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Funny thing mixing “elite” and “replica watch” in the same sentence. These two terms have nothing in common. As a matter of fact they are just the opposite. Replica watches are those products that imitate a luxury item, a product that is common and ordinary, both in terms of price and aesthetics whereas elite means superior and unique qualities. But somehow, this online fake watches website decided to get our attention by mixing these two contrasting terms. How good are its products? Well, this is up to us to find out.

The webpage looks pretty good. It has an elegant and pleasant appearance with well-studied proportions, wide and very clear sliding banners, a simple and intuitive menu, dynamic features products bars in the lower part of the screen and promotional banners that get your attention right from the first moment. Everything suggests professionalism and liability.

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The upper side menu bar includes buttons for the most important categories: New Watches, Swiss Replicas, Swiss Rolex, Japanese Replicas, Japanese Rolex, Ladies Watches and Watch Boxes. If you roll your cursor under one of these buttons then you see a list of available brands unfold underneath it. From this point everything is super easy. You simply click on one of the brands and start browsing the products. The thing that I do not like is that except for Rolex, the other brands like Omega, Cartier or Vacheron Constantin are not organized into sub-collections. All the available models are mixed together without the possibility of sorting them by collection, price, movement or other aesthetic features. Rolex represents the largest category available on this online store and because of this it is the only one divided into sub-collections.

The prices of these replica watches are a little bit above the average, especially for the Swiss fakes. The Japanese imitation models are pretty affordable. These cost about $199-$299, but the Swiss knockoffs are really way over what most people would pay for a replica. These cost about $400-$900 depending on the complexity of the model, the materials and inside mechanism. For me, an acceptable price for a Swiss replica is something between $300 and $500. What goes over this price feels a little bit exaggerated. has two types of product pictures which for me basically translates as having two different providers. The majority of the products have about 10 photos that were taken over a black background, are of very good quality and display the items from numerous different angles. The other ones have about 4-5 images over a white background that are not as good quality and detailed as the aforementioned ones. Nevertheless, all photos are watermarked with the company’s name.

The really pleasant surprise offered by this website is that the products presented in the photos are very authentic looking. I have compared the picture of a Breitling Navitimer World GMT replica with the one of the authentic watch and I was impressed to discover that the knockoff looks pretty much the same as the genuine product. The dial is identical. The small dials, the hands, the hour markers, the numerous indexes that are representative for Breitling watches, the metallic bezel, the case and buttons respect all the correct proportions, colors and look.

As expected from a replica watches company that sells its knockoffs at considerably high prices, the delivery for all orders is free of charge regardless of the destination country. The only thing is that the packages are shipped with EMS which takes about 10-14 business days to arrive. If you prefer to receive the package sooner then you can choose to pay extra and have the order delivered by Fedex, UPS or DHL. Either way, you will get a tracking number for your package as EMS is a major international carrier that has a modern tracking system. accepts payment with Visa, Mastercard and Western Union. The very interesting thing is that it tries to attract as many Western Union paid orders by offering a 5% discount for this type of method. From my experience, Western Union applies a transfer fee for all payments which usually is between 10%-15% of the amount you are transferring. This is why I do think that paying by credit card is much better than Western Union. At least, you know that your bank secures your online transactions.

The great thing about this company is that it offers all sorts of promotions depending on the quantity you buy. For instance, if you buy one watch you get 10% off and if you buy 2 items then you get 20% discount. There are incentives for amount as well. All orders over $400 get a free Cartier Tank imitation and those over $1,000 get a free Rolex Submariner replica. The thing is that you need to note this offer in your purchase in order to benefit from it.

And surprised me again with its one year warranty. The unique thing about this repairs warranty is that it is applicable both for Swiss and Japanese replica watches. Usually, only Swiss knockoffs get a one year warranty and Japanese ones get 6 months. If you have received a product and you are not satisfied with it then you have the option of sending it back for a refund. In this case you will have to pay all the return shipping fees and a $25 restocking fee.

I really like the fact that this online replica watches website has a professional and easy to reach customer service. The chat window on the page isn’t just for show. It is the kind of feature that is very persistent with its “ Hello. How may I help you message?”. I, for one, couldn’t ignore it and started chatting with the agent. He was very friendly and informative. He told me everything about its policies and services. There are also a phone number and an email address available for those who want to ask a few questions before going through with the order. The customer service is available Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5 PM EST. is a fake watches online store that seems to be very professional and reliable. Even though its Swiss watches are a bit pricey, I was delighted to see that it offers good quality product pictures, free international delivery, friendly customer services, a wide range of payment options, a one year repairs warranty, a 7 days refund policy and an intuitive website. It is one of the few decent merchants I came across lately.

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