When you are looking for a reputable online merchant of replica watches it all comes down to finding the one that is professional, liable and provides the highest quality at the best prices available on the market. CameWatchUs.org may just be the right one so let’s check it out!


Camewatches.org is a simple looking online store that doesn’t impress me at all with its design. Its color scheme blends different shades of blue with the redundant white as to create a clean and tidy appearance. The upper menu bar is discrete and includes links to the informative pages such as Customer Service, Wholesale, FAQ and so on, while the left side menu bar lists all the available brands. In the center, we have a simple banner with also blue accents advertising the fact that here we will find the best prices and quality. Indeed, it does not have the ‘Wow” factor, but overall it is a nicely constructed e-store.

The company provides an incredible huge number of available watch brands. In the menu you will find the most famous companies in the world, new and fashionable names as well as classic manufacturer’s with an impressive legacy in the watchmaking business.

Here, at Camewatchus.org you will find only Japanese movement watches. No Swiss replicas are available. Considering this, it is only obvious that the price range is lower than on most websites, but I wasn’t expecting it to be this low. These Japanese imitation watches cost about $70-$90 dollars. Furthermore, the product description page is very detailed and mentions every single important aspect and part of the watch. Everything from inside mechanism, materials, band, dial, crystal, glow in the dark markings, water resistance and size is clearly stated and explained. It manages to provide a clear and accurate description of each replica it sells.

The company uses only the best international carriers. Packages shipped to the EU are being sent with DHL, UPS and FEDEX while the dispatch to other countries is arranged by EMS. The order processing time is about 48 hours and the delivery may take up to 10 days.


Each brand includes hundreds of designs, but none is divided into sub-collections. Also, there isn’t available a filter or an advanced search option which would make it really easy for us to find the desired models. In the absence of such a useful tool the only choice we have is to browse the whole collection page by page, watch by watch.

These replica watches seem incredibly cheap- both price and quality. I am confident that we are all looking for good quality replicas which will last for more than a couple of weeks and we all know that these are not being sold within this price range. I am positive that these knockoffs are manufactured in China and I am aware that over there everything costs just a couple bucks, but I am reluctant as to believe that a fine replica of a luxury watch can cost this less.

The company states that it can accept the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Paypal and Western Union. The truth is that it does not provide these types of payment options. In the Order Form, after Checking Out, it offers only two payment buttons and both have Visa written on them. Each one redirects you to a different payment processor which only supports Visa cards. Mastercard isn’t accepted. Indeed, in the Order Form it also says that for other type of payments you need to contact Customer Service. Those other types of payments may refer to Paypal and Western Union. Please note, that all card payments are subject to an additional verification and this verification implies sending a copy of your card with the 8 middle digits hidden. So before ordering you should really consider if you are willing to send them a copy of your Visa card.

Camewatchus.org charges a shipping fee for each order, but the thing is that it isn’t a flat rate. The delivery costs are calculated depending on the destination country and on the number of items you buy. For example, an order for a watch sent to the USA is charged $20 for delivery while a package containing two watches shipped to the same country is charged $23. You can only confirm the shipping fee in the Order Form when you select the shipping country.

You can send the product back for a refund or exchange only if you have received a watch that is totally different from what was advertised on the website or if it arrives defective. It seems that no other return reasons are accepted. You mainly have 14 days for assessing your order and for contacting Customer Service in the event that a refund or exchange is needed. If you want to return the order for a refund then please note that the shipping charges involved with sending the package back is the customer’s responsibility, the products need to be in the EXACT same condition as when these were shipped to you and that the initial shipping fee is not refundable. You should really put in balance all these costs before deciding if it is worth the hassle.

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Pictures: Honestly, the pictures are not that good. Even though the images are not small and each one focuses on a certain part of the watch, these do not have the clarity needed to see the details and craftsmanship. The merchant only lists three photos for each one of its replicas and these pictures only show the dial, back and a small part of the band. There are no close-ups on the markings, buttons or claps. Another thing that I find it very inconvenient is that when you click to enlarge a photo it opens it in a different tab. You can’t view it in your current tab or click on a “Next button” to see the following one.

Customer service: The whole Customer Service this company provides is a joke. I do not want to sound too harsh, but this is the truth. When you click on the Customer Service button from the upper menu bar it directs you to the page www.mioot.com which is a Live Chat service provider. Needless to say this is a dead end. You can’t contact this company by live chat. The other button they have on the page for the customer service department is the one saying Email Us which opens your email application so you can send your inquiry at bestwatchservice2010@gmail.com. Again, I really do not find a Gmail address at all professional and I do not recommend to any e-shop using one.

Summary: Camewatchus.org is a simple website providing a large number of replica designer watches at a very low price. Most of us would be really tempted by the incredibly affordable cost of these watches, but before submitting your order you should really consider all the Pros and Cons of this merchant. The negative sides are the low attention it pays to providing a reliable customer service to its customers, the high costs and fees involved with taking advantage of its return and exchange guarantee and the unreliable payment policy.

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