Just a lot of watches aren’t enough to run a business, not even in the market of replica timepieces. I have a feeling that this is exactly what lotwatches.net is trying. It tries to move our attention from the lack of customer services, the inexistent product description, the poor quality photos and the limited payment options; to an impressive collection showing numerous expensive brand names.


These watches are incredibly affordable. The price range for Japanese watches is $60-$80 and the Swiss ones are about $150. With these prices anyone could afford a beautiful watch with an expensive brand name on it.

The delivery takes about 4-7 days when shipped with EMS, 4-6 days with DHL and 5-15 days with AIR MAIL.  The shipping time is pretty reasonable. This is the usual delivery time for packages shipped out from China. Also, about 3 days are needed to prepare the order for shipping. Basically, your order will arrive in one or two weeks.

The selection of watches is pretty impressive and gathers numerous well-known names in the world of luxury watches. Browsing through the list you may actually feel tempted to order a couple of them, especially considering these prices. It is a real shame that this impulse is immediately stopped by the lack of information about the products, the whereabouts of the company and by the terribly unprofessional product photos.


I got to admit it: reading texts from a replica website has never been this hilarious. The person writing these texts actually makes „selling replicas” sound like the most heroic and idealistic act in the world. For example, on the About Us page we find out how replicating products is actually a „partnerships with leading brand-name companies” and how buying „products at significant discounts, allow lotwatches.net to pass these incredible savings on to us” and materialize them into $60-$80 prices for a Rolex.

On the same About Us page we are told that the company is based in Salt Lake-City. Allow me to doubt that a website registered in China selling $60 replica Rolex watches and also dispatching packages from China with EMS, is actually US based. I seriously doubt that this is true.

I was terribly disappointed to see that there are no product descriptions. Opening the page of a product is like starring at a blank page. Most items have just one photo displayed, the name, model ID and price. I have to say that this is the first website I find with so many shortcomings. I honestly hope that this website is still under construction and that this is the real reason why it is missing a proper description and photos. You can’t run a decent website without including at least some basic information about your merchandise. Customers can’t trust a company that doesn’t focus on providing accurate details for its replicas.

Only Visa payments are accepted, and you are advised to contact customer service if you do not have a card. Supposedly, they will help you choose another suitable payment method. This is quite an unorthodox payment processing practice. It is highly probable that the company also accepts Paypal, but isn’t allowed to post this on the website.  Still, this way of dealing with problems regarding the accepted payment methods, shows that we are not dealing with a professional and reputable company. For me, this practice raises a very serious question mark.


Trying to analyze the quality of these replicas through the means of the photos is quite impossible. The photos are of very poor quality and most products only show one picture. I have also noticed that the watermarks on the photos have different website names. For example, some have www.overwatches.com and some have www.watchbeef.com. Wait, this is not all. The style of the photographs is clearly different, some are professional photos and some are amateur photos and others have Chinese writing all over them.

Domain Registered: CHINA

Customer service:

Customer service is inexistent. On the Contact Us page you are told that they offer customer service by email and chat, still there is no chat button anywhere on the website. Also, the email address has no connection with this company: nowwatches@gmail.com. It is not a business email address. It is a common gmail account and it doesn’t even have a name relevant or connected to this website. Of course, a phone number isn’t available.


I personally do not recommend ordering a replica online from a website that has so many inconsistencies in its website content, policies and services. As always, safety comes first and in this case protecting your hard earned money should be a priority. A website needs to prove itself as trustworthy and responsive in order to convince you that it is the right supplier of replica watches.

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