We all want to get cheap priced replica watches of high end quality, but the truth is that almost in all cases: low prices mean cheap products. Cheapwatchesswiss.com tries to convince us that there is still hope and that it can be possible to purchase a superior replicas watch at a low price. Still, facts weight more than words and before believing we need to check out this company very thoroughly.


Cheapwatchesswiss has a very nice vintage design, even though it is not the most professional looking website I have ever seen. Still, it is designed with a great esthetic sense and it manages to appeal to me. The company sells only 10 brands, furthermore it only offers Swiss products. What I find extremely interesting is that they only include Swiss watches with prices that could very well compete with the ones of most Japanese replicas sold by other companies. This makes you wonder: Are the prices of all those other companies exaggerated; or is this company selling lower grade watches, maybe even Chinese ones?

The collection is not that wide as on websites that sell both Swiss and Japanese watches, but I guess this is only normal. Swiss designs are rarer on the market and manufactured in a smaller number. Still, the collections are very well organized and this makes it very easy to locate the watch you want to buy. These days, it is incredibly difficult to find Japanese watches that costs $80-$90, yet this company manages to amazes with such low prices. The prices vary from $80 to $290 for the more expensive ones. It is a dream come true for any watch collector.

The company is able to process Paypal, Mastercard , Visa and Western Union payments. Believe it or not, Paypal has become a rare option for replica companies even though for millions of people around the world, PayPal is the way to pay – trusted and secure; and I would definitely go with Paypal any time. Accepting four very reliable payment forms shows that the merchant is quite liable and trustworthy.

The packages are being shipped via Hong Kong Post with the international airmail option. This is a first, a company that actually admits on its webpage that the packages are shipped from China. The delivery takes about 4 to 7 days to arrive and in some cases it may be delayed up to two weeks. If you needed it sooner then you can choose UPS and it will be delivered in 5 days. The delivery time seems reasonable to me, but the shipping charges don’t. For example, the delivery to USA with Hong Kong Post is $35. That seems a little bit pricey to me.


The description pages of these products are a huge compilation on nonsense. There is absolutely no detailed information about the mechanism of the watches, or about the materials, functions or sizes. There are only some basic details about the items, details that even a watch illiterate could notice just by looking at the photos. The rest is some incorrect, misspelled and poor English text presenting the company and the advantages of buying these replicas. Nevertheless, the description page is anything, but convincing.

Cheapwatchesswiss.com only accepts returns for the items that have a manufacturer’s defect or that were shipped incorrectly. That means they will not issue a refund if the problem of the item is that you do not like it or that it is too small or too big. If you do have a problem with the watch then you need to contact the company within the first 2 days and return it in 7 days, not more. A 15% restocking fee will be charged and the refund will be issued only after your package is delivered all the way back to China.

Pictures: Cheapwatchesswiss.com has very nice photos that have been obviously copied from numerous sources. When jumping from product to product, you will notice the clear difference between the photos. Some are high quality catalog pictures and some are medium quality photos taken in a private studio. Nevertheless, these are surely not of the company’s stock and are not a trusted representation of the quality it offers. The real questions still stand: Does this mean that the company is a fraud? How can we trust it if it presents its merchandise so falsely?

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Customer service:  For those customers who need additional help before submitting the order or even afterwards, there are the following communication options: contact form, email, phone number and live chat.  It is nice to know that regardless of what your concerns may be, the company on the other end will always be willing to attend to your questions. I am not too keen about Gmail accounts used for businesses, especially for replica businesses, but in this case the other communication options such as phone and live chat manage to compensate these shortcomings.

Summary: Cheapwatchesswiss.com is a merchant that at first glance seems to be decent and trustworthy, but upon a very close inspection we begin to discover its true colors. Basically, the company pretends to sell high quality Swiss replicas, but its prices and the copied photos suggest that the watches may very well be inferior quality Chinese knock-offs. Also, the return policy is incredibly unfair to its customers and was designed to protect the company at all costs.  The advantages would be that it provides a very wide selection of payment options, including Paypal, and that the average delivery time is quite fast.

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