Perfectly combining quality and style, the Hublot Big Bang is a one of a kind timepiece that stands out from other watches. Designed for comfort and luxury, the watch elegantly completes any outfit for an astonishing look. The watch is crafted using sophisticated techniques to ensure accuracy. Due to its functional and aesthetic brilliance, the Hublot Big Bang has been a favorite of many counterfeiters ever since its launch in the early ‘80s. Despite coming very close to making identical replicas to this outstanding watch, counterfeiters still miss certain details of the genuine version. These flaws can be used to Hublot Big Bang 301.PC.3180.RC from a fake one.

chocolate dial hublot imitation watch

Minute and Hour Hands

Attention to detail is key to efficiently comparing a genuine and Fake Hublot Big Bang. When comparing a genuine and fake version of the watch, the minute and hour hands are one of the features to pay close attention to. During counterfeiting, most forgers fail to accurately imitate the minute and hour hands. For an authentic watch, the hour and minute pointers have a relatively thick edge. The luminous strip at the center of the pointers are narrow, leaving the edges much wider. This is however not the case for fake version of the watch. In the fakes, the edges of the pointer are narrower as compared to those of a genuine Hublot. The luminous strip covers a large area of the minute and hour pointers, leaving only a very tiny area for the edges.

brown dial and strap hblot big bang replica watch

Besides the size of the edges of the pointers, the appearance of the hands can also be used for comparison. The hands of an authentic Hublot Big Bang have a tip with a 3D look. This feature is not observable in a fake version of the watch.

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Hour Markers

The next feature to compare an authentic and fake Hublot watch are the hour markers. The hour marker designs of the genuine watch are similar to those of the minute and hour hands. The hour marker features a thin luminous strip at the center of the marker. The hour markers are pretty different for a fake Hublot. Rather than the luminous strip, the markers have a groove at the center. They are of a totally different design from the hour and minute hands.

fake hublot winding crown and chronograph buttons

Date Display

The date display is an elegant feature of the Hublot Big Bang. It is also another feature of the watch that can be used to distinguish between a fake and a genuine one. There is typically a slight curve to the left side of the date display in an authentic version of the watch. On a fake watch however, there is hardly any curve on the date display. In the rare chance that a fake Hublot Big Bang, it is usually curved outwards rather than inwards as in the genuine watches.

Another detail of the date display that can be used for distinguishing a fake from genuine watch is the size and position of the number. It should not only be centered but should also be proportionate to the other writings on the dial. This is not the case for the fake Hublot Big Bang.

rubber strap and hublot clasp

The Screws

The specific H-shape on the screws of Hublot Watches is a signature look on every authentic watch from the Swiss brand. This makes it an important factor to look at in comparing a genuine with a fake. The screws of a genuine Hublot are neat and the H-shape is prominent. With the fake watch however, the H-shape is hardly visible. Some of them do not even have the shape at all.

back hublot watch cover

Branded Details

The branded details of the watch are a great feature for comparison. The clasp of the watch has a Hublot logo on it. All genuine Hublot watches have the logo engraved onto the clasp. This can be felt by running your fingers on it. For a fake however, the logo is either printed or etched. The quality of material used in the production of fake Hublot Big Bang is also different. The material of a genuine version of the watch is strong and heavy while that of a fake is light and gets easily scratched.

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