PROS:  It’s been a while since I have seen such a well-made and professional replica watches website. I have to say that I am very impressed. The design is elegant and yet modern.  This shows a great care towards details and it points out how serious the company is about its products and customers.

Browsing the website seems so natural and familiar. All information laid out on the site is presented in the most honest and informative way possible.  You almost forget that you are on a website selling cloned watches. It gains your trust instantly.

It is very reassuring that the company accepts Visa card payments, one of the most secure and reliable payment methods. In addition, Western Union and Bank Wire payments are also available.

There is a wide range of imitation time pieces waiting to be discovered by the wandering eyes of any watch passionate, and that’s not all. The collection also includes replica bags, jewelry, phones, Montblanc pens and Dupont lighters. The most fashion forward accessories are listed here along with an impressive description and a selection of detailed photos.

Many websites that sell replicas do not mention a single word about the warranty or the return policy they offer. This is not the case with They very clearly state that all Japanese products have a 6 months warranty and all Swiss products have a 12 months warranty. If you are not happy with the order you also have the option of returning it within the first 10 days from the delivery for a full refund. No questions asked. The fact that they offer a warranty and a return policy shows that the company is reliable and that it stands behind its products. This is a very important aspect you need to consider before ordering a replica online. You wouldn’t want to receive a defective or inferior product and not be able to do anything about it.

CONS:  The delivery takes about 5-8 business days. They can’t overnight a package and we all know that getting your order the next day can be a life saver when you forget to buy a birthday or Christmas gift.

Pictures: When looking at the photos of the products you will be amazed by the quality of the image and by the professional way these were made. You can see up close every small detail of the replicas from every possible angle. You can actually tell that these photos are unique on the web and owned by amatory store. In this line of business, investing time and money in taking your own photos shows how reputable and serious a company is.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer Service: offers customer service by phone, email and live chat. Not many companies that sell replicas are able to provide customer service to this extent, but Amatory Store does. I have tested the customer care department and must say that it really is very informative and professional. The operators are very friendly and frank when it comes to the company’s products, policy and services.

Summary: If I had to summarize my opinion of Amatory Store in one word then this word would be: PROFESSIONAL. A professional company that knows how to present its replicas, how to sell them and how to offer excellent customer service to its customers.

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