Graham is a very unique and interesting watch brand. In recent years, it has created some one the boldest and recognizable left-sided crown chronographs that also impress with their extremely modern designs. One of its best timepieces is the Graham Chronofighter 2CCAU.B09A which strikes as a stylish watch with an irresistible carbon “trigger”, an intriguing personality when worn on the wrist and with a strong ability of empowering its owner with sophistication and brilliance.

brown band, black dial Graham Chronofighter watch

Authentic Graham Chronofighter

The Graham watch company was founded in 1995 by Ernst Thomke, Pierre-André Finazzi and Eric Loth. At first, it was called Les Monts S.A and its concept was to revive the best works of iconic British watchmakers. But in 1998 the firm released two new brands: Graham and Arnold&Son. Then in 2010, Arnold&Son was sold and the company changed its name to Graham London. One of the initial founders, Eric Loth is still leading the brand’s success.

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The name Graham was inspired by ‘Honest George Graham’, a British watchmaker born in 1673 who invented the mercury pendulum, brought important improvements to the pendulum clocks, developed the 28-day long case dead beat escapement in precision regulator clocks and even built the most complex and precise planetarium at that time. His work was significant for the evolution of modern watchmaking and calendar complications.

back case cover of Graham Chronofighter watch

I am a huge fan of Graham watches. I find their designs and choice of materials simply fascinating. One of the most interesting particularities of their models is the chronograph trigger on the left hand side of the case. It has a distinctively bold and modern look, especially because it is made of carbon and the black color highlights its forms very stylishly.

Fake-Graham-Chronofighter wristwatch dial

For me, the Graham Chronofighter 2CCAU.B09A is the best example of sophistication. With a modern color choice of yellowish numerals and bluish hands and indexes, a masculine black carbon fiber case and a fashionable choice of straps, this watch steals your attention in a heartbeat. It’s beautiful, fashionable and complicated. This is what I love the most in a watch and also the reason why I got myself a replica of the Graham Chronofighter 2CCAU.B09A. Below I will share with you my impressions on my new Chronofighter knockoff.

Fake-Graham-Chronofighter black watch

The particularity:

Graham as a brand is obsessed by trigger actuated chronographs. It’s the brand’s meaning and quintessence. There is a logical reason for fitting a trigger on a chronograph watch. The thumb is the fastest acting finger so it has the best control over the chrono function. When the watch has a left side trigger you don’t even need to look down at the watch to operate the stopwatch. Its location and design are intuitive, especially on the Graham Chronofighter which has been shaped so that it fits the thumb perfectly. The anatomically constructed trigger allows you to measure elapsed time without interrupting your eye focus on the task that is being performed.

wrong back case cover of graham replica watch

The design:

No one can argue this. The Graham Chronofighter 2CCAU.B09A has a stunningly masculine look. It is the right choice for modern men with a very active and bold lifestyle. Nevertheless, its rugged aesthetics are nicely balanced by well-studied curves and fresh color accents. The choice of materials is also very unique and accentuates its distinctively unique look.

imitation graham watch close up

The dial:

The Graham Chronofighter is available in an array of dial colors, but I opted for the black dial with yellowish numerals and blue accents. I find this version very interesting and refreshing. My replica watch looks pretty authentic. It has that beautiful matte finish dial, the lovely yellowish numerals in the correct font, the bluish gradations and hands, the correct wording and markings, but something is slightly different. At the 3 o’clock position there should have been a small seconds display, but instead there is a 12 hours subdial. And at 6 o’clock there should have been a 30-minutes counter. Instead there is a 60 second subdial. Another small difference that I dislike very much is the date window. The font is different. On my imitation watch, the white numbers are slimmer and more faded than on the authentic Graham.

ceramic case of graham knockoff watch

The case:

This model is considered an oversized watch as it measures 47 mm in diameter so it is not a watch that would suit anyone. You got to love big watches so you can effortlessly wear the Chronofighter. And it is not just its case that goes a bit over the top. Let’s not forget that this timepiece sports a considerably large trigger that adds up to its measurements. But even though it is a big timepiece, it is very comfortable to wear. It feels very nice on the wrist. What I find different about my replica is the shape of the bezel. On the authentic watch, the bezel is domed whereas on my replica, the bezel is flatter. Also, the left side trigger is designed differently. The original one has a beautiful geometrical pattern printed on it whereas on my clone the same design is deeply embossed in the metal. The screws on the trigger are also different and the crown is smaller and slimmer. It just doesn’t look right. Taking a look at the caseback doesn’t offer too much satisfaction either as the real Graham Chronofighter comes with a see-through caseback that reveals the G1747 self-winding movement, but on my knockoff there is a solid black caseback engraved with the company’s name and logo.

graham rubber strap

The strap:

The Graham Chronofighter comes in a large choice of straps. Some are vintage leathers and others are modern rubber bands. I went for a rubber strap when I ordered my replica as this is a more practical and comfier option, especially on an oversized watch. The rubber band on my imitation Graham looks very nice and feels very durable. It comes with the distinctive pin buckle and a square shaped pin that interfaces with rectangular shaped holes. And last but not least, it has all the correct markings.

The movement:

The authentic Chronofighter comes with the stunning G1747 automatic chronograph movement which beats at a frequency of 28,800 vph (4Hz), has 25 jewels, and offers a power reserve of 48 hours. To understand how exquisite this mechanism is we need to mention that the oscillating mass is adorned with a côtes de Genève motif and blued screws, and the mainplate is decorated with perlage. It goes without saying that my replica watch has an inferior automatic movement. It is boosted by a Japanese automatic mechanism that only tells time and shows the correct date, but does not have a working chronograph.

Turcoaz hands graham watch dial


replica graham watch subdial

The Graham Chronofighter 2CCAU.B09A is a stunning watch. It looks amazingly stylish and delivers impressive functionality on the wrist. One of its biggest assets is the unique left side chronograph trigger that enhances both sophistication and ease of use. Being so appealing and fashionable, it is quite understandable why I decided to get a replica of this timepiece, but I have to say that the clone doesn’t even come close to the original thing. The huge difference between the subdials, the caseback and the design of the trigger makes it easy to spot as a fake. Sadly, this time I am not completely satisfied with my replica watch purchase, but I hope this review will help my readers choose wisely when they do their online replica shopping.

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