I like Asinewatches.com. It has that professional and reputable appearance that makes you want to trust it. Sometimes, looks is all you need to get the attention of watch enthusiasts who are looking for a good place to shop for some new high end replicas. And if the prices, product quality and services are also superior then you got a really good thing going. Such a fake watches company could really become the number one choice for countless replica shoppers.

Asinewatches.com knows what counts in this business so it has a very elegant and friendly website. The homepage is designed with black and white, it has glossy banners and pictures and a very well organized layout. The product menu is in the right side of the page and apparently it lists 13 of the most important watch brands in the world, plus a “More” button which reveals over 40 watch companies- some more famous than others.

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The collection of replica watches available on Asinewatches.com is very large. There are more than 50 brands and some of them include an exaggerated number of designs, such as the Rolex category which has 5,693 different models. Obviously, browsing through these many products is an impossible task so the website has a very friendly and easy to use Advanced Search bar that filters the replica watches by Gender, Strap Material, Strap Color, Dial Color, Movement, Price and Way of Shop (Clearance or 24 hours Dispatch). All these options are very helpful and make shopping on this online store a lot easier.

The fake watches available on this site are also very diverse. Their inside mechanism varies greatly- from Quartz movement and Asian automatic mechanism, to Swiss ETA movement and Valjoux 7750 mechanism. Of course, the prices depend on the internals of the replica watches. The Quartz fakes and the Asian movement replicas cost about $100-$200, the Swiss watches are about $300-$450 and the Valjoux 7750 knockoffs are $400-$550.

The company has very nice product pictures. I like very much the fact that all of them are very clear and quite large. They allow you to see perfectly all the important details from all possible angles. You can see the texture of the dial, the materials used for the markers, the shine of the metals and the logos and serial numbers. The product descriptions are also very detailed and these pretty much tell you everything you want to know about the quality of the replicas.

When you order a replica watch from this online store, you have two payment options: credit card ( Visa and Mastercard) and Western Union. Even though Western Union orders enjoy a 5% discount, I still recommend card payment. Why is that? Because Western Union usually charges a 5%-15% commission for each transfer you send so the discount offered by the company is just a way of covering these fees. Plus, card payments are more secure because each transaction is monitored and secured by your bank.

Asinewatches.com sends packages worldwide and it offers two options for delivery. The first one is free and the package is shipped with registered mail. This means that you will receive the order in about 14-21 business days and the tracking number won’t be updated daily. The other option is by EMS and it starts at $22. The estimated delivery time is about 7 business days and a tracking number will be available and updated once every couple of days.

All orders get a 7 days refund guarantee and a 14 days replacement or exchange policy. So if by any chance you have received a replica watch from this company and you are not happy with it, contact the store before the refund or exchange period runs out. After this does, I’m not sure if there is anything that can be done for your product as the company does not appear to have a repairs warranty, something to ensure that you will be able to enjoy your watch even after the first 14 days.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that on the homepage there is a chat button. When I entered the site, it said “Operator offline. Leave a message.” So I clicked it to send a question, but when I did this, a new paged loaded saying that the chat account is inactive. My guess is that Asinewatches.com does not have a working chat service. It probably though that it would look good to have a chat button on the site even if it is useless. On the Contact Us page there is no phone number, it lists just an email address.

Asinewatches.com is a fake watches online store that has a very professional appearance, a wide collection of replica watches with an impressive diversity of inside mechanisms, excellent product pictures, affordable prices and worldwide delivery. Still, if it wants to be a reputable company, it should improve its customer services and offer a free repairs warranty for its replica watches.

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