Buying replica watches online is not that easy! This is because there are so many online fake stores out there and every one of them tempts us with offers, discounts and gorgeous new imitation watches. And let’s not forget that trusting a company you do not know isn’t easy at all. So how do you decide if a replica watches website is trustworthy or not? Well, if you read the below review of you will learn that there are many indications towards the legitimacy of a fake watches website, things that will tell you if it is safe to shop its imitation watches or not.

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All the available replica watches brands are displayed in a left side menu bar which I must say it is quite long. There are so many luxury watch names here that you won’t believe your eyes. What I also noticed is that each category includes just a few items, ranging from 3 to 377 models. The collections are not that wide or varied. Maybe this is all for the best as the website does not feature a filter or advanced search option so you can sort the products. In order to find a particular model that you want to buy you just need to browse page by page.

These replica watches are quite affordable. The company only sells Japanese made knockoffs and the prices are about 70-90 USD. This is surely a very reasonable price if we consider the fact that the watches are simply imitations that are mostly made to look as the authentic watches while the inside movement is only an average Asian mechanism. The description page is very detailed and it manages to mention basically all the important specifications of these replica watches. Things like movement, materials, markings, design, weight and size are thoroughly explained. says that it usually uses EMS and Air Mail for dispatching the orders, but if needed they will also send by TNT or UPS. The shipping fee for EMS and Air Mail is $20, but it does not say how much it is for TNT or UPS. This cost will be calculated only when you request it and it depends on the destination country and weight of the package. The estimated delivery time for EMS is 5-10 business days, while for TNT or UPS is about 4-7 business days. All packages are shipped with a tracking number that you can use to follow the progress of your delivery.

The company provides a 14 days exchange policy. This policy can be applied if the items that you have received are totally different than what was ordered or if the products have a quality defect. If you wish to return the items for a refund this is also possible, but you must be aware of the costs of this process: the return fees are yours to pay, a restocking fee, plus, the initial shipping fee will be deducted from the refunded amount. It does not say anything about a repairs fee. What happens after the first 14 days? If the watch breaks afterwards what options do you have?

CONS: has a very familiar look and this isn’t because they have invested a lot of time and effort into designing a user friendly and appealing website, but rather because I have definitely seen this template numerous times before at other online replica stores. The thing is that this design isn’t even that good. It is a common white and blue template with two menu bars, a large text section and a sponsored products part. It just does not have a very professional and elegant look.

On the website it is clearly stated that the accepted payment options are: Visa, Mastercard and Western Union. Yet, the only available payment method that we see after Checking Out is VISA. My experience in dealing with online replica merchants have thought me that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on their site, you should test it and order only after confirming it. I find that lying about the most important aspects of your business is highly unacceptable and this shows how untrustworthy you really are as a company.

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Pictures: The pictures are obviously copied from numerous different sources. It is almost impossible to find on this website two products that have images that share the same photographic style. These all seem to be catalog photos copied from the original company’s website. I am very much against replica companies that do such a thing. How can we trust that the company is really legit, that it has a valid business and that what we see on the website is what we will get? This is if we ever get anything because it may very well be a scam. And on top of all, the pictures are watermarked with a different name:, a website that has been shut down.

Customer service: Customer service is one of the most important things you need to consider when you are ordering replica watches online. Why is that? Because you must be sure that if things go south, you can contact the company and ask them to help you receive your order or exchange it if you have received a defective or different product. For this the merchant needs to be reachable by phone, email or chat. Unfortunately, can be contacted only by email at which is an unsafe Gmail account. The company does not support phone or live chat.

Summary: is one of those replica watches companies that do not care about looking professional or about providing high quality services to its customers. When you are ordering replica watches online it is very important to buy from a website that uses good quality pictures which represent the actual merchandise, to provide excellent and friendly customer service and to avoid misleading or lying its customers about the way it conducts its business. Unfortunately, does not fulfill any of the above requirements we, online shoppers, have for a trustworthy replica merchant. And for all these reasons I feel like this is not the right place where watches aficionados should risk their money in their quest of buying a good quality replica watch.

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