Generally, replica websites go for very pretentious names wanting to balance its obvious shortcomings with a fancy domain, but not this one. We came across a farm of watches or, at least, this would explain the odd name: This one here is definitely a different kind of replica store, a more down to earth website that most likely targets people who only need a sundial to tell the time: the good old fashion farmer. this is a name you will surely not forget.


Now, let’s check its hard worked harvest. Its crop consist of the most famous watch brands ever made, such as Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Tag Heuer and , even, Parmigiani. It is a real pleasure to go through these beautiful timepieces and to discover wonderful designs that are considered priceless by many watch collectors. The prices are very accessible. You can buy your very own Rolex for $60, $70 or $90. I believe $90 is the upper limit for the price of these knockoffs. Regardless of how you look at it, it is a very good deal.

The company offers shipping worldwide with EMS and the standard shipping fee is $20. Usually, it takes about 5-10 business days for the package to arrive. For more remote countries you need to contact customer service to get a quote on the shipping fee and on the estimated delivery time. A tracking number is provided for the package and a signature is required for delivery. Replica websites that ship packages with EMS usually dispatch from China so you may want to double check with the company what policies it has regarding customs taxes and seizure.


The look of this website is very plain. The design doesn’t impress me at all. It’s all white with gray tabs and a dull banner. It has the esthetics of an amateur store and it shows how little the company has to invest in its image and let’s not forget that in any business having a professional and solid image is all that matters. FarmWatches fails deeply to convince us of this. On the top we have a simple menu for the informative pages such as About Us, FAQ and Contact Us; and on the left side we have the product’s menu which is very easy to browse.

I was shocked to see that there is no description for these replica watches, not even a vague one listing the obvious features or materials of the products. When you open the page of the watch, you simply see its name, price, ID and instead of the description you have its name again. Basically, the collection is not too difficult to browse, but it wouldn’t hurt to add an Advanced Search option. This way finding the type of watch you are looking for would be so much easier. From what I can tell, there are no Swiss watches on this site, but I could be wrong as there is no way of checking this except for browsing page by page through the hundreds of products from each category.

The only accepted payment method is VISA. This doesn’t inspire me any confidence, especially as in the order form it states to contact customer service if you don’t have a Visa. This means that they can also take other payments, but because of very shady reasons they can’t put the information online. Furthermore, on the same Order Form page, under Payment Options, it lists 3 check-in buttons and all three of them are for Visa. This is clearly a programming error and makes me think that entering my card information online would be anything but secure.

I have searched on the entire website and I didn’t find a single word about a return policy or about a product warranty. The most important thing when you buy a replica online is to check the terms and conditions of the warranty/return policy. By definition, a replica is just a fragile reflection of the original product and its quality and design may vary very much. You need to be sure that regardless of what you will be receiving you will still have the option of sending it back either for a refund or for replacement/repairs.

Pictures: When you browse each category you clearly see that the presentation photos of the products are very different. The style, the background and the angle used to take these photos are completely different. This is because the photos weren’t taken in the studio of FarmWatches. This is obviously someone else’s harvest and FarmWatches,com is just trying to cash in some extra bucks lying about it.  In addition, the watches do not have detailed photos showing the various particularities of each product. There is only one image for each item.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer Service: The customer service team is supposedly available by email and live chat. Let me clear it out for you: there is no live chat option anywhere on the website. Furthermore, the email address is a very unprofessional Gmail account and allegedly emails are answered in 1-3 hours or sooner. That is very untrue. I have sent an email to this account and two days later still no reply from the company. It is my honest opinion that the customer service of is bogus.

Summary: is anything but a safe choice. The website is just a vague store with copied presentation photos for its products, without any information regarding the quality of the watches or about the return, replacement or repairs policy. In addition, its customer service is inexistent. The extent of its inconsistency makes me believe that this company can not be trusted and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

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