A copycat is a very similar version of a genuine designer product. In this case, we are referring to extremely exact clones of watches produced by famous brands. It seems that the perfect place to find them is Copycatstore.is, the online shop where the impossible becomes possible. If you thought that you will never get your chance to wear a Rolex watch, think again. As technology advances, replicating a designer timepiece becomes easier by the day. Nowadays, there are numerous places that sell good quality knockoffs. The key is knowing what websites are reliable and which ones are not.

Copycatstore.is represents one of the very interesting choices we have when it comes to buying replicas online. It is one of the good guys; a place where good quality imitations meet affordable prices, where friendly services are equaled by fairly quick delivery and customer orientated warranty. I guess there are many other things to say about this company, some are good and others are less good. It is crucial to know everything there is to know about a replica merchant before buying its products so below we will continue talking about its pros and cons.

Just as you judge a book by its cover, the first impression we get when we see this replica store’s homepage is that it is a quite elegant and friendly page. The design is pretty clean and neat. A white and black color scheme blends in very nicely with large banner sized pictures of best-selling timepieces. Not only this, but the menu is intuitive and easy to use. Names like Rolex, Breitling, IWC and Cartier are just a few of the stunning replica watches available here. Simple buttons represented by the name of the brands become drop down lists of watches collections when you move the cursor over them.

The collection is not impressively wide. There are a reasonable number of timepieces included for every brand collection, but because the designs are so varied and wisely chosen, there is something just right for everyone. From classic masterpieces to novelties, here you will surely find your dream watch. And to make our quest even easier, there is a filter that allows us to search the products by price, dial color, gender and size. What more could you ask for? Even the prices are tempting. I know these are replicas and are supposed to be affordable, but somehow a $200 or less Rolex feels like a one in a lifetime offer. Who cares that it is a replica? As long as it feels and looks as the real thing, I’ve got all the reasons in the world to buy one.

Shopping one of these imitation timepieces is really easy. You have everything you need online. The website displays every product with elegant pictures, a detailed description of the materials used, type of movement and design of the watch, plus the option of adding the items you like to a wishlist and ordering them later or comparing different products available on this site. I also like the fact that in the bottom of every product page there are lists that show the best sellers and the top rated products. This can be very helpful when you want to order a great watch, but you’re stuck because you do not know what to buy.

Copycatstore.is accepts two of the payment methods that, by the day, become more and more popular on the online market. It takes both Western Union and Bitcoin payment. There are also discounts available for using these payment methods. When choosing to pay by Western Union, you get a 5% discount whereas Bitcoin/Altcoin payments enjoy a 15% discount. If you want to save money while using a quick and simple payment method, these two are you best bet. I have used them many times and so far, I have always been happy with how quick and easy it is to pay this way.

The best thing about this replica watches website is that it offers free express delivery. Yes, you heard me right. It ships packages worldwide, express and free. There are not that many companies out there that are still able to provide shipping at no extra costs so when you come across one of these sites, it is really impossible not to appreciate it. The company dispatches the packages by EMS or DHL and the delivery takes about 4-7 business days. Of course, a tracking number is provided and this is one of the most important things when it comes to international deliveries. It allows you to track the progress of the package at every step so you always know where it is.

If you have purchased a fake watch from Copycatstore.is and you are not completely satisfied with it, you can just contact the company and ask for a full refund or exchange. Of course, this needs to be done within the first 10 days from the delivery. If the watch is unworn and in its initial condition then you are entitled to a full refund, but if the products has been used then only and exchange is available. Also, it is very important to be aware that the return shipping fees are paid by the customer and there are no restocking fees whatsoever.

This replica watches online store provides customer support by email and I think everyone knows how important this aspect really is so testing its services is a must. This is why I have spent over a week emailing their customer care team and testing their approach towards customer satisfaction. My first email was answered the following day and the representative took the time and effort to address and clarify all my questions regarding quality, returns and delivery. Then I continued our communications by asking more about payments and functionality. I tried my best to get out from him as much information as possible and he has always been very friendly and patient when dealing with my inquiries. This made me trust the company and I am certain that no matter what, they will always stand behind their products.

Overall, I think that Copycatstore.is is a sure bet when it comes to ordering a good quality fake watch online. It is a trusted store with a rich and diverse selection of famous brands replicas at affordable prices, plus it offers free delivery and a 10 days refund policy. It is as good as it gets on the imitation watches market.

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