Are you considering buying a replica watch online, but you haven’t found the right replica company yet? is one of the many merchants who invite us to take advantage of the great prices available for its beautiful replica Swiss watches.  Let’s take a moment to check it out and see if it is a worthy source of high quality imitation timepieces.


With just a few buttons, the menus are very simple and short making it really easy for us to start exploring the products. The collection lists only a few brand names: Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Bvlgari, Hublot and Breitling, but each category includes a couple thousands products. For example, the Rolex category has over 4000 models. The downside of this huge selection is that there is no way to filter the items by price, gender, movement or any other criteria. This is a very big inconvenience as it will take ages to browse through all these watches.

All products have a very descriptive and inclusive description summarizing all the important particularities and functions of these watches. Additionally, the description page states the advantages of buying a replica watch by summing up why any one of us should purchase a knockoff instead of the original one.

On the big banner from the homepage we are promised a 30 days return guarantee. Additionally, the company will pay for the return shipping fees if the reason for returning the product is that the item is different than advertised on the website. If the customer isn’t satisfied with the item and wants an exchange then he is responsible for paying the shipping back to the warehouse. There is nothing mentioned about a repairs warranty, but this is not a surprise considering the huge information gap from this website: the return page has the same text as the Privacy Notice page.


The company has a pretty greyish replica website that doesn’t tell me much. It has a quite simple layout and design. It doesn’t have any flashy banners or big and tacky promotional messages. It is quite balanced and coherent in its plain and dull appearance. Still, I do not like it not even a little bit, but it is way better than an overcrowded showily website. claims to sell only high grade Swiss made replica watches. The prices for these imitation timepieces vary from $190 to $250. I am very skeptical towards how Swiss these watches really are at this price range. Every time I see such a low price for a Swiss replica I start having doubts. Why are all the other companies selling them for $400-$1000 if such a low price is possible? In their quest to get as many customers as possible, why wouldn’t all the other companies adopt the same pricing strategy?

On the bottom of the page there is a never ending list of logos for the accepted payment options. Still, these are not actually available at Checkout. After you add the items to the shopping cart and continue to the Order Form you discover that Visa is the only accepted payment option. The other ones are just a way of deceiving the potential customers and convince them to spend more time online in the search of their dream watch.

The Shipping page is full of non-sense. It actually has the same text as the Privacy Notice page regarding the so called guarantees they offer for assuring your privacy. There is no information whatsoever about the actual shipping policy. Only on the FAQ page we are able to find some details about the shipping companies used to send the packages and the costs of delivery. It seems that all orders are sent with EMS and DHL and the delivery is free worldwide. The delivery takes 5 business days and a tracking number is provided.

Domain registered: CHINA

Pictures: The pictures look like they were copied from several sources and put together in a very amateur try of making them look like a believable replica collection. But the different background, the different quality of the photos and style used to make them show the obvious: that these were copied. The cherry on top of this replica pie is the watermark from the pictures saying None of them is watermarked

Customer service:  The Contact Us page seems like a really bad joke. The only ways of getting a hold of the company is by Contact Form and by email at  Plus, they claim to provide 24/7 customer support. Should we really believe that a company called is so professional as to respond to the inquiries of its customers 24/7 through a contact email called CheapJordansShoes and assigned to a Hotmail domain? I think not! It seems like a more realistic explanation that its customer service is bogus.

Summary: is an online replica company that sells a huge number of luxury watch brands at very affordable prices. At first glance it would seem like the perfect place from where to buy a Swiss replica, but upon a close inspection it shows the numerous disadvantages of its business. The website is full of discrepancies and inconsistencies regarding the terms and conditions of its policies; the only accepted payment option is Visa even though it claims to support all the major payment forms; there is no mention of a repairs warranty; the pictures it uses are copied from different sources while the customer support seems highly unreliable. Bottom line, I am very skeptical about the liability and trustworthiness of this company and I would recommend to anyone who is considering buying a replica watch from this place to be very cautious.

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