, a name that would confuse any English connoisseur, but at the same time a source of online replica watches that would intrigue any watch collectors. Let’s take this journey through the PROS and CONS of this online company and discover the beautiful complicated replicas it has to offer.


The stock is very impressive. It includes so many brand names that when you want to get to the last one in the right side menu bar, you get tired from so much scrolling down. Any luxury watch company you could think of is included in this online collection. I know I have said this before, but now it is the real deal: this is the hugest selection of replica watches I have encountered so far.

I like the sliding testimonial on the top of the page. It is a very nice touch of credibility for the reputation of the company. It builds a bit of trust in its products and in the fact that this may actually be a nice trustworthy merchant. Of course, anything can be forged these days so giving it the benefit of the doubt is your choice.

The website has most of the new functions fancied by e-shoppers such as the currency convertor, the search box, the registration option and the order tracking service. All these cool functions contribute to a smoother and more pleasant shopping experience. Nowadays, you can’t own a competitive website without adding a few of these gizmos.

Shipping is available worldwide with EMS and a tracking number is provided. I trust EMS as a shipping carrier. Depending on the EMS shipping option selected by the shipper, it can be quite fast and reliable. The tracking information is updated on a regular basis and you know at all-time where your package is. Of course, a signature is required for delivery.


I’m not too fond of the appearance of this website. Yes, it is quite complex and features many functions that make online shopping easier, but the overall design is pretty poor. From the layout of the page to the format of the text, everything looks very amateur. This website wasn’t designed and implemented by a professional. Honestly, not even the photo of Nicole Kidman on the home page could convince me to reconsider this opinion.

The company wants to build its image as the one of an online replica store addressing Australian shoppers. Judging by the texts from the website, the company is based in China and all the packages are shipped from there. Including Australia in this picture is just a way of gaining some extra orders. A very clever marketing tool too.

The company offers to refund or replace the products only within the first 7 days from the delivery. The shipping fees are not refundable and assuring the safe delivery of the product back to the merchant’s location is the sole responsibility of the customer. So before thinking “Great, they have a return policy!”, also take a moment to review what would involve this return. What additional costs and what is the time frame we are talking about? Sending a package back to China may take a lot of time and money.

I didn’t find any mention of a warranty. What happens after the first 7 days run up and your watch breaks? Can you still send it back to them for repairs or replacement? Or are you just stuck with a defective watch? Not saying anything about this looks very shady to me. They give the impression that a warranty does not exist. This way the more peaceful fellows will settle with the broken watch instead of trying everything just to make the company honor their warranty obligations.

If you are considering buying a watch from then you have only two main payment methods: one is Visa card and the other is Mastercard. These are the worlds most accepted and preferred payment methods; still, accepting at least a non-card payment method would have been great. Not everybody likes to pay online with a credit card.

Pictures: The quality of the photos is not too great, but you can tell that these are photos of the actual stock. The products are photographed from numerous angles and even though the photos are made in a professional style there is still a vague amateur touch. Better to be honest and use your average quality photos then to lie and appropriate the original photos of the genuine watches.

Domain registered: USA

Customer Service:

It seems that the company can be contacted only using a contact form or by email at The email address is a Yahoo one and this doesn’t inspire any confidence at all. Using such an email account as a way to be in contact with your customers is very unprofessional and it just shows that this merchant is not as serious as we may think. A phone number or a live chat button is not available so an immediate reply from the customer service team is not an option here.

Summary: is a replica merchant that offers a very impressive number of luxury brands. To browse through the collection is quite a feast for the eyes of any watch passionate. The downside is that this company still needs to improve a couple of essential aspects that determine how trustworthy a seller really is, such as: customer service, warranty policy and payment methods.

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