rolex submariner imitation watch hands and bezel dot


The Silver Serti dial is simply stunning. The matte silver iridescent dial plate is elegantly decorated with 8 round diamonds markers at 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11 o’clock while at 6, 9 and 12 o’clock there are 3 bluish sapphire markers. To top this exquisite dial design gold and white luminescent hands have been added. At first glance, my replica appears to be identical to the original timepiece, but when you take a closer look you see that even though the markers are very nice, the 3 bluish sapphire markers aren’t actually sapphire. These appear to be blue coated with a gold outline. If you look closely and if you know a thing or two about these watches then you will find this detail really frustrating.

laser etched crown on fake rolex watch glass


The authentic Rolex Submariner Serti dial is equipped with a 3135 Manufacture Rolex automatic movement that has a +2/-2 second per day precision and a 48 hours power reserve. With a bidirectional self-winding via Perpetual rotor and a Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, the watch ensures the following functions: centre hour, minute and seconds hands, instantaneous date with rapid setting and stop-seconds for precise time setting. It is the best diver’s watch out there. No questions about it. Naturally, my replica isn’t equipped with the same type of movement. Instead, it comes with a 21 jewels Japanese automatic movement. It keeps pretty accurate time and the power reserve holds up for about a day or so. This is quite nice for a replica.

back cover with replica rolex hologram and band links


The Submariner 16613 comes with an Oyster, flat three-piece links bracelet manufactured from a combination of Oyster steel and 18 ct yellow gold. It is both stylish and sturdy, without compromising comfort. And to complete its flawlessness it also comes with a 18 ct yellow gold folding Oyster safety clasp with a Glidelock extension system. It sounds pretty neat, isn’t it? Well, my replica doesn’t have all those fancy stuff, but it does manage to look nice and legit. It is constructed from a very resistant stainless steel and has that shiny beautiful 18 ct gold middle which is actually gold plated, not full gold. And the clasp has all the correct design details and markings.

Rolex Submariner Replica close up shot

Overall, my Rolex Submariner 16613 Silver Serti replica is quite nice and it serves it purpose. It comes with a very good Japanese automatic movement; it has a nicely designed dial and bezel, correct size and markings. It looks and feels authentic, even though it has a few minor flaws. But to the untrained eye it is a just a beautiful timepiece that works nicely.

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Rolex GMT II Two Tone Replica

Rolex GMT II Two Tone Replica

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There is nothing that echoes fame, wealth and prestige as the name Rolex does. You don’t have to be an expert or a fan to know how great this brand is and how exceptional its watches are. High quality, revolutionary technology, and innovative design- these are the key factors of its continuous success. Over the decades, Rolex has produced some of the most iconic, versatile and functional watches in the history of modern horology. Every timepiece is a proof of its extraordinary sense of innovation.


Authentic GMT Master Watch

The GMT Master II is one of its most emblematic designs. Created in the 1950s especially for Pan Am pilots the watch was intended as a superior instrument able to display the time in different time zones. Even though many variations and improvements have been brought to the original Oyster Perpetual GMT, the classic design and basic features are pretty much the same even nowadays.

fake Rolex GMT Master II dial

To understand how ground breaking the GMT Master II was when it first came out, we need to mention the fact that it was one of the first timepieces that could tell time in two different time zones at once. Its uniqueness was that it didn’t have just a fourth hand that circled the dial in 24 hours, but also a rotating bezel with 24 hour markers that could be used for controlling the second time zone. And so Rolex created a masterpiece that was acclaimed and loved by all globetrotters, not just by air pilots.

24 hours GMT hand

To use the GMT function you need to: rotate the bezel until the marker points to 12 o’clock, set the GMT to the current Greenwich Mean Time, change the hour hands and set it to the current timezone. When you pull the winding crown in the second position and you rotate it, the minutes move with the GMT hand and when it is in the first position, the hours hand moves by itself. This way, the GMT hand will show the GMT reference time and by using the bezel, you can set the second time zone.

Date window with cyclop

One of the Rolex GMT Master II models that are most sought after is the one with two-tone case and black dial. This version comes with a 40 mm case and is manufactured from 904L steel and 18 karats gold. The reason why it is so popular is, of course, the 18 k gold. Elegant and opulent, the gold and steel case combination is the detail that marks it as a glamorous and precious timepiece. Simply said, it is the right choice for making a bold statement wherever you go. This is why I had to buy one for my Rolex replica collection. A while back I ordered it online and I have been wearing it quite a lot lately so I decided to review it and share my impressions with you.

sapphire crystal watch

The case

The case of the authentic Rolex GMT Master II is built to last. Manufactured from superior quality materials such as extremely durable 904L stainless steel and 18 ct gold, this watch is by all means a very resistant and refined timepiece that suggests richness and elegance. Its 40 mm case is complemented by a highly functional 24 hour graduated bezel. This bezel is part of its complex second time zone feature. It is used to set the different time zone. To ensure perfect waterproofness up to 100 meter this flawless case is adorned with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal that has a beautiful shine over the iconic Rolex dial. By taking a very close look at the case of my replica watch I realized that it is very similar to the authentic one. The size, the shape and markings of the case, bezel and winding crown are the same. The only thing I would have to point out as being different is the gold on the watch. But this is perfectly understandable. No one will manufacture a replica watch from actual gold because it would be too expensive. My replica isn’t manufactured from solid 18 ct gold and stainless steel. It is all solid stainless steel with plated 18 ct gold on the golden parts.

fake Rolex winding crown with o-ring

The dial

The timeless personality of the Rolex GMT Master II is defined by its flawless dial. Even though many things about this model were changed over the years, the basic dial design remains the same. Distinctively, the black dial is a beautiful interpretation of the GMT Master II. The elegant matte dial with sophisticated white glow in the dark and 18 ct gold markers and hands make a stunning contrast with the green 24-hour hand.   And at 3 o’clock we have the classic date window with the 2.5 X magnifying lens. I have studied very hard the dial of my replica trying to find some differences between its design and the one of the original watch. I was able to find just two. Firstly, the minutes indexes and writing on the dial which were supposed to be white are gold color. Secondly, the Oyster Perpetual Date writing is a bit smaller on my replica. The rest appears to be the same.

ceramic numbers beel

The movement

The GMT Master II watch comes with a Caliber 3186 movement which is an automatic movement designed and manufactured entirely by Rolex. Certified as a Swiss Chronometer, this very reliable mechanism features a Perpetual Rotor for bidirectional self-winding and a Parachrom hairspring for better resistance to temperature variation and shocks. Besides these innovations, the Caliber 3186 movement also supports the 24-hour timezone and date function. The actual uniqueness of this movement is that it allows you to set the new timezone without interfering with your reference time. You got to admit, it is hard to beat the Rolex in house Caliber 3186. Not even the best replica could match it. But there are still some very good imitations out there that offer great time accuracy and the smooth GMT function. My replica is one of them. It is quite precise and it has a functional second time zone hand thus allowing you to keep track of the time in a different time zone.

numbers engravings on bezel

The bracelet

The case of the Rolex GMT Master II is paired up with a beautiful three-link two tone bracelet with a folding Oysterlock easylink clasp. The actual bracelet is manufactured from 940L solid stainless steel and 18 ct gold. By using these two high quality materials the watch is considered one of the most expensive and refined Rolex models. Of course, the bracelet of my replica isn’t manufactured from the same materials. Instead, it is made from 316 full solid stainless steel plated with 18 ct gold where the actual gold should be. I am overall happy with the bracelet because it feels quite comfortable and authentic. It is sturdy and imposing on the wrist giving you the impression that it weights the same as the genuine one, plus it has a very nice shine and finishing.

Fake Rolex Logo on GMT Master watch dial


laster etched crown on replica Rolex crystal

With its contemporary and manly design, the Rolex GMT Master II is a magnet for the traveling enthusiast. Its versatility and functionality embodies sophistication and class so it is understandable why so many people want it and instead of spending a fortune on the original one they choose a good quality replica. This is what I did and overall I am very happy with my GMT Master II replica. It is a very well made imitation, except the font color issue, that looks and feels authentic, plus it keeps very good time.

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Rolex Yacht-Master II Replica

Rolex Yacht-Master II Replica

  • Quality

Among the classic, fashionable and well balanced Rolex watches lies one very spectacular model, one that is definitely an eye catcher. This big, bold and outstanding timepiece is sophisticated as it is utilitarian. It is the professional time keeping instrument used by the skipper of a yacht. Rolex Yacht-Master II is its name and it comes with a unique and innovative programmable regatta countdown flyback chronograph developed and produced exclusively by Rolex.

blue bezel yahctmaster watch

Genuine Rolex

The first Rolex Yacht Master II was launched in 2007 and it was derived from the 1992’s Yacht Master which didn’t have the programmable countdown timer or any useful yachting function, as a matter of fact. But the new and improved Yacht Master II was a true professional yachting watch boosting a programmable countdown timer and a flyback chronograph, available in yellow and white gold. In 2013, Rolex unveiled the first version of the popular regatta-countdown chronograph watch in a 904L stainless steel case with a blue Cerachrom bezel insert. The model was a success both among yachting enthusiasts and watches collectors.

Fake rolex yahctmaster watch dial

The distinctive feature of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II is the regatta function offered exclusively by Rolex that allows its wearer to program the countdown timer from 1 to 10 minutes thanks to its incorporated mechanical memory that can be reset to the same countdown duration used previously. Another detail that makes the regatta such a useful yachting innovation is the fact that the countdown can be synchronized on the fly. You can adjust the countdown even after it started. This is a very helpful function for yacht skippers at the beginning of a yachting race. Actually, “regatta” is the name used for boat races so, obviously, the main purpose of the Yacht Master II is to be used during yachting races, to ensure a perfect start at the beginning of the competition.

vertical yachtmaster knockoff dial

I am surely not very fond of boats or boat races, to be more exact. But one thing is clear. I love a beautifully design watch that comes with an unusual complication. And the Rolex Yacht Master II is quite extraordinary. I especially like the stainless steel one due to its simple yet captivating contrasts. The immaculate white dial, vibrant blue dials, red accents and shiny silver case are magnificent. This is why buying a Rolex Yacht II in silver replica was one of the most rewarding things I ever did. I absolutely love this watch and you will soon discover why.

dial close up photo

The case

The Rolex Yacht-Master II is a big watch. No one can deny this. Its 44 mm case makes it a very fickle watch. This huge Rolex isn’t for everyone. But once you get passed its big proportions you notice the beautiful Oyster case manufactured from a solid block of corrosion resistant 904L steel water resistant to 100 meters. The watch comes with the patented Triplock screw-down winding crown and a smooth integrated crown guard. The big, bright, bold bidirectional rotating bezel is one of the interesting details of the Yacht-Master II as it is the first watch to have the bezel directly connected to the movement. It is actually called a “Ring Command Bezel” and it is an essential part of the regatta chronograph. It lets you program the desired countdown duration. It is made from extra-hard corrosion resistant ceramic, it has engraved numerals and the inscription “Yacht-Master II” coated in platinum in the lower part of the bezel. As all Rolex watches, the Yacht-Master II comes with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Similarly, my Rolex replica has a 44 mm case crafted from solid stainless steel. It comes with the triple lock screw down crown, the same style of crown guard and the bidirectional blue ceramic bezel that features the correct font and size for the numbers and text. It even has a sapphire crystal. Everything looks and feels genuine.

wrong color sub-dial on fake rolex

The dial

This Rolex has a very unique design and the dial is a real attention grabber. It is without a doubt one of the most unconventional watches Rolex has ever produced. The matte white lacquer dial, the sharply contrasting deep blue hands, the Chromalight appliqued hour markers, the red seconds hand and the bright blue bezel are a magnificent combination of style and functionality. I like the fact that my replica has everything in the right place, in the correct size and font. The squared luminescent hour markers are correctly replicated, the central subdial has the right numbering and colors, and the wording on the dial is also exact. But I have noticed a couple of differences. First, the minutes and hours hands are not blue as on the original one and secondly the small seconds dial is silver and not bright blue, plus the numbers on it are different. These things are the main discrepancies I have noticed on my knockoff.

case and bezel of rolex watch imitation

The movement

The Yacht Master II comes with a Caliber 4161 COSC certified self-winding movement that has a distinctive column-wheel chronograph. At the heart of the watch there is another exclusive Rolex innovation, an oscillator that has a blue hairspring made of Parachrom, a special alloy that is very resistant to magnetic fields, temperature variations and shocks. Of course, the biggest quality of this Rolex movement is that it supports the extremely complicated regatta function. Even though my watch is just a replica it still has a very good Japanese movement that is accurate and enhances a working subdial. Its functionality is not as intricate and spectacular as the original one, but come again I don’t really need a programmable countdown timer that will ensure the perfect start at the beginning of boat races. Oh, and let’s not forget that the original one costs over $18,000 and mine was only a couple hundreds.

fake yachtmaster winding crown with three dots

The bracelet

The timepiece has a solid link Oyster bracelet crafted from solid stainless steel fitted with the exclusive Rolex Oyster safety clasp and the patented Easylink comfort extension system that allows you to make the band bigger by about 0.5 cm. The design of the Oyster bracelet reveals polished center links and satin finish outer links with polished edges. Similarly, my fake Rolex watch has a stainless steel bracelet with links that are shiny in the center and matte on the outer part, and, of course, the very useful extension. The bracelet feels very comfy and elegant on the wrist. It has a very authentic look and weight.

o ring under tripple lock crown

The Rolex Yacht Master II is a very technical watch with a very unique design. It is the kind of timepiece that demonstrates why Rolex is one of the best watches brands in the world. So, naturally, every watch passionate people or person with a fascination for beautiful things wants to have one. I am a huge fan of this design and I was looking for a good replica of this model for a while. My Yacht Master II knockoff is fairly good. It has a very good automatic movement, great functionality. It is manufactured from good quality materials, has the correct wording and sizes, but has a couple of differences that I was able to spot from the first moment. Being a very unusual and not very popular model, people are not so familiar with its design so coming across someone that can actually spot these differences is very unlikely.

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Green Rolex Daytona Replica Click to Order

Green Rolex Daytona Replica

  • Quality

A watch doesn’t have to be just a watch. A watch can be hypnotic. It can be classy, stunning and untamed at the same time. It has to have that “je ne sais quoi”, pardon my French, to be spectacular without even trying and, last but not least, to be everything you’ve expected and a bit more. Just like this Rolex Daytona reference 116508 with green dial and yellow gold case. It gives a totally new meaning to everlasting perfection. It is a whole package deal. Elegant, masterfully crafted, exceptionally accurate and eye catching, this wonderful timepiece is now mine and I can’t wait to share with you my thoughts on this great replica watch.

Authentic Daytona watch  model116508

Authentic Daytona 116508

Maybe for most people the word “replica” is a real turn off, but not for me. I have the perfect example that owning a replica watch can be as rewarding as having the original one just that you don’t have to break the bank to buy it. Take this Rolex Daytona, for instance, it has cost me only a couple hundred bucks and it looks amazing. Not only that, but I am also very impressed with its authentic design, perfect representation of the genuine markings and logos, exact sizes and weight. It is a terrific acquisition and I feel like it was definitely worth it.

gold daytona knockoff watch

Replica Daytona

Before we get to the actual part where I review my watch, let’s take a look at what the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona stands for. The Daytona debuted in 1963 as a professional racing watch. The best drivers were strong supporters of this model due to its amazing features. The highly legible bezel with a tachymetric scale and the flawless chronograph were the key elements that allowed drivers to measure average speeds up to 400km/h. The face of motor sports as we know it has changed due to the Rolex Daytona and soon this perennial watch became the icon for exceptional functionality.

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As any other famous timepiece in the world, the Rolex Daytona has known an impressive pallet of variations and improvements- both cosmetically and technically. As it is one of the most representative chronograph sports watches on the planet, it is easy to understand why by now the brand has perfected and re-perfected everything about its functionality. The only thing that can be done to reinvent it is to bring small design chances. Sometimes, these are truly magnificent and send an echo throughout the watch world. In 2016, Rolex has launched its new Cosmograph reference 116508 during the Baselworld show. The watch is as stunning at it can be. It has a deep green metallic dial, a 18k yellow gold case and bracelet and an amazing charisma.

Green Daytona Replica Dial

The dial

With this model, Rolex went for a more attractive and distinctively handsome glossy deep green dial that evokes the brand’s official color. It is the perfect face for the company, the design that says it all. Rolex is all about pure perfection and it has always been. This hypnotic green dial is enhanced by red color accents in the “Daytona” name, hour markers and in the inner chronograph subdials rings. Another detail that augments its elegance is the use of 18 k yellow gold hands. But looks isn’t everything so this superb dial enjoys the legendary Daytona functionality as well. On the main dial we have the center hour, minute and seconds hands whereas on the small dials we have additional functions that improve its usability. The central sub-dial has the sweeping second hand that allows you to accurately read 1/8 second, the counter at 9 o’clock displays 12 hours and the one at 3 o’clock 30 minutes. Another strong asset of this watch is the highly legible Chromalight display with luminescent blue hour markers. This makes it so much easier to tell the time in the dark. Now take a look at the pictures of my rolex replica watch and at some of the authentic one and tell me what differences you can spot. I will tell you right from the start that it will be very difficult to find any. The fake watch is close to perfection. The only slight thing I could mention is that the hour markers from 3 and 9 o’clock are too neatly aligned with the 3 and 9 o’clock counters. But the difference is almost impossible to spot. It took me a while to see it.

fake gold daytona bezel engravings

The case

Even though the Daytona is one of Rolex’s oldest unchanged models, the brand has managed to keep its popularity high by focusing on precious metals and stones that boost its prestige and status. Well, I’m not a huge fan of gold or “blink blink” elements, but from now and then I’m swept off my feet by a gold watch that knows how to play its cards right. And this is just the case of my new Rolex Daytona  116508 replica watch. The original model comes with a 40 mm case manufactured from 18 ct yellow gold. This oyster monobloc case has a simple, but stylish screw down case back, a 18 ct yellow gold fixed bezel with an engraved tachymetric scale, a masterfully constructed winding crown with triplock triple waterproofness system and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Furthermore, the watch is water resistant up to 100 meters. The case of my replica watch is similar to this impressive Daytona only in some aspects. My knockoff has the same size. It measures 40 mm in diameter. The nicely built oyster case features a yellow gold fixed bezel that has been engraved with the tachymetric scale in the correct font. It has a beautifully simple brushed finished screw down case back and an easy to operate winding crown that features the correct markings on its end part. And, of course, the sapphire crystal that shines elegantly over the dial and has the small Rolex crown laser etched above the 6 o’clock position. All these similarities are impressive and surprising for a replica. The first main difference is the fact that my fake timepiece isn’t manufactured from 18 ct yellow gold which is very expensive, but from solid stainless steel triple wrapped with 18 ct yellow gold. And then the other thing that isn’t and couldn’t be the same is the water resistance. My imitation watch isn’t waterproofed up to 100 meters and I could never expect it to be. It is a nice clone and a very exact one, but it has its limits.

back side of gold watch

The movement

At the inside of this gorgeous Rolex Cosmograph Daytona there lays hidden a very sophisticated gem, the most important and extraordinary part of the watch, the in-house Rolex-made caliber 4130 automatic chronograph movement. This self-winding mechanical chronograph movement was exclusively designed and produced by Rolex. It operates at 4Hz, has a 2 days power reserve and 12-hour chronograph complication, but its architecture includes less components than a standard chronograph which means that the watch enjoys a superior reliability. Just like all the other Rolex Perpetual movements, this caliber 4130 one is a certified Swiss chronometer, features a Parachrom hairspring that provides maximum resistance to temperature variations and shocks and a bidirectional winding perpetual rotor. After all that has been said above I can’t expect anyone to think that my replica is as good as the original one in terms of automatic movement and functionality. I mean, I absolutely love this knockoff, but I got to be realistic. The 4130 caliber costs thousands dollars while my replica is just a couple hundreds. Still, my imitation Daytona is equipped with a 21 jewels Japanese automatic movement that works surprisingly well, keeps nice time and offers great value for its price.

watch clasp

The bracelet

Now, let’s take a look at the bracelet. Rolex is famous for its Oyster bracelet introduced in the late 1930s that is basically a very comfortable, narrowing three-link bracelet with brushed outer links and polished centers. It goes without saying, in 18 ct yellow gold it looks like a million bucks, but why should it cost a fortune? My Daytona replica has the same particularly comfortable and robust metal bracelet with broad flat three piece links manufactured from full solid stainless steel triple wrapped in 18 ct yellow gold. It feels authentic and sturdy, it looks genuine and classy, plus it comes with the iconic folding Oysterlock safety clasp with Easylink 5 mm comfort extension. What more could you ask from a replica?

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The Rolex Daytona Cosmograph 116508 with green dial and yellow gold case is a rarity among its kind. Rolex doesn’t make that many yellow gold Daytona’s and the fact that it chose such a unique color for the dial reconfirms its importance. It is a key model within the collection, a watch you simply can’t miss out on.  If you are into bold, but classy timepieces then this green Daytona replica is the right one for you.

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