How To Match a Watch With a Bracelet


Wearing bracelets with your watch does look chic but it is not an easy job. You can’t just put any random bracelets with your watch. That might ruin the whole taste.

Depending on the type of watch you’re wearing, you might just want to pair it up with the right bracelet. One thing you need to be careful about is not to wear a bracelet that might damage your watch’s exterior.

However, beaded bracelets are in the latest trend.

In this article, we’ll go in-depth on how to pair your watch with a beaded bracelet.

●    Pick your materials


You can always match the metal of your watch with the color of your beads. Make sure you don’t go too bold as this may result in a poor clash of colors between your watch and bracelets.

For example, if you have a stainless steel watch, you can pair it up with a silver beaded bracelet on the same wrist to mix it up and give a stealth look to your personality. What may look out of place, is pairing your stainless steel watch with flashy gold beaded bracelets which will give a poor-looking impression to your accessory taste.


●    Do not wear too many beads


Your watch is already going to cover a fair portion of your wrist so you don’t want to create a messy look by already adding too many beaded bracelets which might make your accessories a bit over the place. Wearing a lot of beaded bracelets with your watch might look great in photos but in reality, it would actually look quite off. Another thing to keep in mind is not to stack too many beads on your wrist. That might prevent one bracelet from standing out as it will get lost in the crowd.

Three bracelets is the maximum amount you should pair up with your watch.

●    Wearing bracelets to the side close to your hand

A common mistake people usually do is wearing beaded bracelets on both sides of your watch. That’s a big no. It spoils what may have looked elegant and beautiful. This will make your watch look squeezed in and may give an uncomfortable look. Your watch will look crammed in between so many beads.

Always wear your bracelets on the area closest to your hand as your bracelets will look better there. This will compliment your watch instead of making it look messy.


●    Use smaller bracelets


Smaller and thinner bracelets look more glamorous and decent than larger and thicker ones. People usually wear bracelets that are too fit and that looks very unimpressive. Bracelets with thinner beads look simple yet elegant without stealing the show. Fitted bracelets take up a lot of space and therefore, make sure you go for the smaller ones.


●    Colour


Sometimes, a splash of colors may look interesting but if you’re going out to a formal business dinner, that might not sound the right thing to go for. Too many colourful beads would give an immature look to your accessories and then pairing it up with your watch might completely spoil the look. It generally depends upon the watch you’re wearing so it is important to make sure that a  mismatched combination of watch and bracelets might ruin your wrist.

We hope you know what is needed to style your watch with beaded bracelets and impress everyone with your accessory taste.