The Internet is full of online stores that sell replica watches, of stores that promise to offer the best quality, the best services and the lowest prices. But do they really offer all this? The thing is that they don’t. There are only a few of them that are really reputable and trustworthy, and it is our job to identify them. Below I will tell you everything about the most important things that differentiate a liable replica watches website from a scam.

Best Site banner with stars is one of the latest stores on my list and my first impression about this company is that it tries to be friendly looking, professional and a great source of superior quality fake watches. The design of the website is pretty ok. It is not too classy or too dull. It has a small size sliding banner in the center of the page, a black background, a simple top menu with 4 buttons for the product categories, a very long brands list in the left side of the screen and numerous sponsored products in the center. The page may seem crowded, but somehow it is just right. offers numerous designer brands. The list is very long and diversified. No doubt about it, it is the ideal place for buying some of the most popular luxury watches ever launched. Each brand is nicely organized into collections and each collection is divided into sub-categories such as leather, stainless steel, rose gold and yellow gold. By organizing the items so thoroughly, it is very easy and simple to identify the type of product that you are interested in purchasing.

The company carries both Swiss and Japanese made replica watches. The Swiss made fake timepieces are obviously the pricier ones. These ones cost about $200-$350 which is below the market’s average. The Japanese replica watches are just as affordable as the Swiss ones. These usually cost about $100-$200. It is still a very cheap price, one that feels very appealing to most watch passionate people.

I like very much the fact that the company has numerous pictures for all its replica watches. The products are shown from various angles with focus on the most important parts such as the dial, bezel, caseback, bracelet and crystal. And the best thing about the images is that this are very clear and considerably large- just perfect for seeing every little thing that makes a replica watch similar to the genuine product. ships packages all around the world by using three different delivery options. The customer can choose which one to use from- Ordinary Express Mail Service for free, Fast Express Mail Service for $15 or Faster Express Mail Service for $35. The first choice takes about 10-20 working days, the second one about 7-14 working days and the third one about 5-7 working days.

When you order a replica watch from this online store you have a pretty wide range of payment options. accepts payments by Visa, Mastercard, JCB and American Express or by Western Union or Wire Transfer. I was pretty surprise to see that there are still such replica websites out there, that care enough about the customer as to offer so many and diverse payment methods.

The most important thing you need to know about buying a fake watch from this company is that you have 14 days to return it starting with the day you receive it. The customer must pay all the return fees and the initial shipping charge isn’t refundable. The really neat thing is that there is also a 180 days repairs warranty. This covers any manufacturing defects, but not water damages or wear and tear marks.

The company offers customer support by Skype, MSN and email. It is pretty ok that they try to diversify the available communication channels, but Skype and MSN are not the most professional chatting options. Plus, the email accounts they are using are some regular and unsecure Gmail accounts. Unfortunately, they do not offer a contact phone number which represents the best way of directly contacting an online company.

If it’s time to buy a new replica watch then maybe you should take a look at This online store has very low prices, free worldwide delivery, a 14 days refund policy, a 180 days free repairs policy, great product pictures and a very diverse range of accepted payment options. The only thing that may discourage you is the unprofessional customer service.

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