We are all tempted by the idea of enjoying luxury, of buying a beautiful replica watch that will make us feel distinguished and stylish. This is exactly the reason why LuxuryReplica.org is alluring us with a large selection of best-selling designer timepieces, knockoffs that are more affordable than the authentic designs, but still enjoy the same glamour and elegance.

LuxuryReplica.org is a pretty common looking site, with a black and gray color scheme, and a few dashes of white and red. Nothing too bold, nothing too plain. On the top side there is a slim and wide black menu bar featuring a few of the available brands- the most important ones. There are many others which are revealed when you click on the “Other” button. By clicking it, you see a very long list of well-known watch companies: Zenith, U-Boat, Breguet, Chopard and much more.

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Each brand is organized into collections and every single one includes a couple dozen different designs. The selection of replica watches is not that large. You can tell that the company is very keen on providing the best quality available and because of this it is very selective. This is also the reason why the site only sells Swiss made replicas, as this is the best grade you can find on the market. And as the store only has a limited number of replica watches which are already organized into sub-categories, it is understandable why it really does not need an advanced search to sort the products. You can find the desired watch very easily and quickly.

As I was saying earlier, the company does not carry Japanese movement watches. It only offers fake watches with a Swiss automatic mechanism. This means that the prices are a little bit higher than usual. These knockoffs cost about $500-$700.

The pictures are really beautiful. If I didn’t know how the real catalog pictures look like I’d be sure that these were it. But these are just professional studio photographs made by LuxuryReplica.org with the purpose of proving how good its replicas really are. The clarity is exceptional, the watches are photographed from all sides and the images are completely covered by the company’s watermark. This shows how much it cares about protecting its photos.

The product descriptions are also very well written, detailed and suggestive. They mention all the important information about these replicas, about their functionality, materials and design.

LuxuryReplica.org accepts payments by Visa, Bank Wire, Western Union, Money Bookers and Money Gram. These are some of the most trusted and used payment options in the world. Of course, some of them even come with a discount. For example, MoneyBookers come with a 1.9% discount, while Western Union, Bank Wire and Money Gram get 5% off.

Can you believe that this company actually says on its website “LuxuryReplica.org shopping means never having to pay for shipping”. That’s right, folks! All orders placed on this online site enjoy free worldwide delivery. How cool is that? No matter the value or weight of your package, it will be delivered free of charge with EMS, DHL, UPS or Fedex in about 5-8 business days.

Besides the 14 days full refund policy offered by LuxuryReplica.org, you also get a one year free repairs warranty. So if you got the watch and you are not happy with it then contact the store and request the return details so you can send it back before the first 14 days run out. They will issue a full refund. And after the first 10 days if your replica watch experiences any manufacturing defects then you can take advantage of the one year free repairs warranty.

The only way of contacting the company is by Contact Form, which is pretty disappointing. I was expecting a chat service or a contact phone number as well. There are times when you need an urgent and immediate response and in these cases only a phone or chat conversation will do the trick.

Luxuryreplica.org appears to be a pretty great online store with really good quality Swiss replica watches. Its collection isn’t very large, but it is pretty selective and it includes the best-selling designer watches ever. Plus, the prices are decent; it has a wide array of payment options, free delivery and a one year warranty. What I totally dislike about this company is the fact that it doesn’t have a very professional customer care department. Other than that, it appears to be a reputable online store.

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