All replica merchants want to come up with the most appealing and clever name that will get our attention and also convince us that their watches are the best there are out there. Unfortunately, a name is not sufficient to build a business and we still need to check out if has the whole package.


The menu is incredibly simple. It has 7 buttons which organize the collection and help you browse it very easily. The color scheme concentrates on black and gray; and the big banner is of a flashy Rolex DateJust model. The collection lists numerous famous watch brands and invites us to discover the particularities of each one. Going through a category may be an ordeal as the number of designs included seems to be endless and there is no way to sort them or to see just the one that interests you.

Now, let’s check out the prices.  We all want to buy replicas because we want to save up. We like the looks and the fame of the original brands, but we would never spend a fortune on the real thing. This is exactly why it feels like heaven to see Rolex watches at $60-$80. These are the prices for all of the replicas available on this website. From what I can tell there are no Swiss watches included, probably because the company focuses on the more affordable Japanese timepieces. The description pages offer very comprehensive information about the products and it presents its functionality and quality in a very practical manner.

The delivery is free worldwide and the main carriers are DHL and EMS. The usual order processing time is about 1-2 business days. After the package is dispatched, the delivery takes about 5-10 business days. A tracking number will be provided and the delivery is guaranteed by a “lost package” policy. In the event your package shows no updates after more than four weeks, the company will reship it free of charge. I find this policy very fair and definitely a customer orientated approach. It shows how much you are valued as a customer.

The company offers a 14 days refund and exchange policy. Within this time frame you can choose to return the merchandise and claim your money back or a replacement. Before sending back the order you must request a return authorization and understand the conditions of this policy. The customer pays for all the shipping expenses and the original shipping charge is not refundable. After the first 14 days, a 180 days repairs warranty will be applied to your order if the watch shows any manufacturer’s defects. The watches are not waterproof so any water damages will revoke the warranty.


Nowadays, all replica websites are look alikes. It is almost impossible to find an original looking online store. Very often I am under the impression that I have shopped on a certain store before, but after extensive researches I find out that they are just very similar in appearance. Apparently, after cloning designer watches the next logical step was to clone the more successful replica websites. This is also the case for I have seen this website template so many times that it feels there is no other one out there. Just the banner and the photos are different. The rest is identical, even the watch hands logo on the home page is copied.

On the FAQ page we are informed that the accepted payment forms are Visa and Mastercard payments. These are the world’s most preferred credit card payments, but still it is nice to know that the company has alternatives for those who are hesitant towards entering their card details online. It wouldn’t hurt to provide Paypal, Bank Wire or Western Union as an alternative.

Pictures: I am inclined to believe that the photos are from two different sources judging by the different style and background used to take them. Still, the watermark from all the photos is of I know, it is not the name of this website, It is probably its former domain name. This inconsistency in the pictures used to present their merchandise makes me doubt that what you see in the photos is what you get. Moving on, the quality of the pictures is very good and it manages to illustrate with rich details that these replicas are very exact. Of course, if these images are actually of the replica watches that is selling. The main question here is: does the company really sell watches or is it just a scam?

Domain registered: UK

Customer service: If you want to see the true colors of a company then all you need to do is to check their customer service. The company wants us to believe that it provides customer assistance both by live chat and by email. The Live Chat button is absolutely useless. It doesn’t do a thing. It is only for decorative purposes and clicking on it will redirect you to the Contact Us page. Nothing more. Furthermore, the email contact address is a very unprofessional and unreliable Gmail account, You can’t trust that a company is serious about its business when it uses a Gmail account as a business contact email address. Not to mention that it doesn’t provide a contact phone number.

Summary: is an online replica merchant claiming to sell high quality imitation watches that will any time rival with the original timepieces. The first hint that this is not the case is the incredibly low prices. We all want to get a good deal on our replicas, but we need to be realistic and admit that a $60 knock-off can’t compete with the real thing. In addition, the incoherent product pictures and the unreliable customer services make us think twice before submitting our order.

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