I have seen this website template at numerous other replica watches online sites. Still, we are talking here about clones so imitating a nice looing page design shouldn’t be a reason for ignoring a company’s potential. There are numerous other things that we should consider- the prices, the product pictures, customer services and its policies. All these are everything we need for determining if we are dealing with a reputable replica watches store or with a scam.

Let’s start with the beginning. EnWatchSale.com makes a very good first impression. It is friendly looking and it is quite easy to browse. Our attention falls on the products as the top side and left side menu bars include only buttons to the brands categories. The buttons for the informative pages can be found in the very bottom of the homepage. Right in the center of the screen there is a medium size banner with a Rolex Milgauss and the promise of getting a 50% discount followed by pictures of the sponsored products.

Best Site banner with stars

The company carries a pretty diverse and large selection of brands- over a dozen. From Rolex to Tissot, this site represents a very nice source for the most popular watch designs that were ever launched by the original companies. Most likely, your favorite is among these replica watches. To start browsing the site, simply click on a brand name. A drop down list with the sub-collections will be revealed. The thing is that these sub-collections list 20-50 pages of knockoffs so viewing all of them will turn out to be a real challenge. Unfortunately there is no Advanced Search option so you need to go through all of them until you find your favorite.

The Swiss replica watches aren’t in a distinct collection so you need a lot of patience and definitely tons of luck to find them. I was lucky to find a few when browsing through the replicas and I have noticed that the prices for fakes equipped with Swiss automatic movement are about $160-$250. The Japanese replica watches are even more affordable- these costs about $80-$150. I know, these prices are pretty low compared to what other online stores ask for their knockoffs.

On EnWatchesSale.com, just like on many other fake watches webpages, there is the issue with the different photos, photos that seem to be copied from several catalogs. How can we tell this? Simple. We look at the clarity of the images, at the background, at the number of pictures listed for each replica and at the photographic style. These differences are really easy to spot. These show us that the merchant isn’t a professional one. It doesn’t invest in its own product pictures and it prefers to copy them from other sources. What about the looks and quality of its real merchandise? You can find this out by asking for actual pictures before ordering.

The product descriptions are very nicely written. These are quite informative and mention all the important specifications of the replica watches, from inside movement to aesthetic details.

There is something very peculiar about the accepted payment options, something that will give you a little bit trouble at first. There are 3 different icons for payments and you need to select just one. The thing is that all 3 show the same thing- Visa and Mastercard. The difference consists in the delivery country and products you buy. The second one does not accept Rolex and the third one does not accept USA and Canada. Basically, this means that the first icon can be used for all types of orders, regardless of the destination country. Then what is the point of the other two?

The packages are delivered by EMS or if EMS delivery isn’t possible to your destination country then the company will use DHL, FEDEX or TNT. The shipping fee is quite reasonable, $20 for USA and other major countries. As you probably already know, the usual delivery time for EMS is about 7 to 10 business days and all packages have a tracking number available.

I don’t entirely agree with this company’s return policy. I consider it highly unfair. Supposedly, they offer a 5 days exchange and refund policy, just that you can’t return the replica watch regardless of your reasons. You can send the product back only if it has a manufacturing defect or the company sent it incorrectly. If you simply do not like it or if you have ordered the wrong product, though luck, you’re stuck with it. Plus, all the return costs must be paid by the customer and there is a 15% restocking fee that will be charged for processing your exchange or refund.

There are replicas watches companies that offer very good customer services- the ones that make you want to return for other orders- and there are stores that don’t. EnWatchSale.com is one of those online sites that do not provide the right type of customer services. The company does not have a chat service or phone number. You can reach the customer care department only by sending an email at a very unprofessional Gmail account.

What can I say about Enwatchsale.com? It is a friendly looking replica watches stores, it has very low prices, an impressive collection of fake timepieces and affordable worldwide delivery. The reasons why I don’t think that it is such a good idea to order from this place are the unprofessional product pictures and unfair return policy.

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