Our uncontrollable passion for fine watches is at the core of each new research we undertake into the most cryptic aspects of an online replica store. The same enthusiasm aliments this review of Dosomall.com and makes us wonder if it has what it takes to be a trusted source for quality replica watches.


Dosomall.com is a pretty ok looking website. It is neither the best nor the worst one you will come across while shopping online. It is actually quite simple both in aesthetics and functionality, without any unnecessary complications. What really disappoints me is its old looking design. Just in case you were wondering: No, it is not an intentionally vintage design, but better said an outdated one. The color scheme represents the safest possible choice ever: black and white. The focus is kept on the sliding banner all dressed up in classy darkish tones enhanced by promotional messages such as:  “Up to 50% SALE” or “FREE Shipping”.

The company sells over a thousand different watch designs, copies of well know luxury timepieces. You will notice that the number of brands provided here is incredibly big and just going through all these famous names is a real insight into the wonders of contemporary horology.  Dosomall.com offers both Swiss and Japanese made watches. The Japanese movement replicas are $100-$200 while the Swiss movement ones are prices at $200-$500 depending on the design, materials and its internal complexity. The products can be filtered by brand, collection name and price range. This eases a lot the process of searching for your favorite style of watch through the very large selection of replicas.

The company provides a 7 days money back guarantee and a 14 days replacement policy. For any dissatisfaction you may have regarding your purchase you simply need to contact the company by email, supply a detailed description of the problem and if necessary add a photo of the defect. Dosomall.com will process your return based on your complaint and on your refund or replacement preferences.

Dodomall.com is able to accept all major credit card companies, such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB and American Express. Additionally, Western Union transfers are also accepted for those who do not like giving out their credit card information online. Wow, this is a pretty wide range of payment options. Generally, on the replica market the majority of card payment methods are out of reach and most replica websites can process just one or two credit card companies.


The main menu is elegantly presented on the top side of the page and it includes a wide selection of products such as watches, jewelry, clothing, shoes, sunglasses and other fashion accessories. I honestly do not trust replica companies that sell such a huge range of merchandise because the more different products it sells the less specialized it is in  what interests us the most: imitation watches. We, watch enthusiasts, are clearly not looking for average quality replicas at the lowest possible prices. We are looking to get the best knock-offs out there at affordable prices.

Reading the Shipping page will give you some serious head ache. It is a little bit complicated. For example, shipping to most countries is free when the order is over $50 while a shipping fee of $9.55 will be applied if the order is below $50. The delivery time for this type of shipments is of 10-16 business days. An Express delivery method is available for a fee starting at $19.95(depending on the weight of the package) and orders dispatched this way usually take about 7-12 business days to arrive. Well, 7-12 business days doesn’t seem to be that Express! Oh, and let’s not forget that the list of utterly complicated shipping terms goes on explaining the different delivery times and pricing policies.

Pictures:  The company uses very beautiful and good quality photos of its products. You can tell that it has invested greatly in making sure that every item is presented from most important angles, hence showing various details and markings of the watches. Believe me, not many replica merchants will provide such accurate and reliable photos for their knock-offs. Dosomall.com is one of the few exceptions and it certainly deserves a lot of credit for this. The pictures are a very clear illustration for the quality of its replicas.

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Customer service:  Everyone interested in purchasing from this website should be aware that the company can be contacted only by Contact Form. No way of communicating with them directly and in real time is available. Not providing a contact phone number, an email address or a chat service shows the low level of interest regarding customer satisfaction. Before ordering with such a company take a moment to think of what will happen if you are not happy with the item. How will you be able to properly communicate with the seller for resolving this complaint?

Summary: Dosomall.com is most definitely a website with some serious pluses, such as: good website usability, affordable prices, a wide selection of replicas, excellent product pictures, free delivery and attractive satisfaction guarantee.  We know very well that nothing is perfect, especially in this world, so inevitably we have also found a few minuses: inexistent customer service, complicated shipping policy and the absence of a proper specialization into the production of replica watches.

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