Contrary to popular belief the Omega Seamaster is not a new watch. Actually, it was introduced in the 40s and since then it came a long way. The 1948 watch was a hit and it became extremely popular among sailors and divers because it brought new features that were useful and modern.  The watch line was launched in 2005 with the same idea in mind, to have a unique watch that kept the great functionality of the old Seamaster but with new functions and better performance. The watch was created to pay homage to divers and sailors around the world.

Here we have a Planet Ocean Omega Co-Axial 42 mm Seamaster Replica, which is very well made. There are barely any differences between this replica and the original watch, but a more thorough analysis on key elements on the watch will be presented below. Before that, it should be stated that good Omega replicas are pretty hard to find and the most decent ones barely have all the elements that make them similar to the original. This is why this particular replica is so unique. It is a very high quality replica that has been made with great attention to detail.

Omega Replica Black Seamaster Dial

The original model features beautiful scratch resistant sapphire crystal, a lovely black dial with contrasting white markings and hands that give it a really elegant feel.  It also offers a date window at 3 o’clock position with a black ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel and a black rubber strap that mimics a leather strap beautifully. The great details and high craftsmanship of the original watch can surprisingly be found on this replica too, making this particular watch a lot like its high end counterpart.

Omega Seamaster Dial 2

Omega Seamaster Dial 1

Second Hand

On the dial, the markings concerning the features and water resistance are the same as the ones on the original, along with the markings that have the same beautiful striking color that stands out from the background. And things don’t end here, on the whole watch there is an abundance of elements that make it astonishing and well-made compared to many replica watches out there that are sold as high grade.  When looking at the side of the watch, you will notice that it has the well-known Omega logo on the winding crown, which is another sign that those who manufactured this watch took a long time to craft all the beautiful details onto it.

Side Dial Omega

Fake Omega 600m

Back Case Cover Seamaster Imitation

Another detail about this watch that needs to be mentioned is the seconds hand; this hand comes with the same orange accents as the one in the original watch, making this replica yet again a perfect example of a good copy. Also, the black strap looks and feels just as comfortable as the one on the original and is combined together with the rest of the watch in an elegant and timeless design any person would find perfect. This is definitely a great find and will probably make a lot of customers happy since it can give them that high end watch experience.

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