is surely a company that is into selling as many replica watches as possible. Nevertheless, should we, customers, buy our imitation timepieces from here? Well, this is a whole nother discussion.


Despite of the tiresome homepage, the website is not that hard to browse. On the left you have a very inclusive list of available brands. Actually, the list is so inclusive that after scrolling down all the way to the bottom of the menu and rolling the mouse over the “More Brands” category, you realize that the “More Brands” includes MORE brands than the actual main menu. I don’t think that it’s an exaggeration to say that the company carries pretty much all major watch brands in the world, and may very well have one of the largest replica watches collection on the e-market.

The brands are very nicely and neatly organized in sub-categories named after the original collections. Further, the products can be sorted by Gender, Price, Movement, Strap and Dial through a very easy to use left side Filter. This filter is a really handy tool and makes it quite simple to find the exact type of product that interests you. The product description page is very informative, but written in poor English. Still, it includes all the relevant details one would consider before purchasing a replica online, such as weight, size, movement type, materials, colors and even water resistance.

The merchant offers free delivery to most major countries around the world. Orders for less than $50 will be charged a $9.95 flat rate shipping fee. The packages are shipped with Express mail and Register Air mail, and this pretty much means EMS. The delivery time is about 7-14 business days and a tracking number is provided. In the event that your package is lost then they will ship another one, except if the package has been delivered to the wrong address. If the package was delivered to the wrong address then there is nothing the company can do to fix this. This may happen if you provide an incorrect address, or if you move and you do not inform the company prior to shipping your package, or if the delivery company makes an error. I must agree that in such situations the company cannot be held responsible and shouldn’t be forced to bear the costs of resending your order.

The accepted payment methods are Visa, MasterCard and Western Union. The website does not accept the newer and more preferred ways of paying online, like Paypal, Moneybooker and bank transfer. Still, the available options are pretty common and most people have access to at least two of them. Today, if a company wants to scam you then it will find a way regardless of the payment method you use. When you are ordering online and you want to feel protected you need to understand that it is not about the payment method you use, it is about how honest and liable a company really is.  Before placing your order, search for customer’s reviews about that company, research it very thoroughly online and contact the company using all the communication channels they claim to have. Only after everything checks out you can confidently go through with your order.

CONS: is the type of website that wants to get your attention at any cost. The home page is full of promotional texts, sliding banners, mouse over menus, banner menus, featured products, buyer talks and so on.  There is so much information there that it simply confuses you. Many merchants fall into this trap. In their desire to present the best of their business and, especially, to impress us, they overdo it.   The result is a crowded website, a website that would discourage most people from continuing browsing and, possibly, finding very good quality watches at decent prices. I, for one, prefer a clean and well organized website. More isn’t necessarily better. In some cases, less can be way better.

There are two grades for the watches distributes and these two grades are: Asia Automatic and Swiss Automatic. Do not think, not even for a second, that Asia Automatic means Japanese made. Priced at $80-$200, these watches are surely Chinese made. Most likely, a better quality Chinese watches than one would think, but still Chinese. The Swiss movement watches cost about $200-$400 and I am also very reluctant towards how Swiss these watches really are. My guess is that these are also Asian made.

The company offers a 7 days refund guarantee and a 14 days exchange policy. These two policies are full of impossible conditions. If you take the time to read this page you will end up believing that the customer is always wrong and is always right. For example, if the product arrives in a wrong color then this is due to the light of your PC monitor, or if the product doesn’t look like in the photos, if you are not happy with the quality or if the materials are poor quality then it isn’t the company’s fault because they make every single product just as advertised on the website. Such complaints will not be honored nor covered by the refund or exchange policy. Why? Because is never wrong and their products are perfect. Now, that’s what I call a good return policy! Obviously, good for the merchant because if you, the customer, get an inferior replica then you have to live with it. Don’t even think about repairing your watch with them because they do not say a single word about a repair policy. Probably, because this too would be a mockery of your rights as a customer.

Pictures: The pictures are very good. The clarity is very high and the photos show a very distinctive style. Judging by the looks of it, these images were made by and are property of This statement is also confirmed by the watermark with the company’s name, watermark that is present an every single picture posted on the webpage. The usability of the photos is low. When you click on one, the website opens a separate page-tab where you can view the picture gallery for that particular product. They also load very slowly. Regardless of this, the images look like genuine photos of the merchandise offers for sale.

Domain Registered: PANAMA

Customer Service: Let me start by saying that the company doesn’t have a contact phone number. They provide customer service by email and chat. Of course, if there is ever someone available on the chat. I have tried to get a hold of an operator by chat and it only allowed me to send a message. Now, I don’t know if this was because no one was online at that time as there was no online/offline button, or simply because the chat button is just for show. The customer service is definitely not a PRO for the company. It is obviously a reason to feel discouraged about ordering from this place.

Summary: is an online merchant that provides a huge collection of replica watches from most major brands in the world. Here you will surely find that ultimate timepiece you were looking for. The downside is that as all Chinese based companies, you will experience a lot of hassle due to the extended delivery time, due to the impossible return and exchange policy and also due to the non-responsive customer care department.

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