Fine watches aren’t something that you just find at every corner. In fact, buying a good replica watch is something very rare these days. There are so many fake timepieces companies out there that purchasing a decent quality knockoff has turned out to troublesome. All online sites promise to offer the best imitations, lowest prices and most satisfactory services. Don’t fall for this. You should always investigate and research a company before you order. For instance, looks like a trustworthy replica website, but is it really that reputable? Let’s find out!

Best Site banner with stars looks like a professional and decent replica watches online store. Its design shows a great care for offering to its visitors a friendly appearance and an easy to use site. From the first moment you access the page the focus falls on its slim and simple left side menu bar which includes all the available brands. Other design elements that complement the overall modern and pleasant appearance of the website are the large and sleek sliding banners, the gray and white color scheme and the few sponsored products from the bottom of the page.

The company impresses with a very long list of available brands. These are all included in the left side of the page and every category is organized into sub-collections. When you roll the mouse cursor over one of the watch companies names you see a list of sub-categories unfold. From here you can start browsing for your favorite fake timepiece. Furthermore, each sub-collection is divided by type of material, like stainless steel, yellow gold, rose gold, diamond and bronze. A quick look around these best-selling models shows you that the selection is pretty diversified and inclusive. carries both Swiss and Japanese made replica watches. All the prices are displayed in USD and from what I see these are pretty much the same as the average prices offered by most fake watches online stores. The most affordable knockoffs are the ones powered by a 21 jewels Japanese Miyota automatic mechanism which cost about $100-$170. If you are looking to buy the best available quality then you may want to consider the Swiss clones that are equipped with a 25 jewels ETA self-winding movement and range between $200 and $450.

I was impressed to see that the website uses very good quality product pictures. After browsing through the entire collection I was able to conclude that all the photos were made in its own studio and that they are very beautiful and quite clear. Each replica watch has numerous detailed images that present the product from various angles and feature everything- from dials, caseback, bracelet and buttons to the authenticity markings and logos.

This merchant supports a pretty diversified and large range of payment options. Its website takes the following payment methods- Visa, Mastercard, JCB and Western Union payments. Usually when an online store is able to process that many credit card types it means that its business is pretty stable and reliable. Furthermore, I always feel more secure about ordering over the Internet with my card. This is because I know that no matter what happens, my bank will always protect my money from unfortunate situations. is able is the type of company that sends orders to any part of the world and it also offers a pretty wide array of delivery options. When you order something from this store, you can choose to have your package delivered by EMS, FEDEX or registered mail. EMS takes about 7-10 business days to get the order at your door steps and the shipping fee is about $12. FEDEX is the fastest method available as it only takes about 3-5 business days for the package to arrive, but it is the most expensive one- $35. Registered Mail is the slowest option as it takes about 14-21 business days to arrive, but it is free of charge. No matter what method you select, every single one of them has a tracking number that you can use online to follow its progress.

I have turned this website upside-down, but no matter how much I have searched for some relevant information about its refund or exchange guarantee, I have not found a single word about these policies. I do not know about you, but I am very reluctant when it comes to online stores that do not clearly state on their page the most important details of their after-sales services. So, dear online shoppers do not order from this company until you get a hold of their agents and you confirm every single aspect of its refund, exchange and repairs warranty.

The company claims to offer customer service 24/7, but every time I have entered the website and wanted to chat with one of their operators by using the chat, this had the message “offline”. Also, there is a contact phone number displayed on the page so we can call the customer care department and clarify our doubts. At least this is what its purpose should be, the problem is that when you dial the number it says “invalid”. The only option you have of contacting customer service is by email, which is a very unsecure and unreliable Gmail account. isn’t such a fine source of high quality replica watches. I have to admit that the website carries a very large and diversified collection of knockoffs and that the prices tend to be quite affordable, but this shouldn’t distract us from our goal – the one of buying superior timepieces. Ok, the site lists very beautiful and clear product photos, free international delivery is available and a large array of payment options are supported, but the customer services are very unreliable, and there is no word about the refund or repairs warranty. I wouldn’t order from this online store unless I have very strong recommendations for it from someone I actually now.

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