When we stumble upon such a fresh replica store as Apricotservices.co.uk we simply have to turn it upside down until we find out everything there is to know about it. Time is of the essence here so get ready to separate the good from the bad and see if it really is a trustworthy supplier of god quality replica watches.


Apricotservices.co.uk looks pretty nice. I like its clear layout and its bright and fresh color scheme. What I don’t get is the name: ApricotServices.  Even though it sounds absolutely peachy, it doesn’t have anything to do with watches or replicas. In addition, on the upper left side of the page it says „legendreplica.co.uk”. So which one is it? Is the company’s name: Apricotservices or Legendreplica? I guess, only time will tell.

The prices start at 40 GBP and go up to 80 GBP. What I have noticed is that these are all Japanese models or at least I did not see any Swiss watches in this very impressive collection. The product description page is pretty ok. It mentions the most important particularities of a watch such as movement type, size, materials, weight and functionality. When you read the specs of the replicas you actually have the feeling that these watches are of very good quality and that at this price range it is quite a good deal.

Legendrepluca.co.uk ships packages worldwide with EMS and DHL. The usual delivery fee is 20GBP, unless your order is for more than two items. In this case you benefit from free delivery. Normally, packages are dispatched in less than three business days and a tracking number is provided for all packages. Additionally, the delivery is guaranteed by the company and if the item is not received then it will be reshipped or refunded after 45 days of delay.


From what I have noticed, Apricotservices.co.uk is just an intermediary page for Legendeplica.co.uk. What do I mean? When you click on any of its links or buttons, it directs you to www.legendreplica.co.uk. And so the legend begins! The simple and colorful homepage features a modest top menu bar with only five brand categories. Indeed, the brand range is quite limited, but each category includes hundreds or even thousands of designs. There is no option of sorting or searching through the items so you can only imagine how difficult it is to browse through all these replicas, especially when there are so many of them.

Apparently, the customer must contact customer service within the first 7 days from the delivery if he is not happy with the purchase. If this is the case then you can exchange it or receive a refund. Not all requests are approved. Customer service must evaluate the request first and decide if you are eligible for one of these two options and for which one. This seems a little bit strict to me, especially if you consider the fact that you can request this only within the first 7 days from the delivery. And what happens if the product breaks afterwards?

The only available payment option is Visa credit card. This doesn’t feel secure to me. Liable websites provide at least two alternatives to card payments or are able to process two or more type of credit card companies. Usually companies that claim to accept only Visa payments are surely fraud and cannot be trusted. I recommend more thorough information on the website’s background before you decide to shop with your Visa on this store.

Pictures: The pictures are ok, but if you take a closer look you will notice that the background, the style and the quality of the photos vary from product to product. For me, this is a clear sign that the pictures were copied from different sources and merged together so that it looks like these are images of the actual replicas the company is selling. Furthermore, the website states that these photos are its property: “The replica watches pictures you see are of actually taken at the Studio of our site, You will get exactly what you see in our Pictures”. Allow me to doubt that!

Domain registered: Apricotservices.co.uk in UK and Legendreplicawatch.co.uk in Germany

Customer service: Apricotservices.co.uk/Legendreplicawatch.co.uk claims to provide customer service 24/7. Still, the only way to get a hold of the operators is by email or contact form and we all know that this means very long hold-ups. Most likely, it will take more than 24 hours to receive a reply to an inquiry. Furthermore, a company that is really into providing top-notch customer service makes the necessary efforts to have a contact phone number or a chat option available. It is my point of view that an email address doesn’t qualify as customer service.

Summary: Apricotservices.co.uk or better said Legendreplicawatch.co.uk is our typical online replica merchant: always evolving and always finding different ways to bend the rules of…copyrighting. Still, whether or not it is a trusted seller this remains a mystery. My intuition and long experience on the market tell me that the CONS weight too much to ignore them: copied product photos, low customer service, strict and unfair customer policies and discrepancies in the company’s identity. All these tell us that we’ve better stay away from this replica store.

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