Jimwatchesshop.org seems like a very personal and comfy place to order replica watches. It seems the kind of store that is built on trust, on recommendations and on the name of a single person who knows best what a good timepiece is all about. This being said, let’s see if it really is all of the above.


I have to hand it to Jim, he really does have quite a replica watches shop here. The online store looks pretty good and it is really well designed. The top menu bar is reserved to the most popular brands, while the lefts side menu bar presents all the available watch brands. On the top side of the page there is a big promotional banner and underneath there are the sponsored products. Everything is very carefully arranged so that it eases very much your shopping experience on this website. You can tell that the company didn’t invest too much money in its design, but at least it has invested just the right amount of time and energy into its usability.

This is one of those stores where you find an endless list of watch brands, where browsing through the collection may very well take forever. I don’t think that it’s an exaggeration to say that if you are thinking of a watch brand then they are probably selling it. The collection is pretty wide and it fancies the most popular designs ever launched. Here you will surely find that watch you were looking for so badly. Just start browsing and you will see what I am talking about!

The prices aren’t bad either. Generally, the watches cost about $60-$90. My guess is that all the replicas are Japanese made as the Swiss watches are impossible to find at these prices. Admit it; it is quite impossible to say ‘no’ to a $60 Rolex watch even if it is a replica. What I don’t like is that it is complicated to browse through the whole categories as there is no filter or Advanced Search. I also find interesting that on the products description pages the text is of a dark gray on black color, and it is impossible to read it. Still, if you select it with the mouse, the text will become visible and you will also discover that it is quite useful and informative.

Packages are shipped with EMS regardless of your location; and the delivery time is about 7 business days. The shipping fee is around $20 and it will be added automatically to your total after you select the delivery country. All orders get a tracking number and the usual processing time is about 12-48 hours. Please note that packages can’t be delivered to a PO Box so it is highly recommended that you provide a home or office address from the beginning.


Jimwatchesshop.org provides a 30 days refund and exchange policy. If you are not happy with the products, you must contact customer service first to receive a return authorization. Very important, the items need to be returned in their original condition. This means the replicas should not have been DAMAGED, ALTERED or WASHED. The company reserves its right to refuse packages or charge customers for any damaged items they receive. The safe delivery of the returned merchandise is the sole responsibility of the customer. You also need to allow 3~5 business days after your watches have been delivered for the return to be processed. It seems a little bit too complicated, if you ask me.

The company assures us that it accepts all major credit cards, plus Western Union transfers. Furthermore, all Western Union payments get a 10% discount. The truth is that Visa is the only payment option after Checkout. This very incorrect piece of information makes us wonder about the legitimacy and liability of the company. Can we really trust it with our Visa card information? What happens after we punch in the numbers? Will we end up losing our money?

Pictures: The pictures are of decent quality and manage to show most of the important details and markings of a watch. Each product has at least five images taken from various angles, images that point out to us how exact these replicas are. The very uncool thing is that all the pictures are watermarked with the name “cool-watches.com”. I am not arguing about how cool these watches are, but rather about how un-cool is to copy some good pictures from a different store and use them to promote your shop. This very small detail shows us we can’t trust that what we see in the pictures is what we will be getting.

Domain registered: China

Customer service: The customer service provided by this company refers to email and live chat contact. At least, this is what the company states on the Contact Us page. In fact, the Live Chat button isn’t anywhere on the website and it is just a pretty line to make us feel secure about the responsiveness of the merchant.  And the email account bestwatchservice2010@gmail.com is nothing but an unreliable Gmail account even though the website reassures us that they „ aim to answer all emails within 1~3 hours of receiving them; it can sometimes be sooner than this, so do keep checking your emails.” Hilarious! Do you want to know how much time it took them to reply? Four days!

Summary: Jimwatchesshop.org is an online source of medium quality replica watches available at very low prices. The whole store encourages you to try their products through the means of very nice pictures, descriptive product information and advantageous prices. You simply need to pass over all these pretty appearances and read the return policy, the shipping and the payments page to understand that this order is not such a good deal after all. The prices are compensated by impossible return conditions; the beautiful photos are useless when you see that they bear the name of a different store; and you definitely can’t trust the website with your Visa card details. Take in consideration all these before deciding if you want to go further with this purchase.

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