is the online replica company who affords the luxury of saying “Over 500,000 happy customers since 2003”. How could you not fall in love with the idea of being part of such a big community of watch collectors and, of course, of being a very happy and pride owner of a high quality luxury replica watch? Let’s take the impressive numbers out of this statement and see what really has to offer.

PROS: seems to be a pretty complex online store. It is obviously full of promotional banners. I mean, it has so many that you can’t read any of them. To complete this crowded image there are also three menu bars. On the top you have the Main menu for watches, bags, jewelry, clothing and other replicas. On the left you have the Watches menu and on the right there is a small and friendly Customer Service menu. The whole site is so stuffed with information that it makes your eyes hurt.

I have decided to select this site for one of my replica watches store review because the main focus is on the watches they sell. You can tell that this is their top selling category. For this reason there is a whole menu bar dedicated to replica watches. The collection is very inclusive and it features popular famous brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Chopard, Omega   and many others.  Here you will definitely find an incredible selection of replicas. Just the Rolex category includes over 5000 models. Browsing through these watches might seem almost impossible. Luckily, there is a very detailed and very well put together advanced search that allows you to find exactly what you are looking for.

The page of each product shows a very accurate description stating the size, color, materials, mechanism and functions of the watch. I like the fact that it also displays suggestions of other matching items. For example, when you are considering buying a Rolex Submariner it suggests a Rolex wooden box and a Gucci Silk Scarf.  All the information presented is very carefully written so that it says in a few words everything you need to know about the replica. Let’s not forget that it has direct links to the information you need the most for an online purchase: shipping, payment, returns and contact us. The page is both informative and interactive.

The shipping page delights us with a very important piece of information: orders over $50 get free shipping.  If the order is less than $50 then a $9.95 shipping fee will be applied. The downside is that this option is regular mail and it takes about 10-16 working days. Express shipping(EMS) usually means about 7-12 business days and it costs $19.95. I don’t find the Express option considerably faster compared with normal shipping so I don’t think it is worth the extra bucks just to receive the order 3 days earlier. All the packages are shipped with a tracking number.

The company offers a 180 days repairs warranty and a 14 days return/exchange policy. Very important, the warranty does not cover water damages, damages due to personal misuse/negligence, and return and exchange do not cover wear and tear damages. If you request a refund then please note that there is a $20-$40 amount that will not be refunded to you. It will be considered as a tax charged for the shipping and handling expenses involved with processing your order.  So before sending back a product, you may want to consider several times if the result is worth the trouble.


When clicking on the Payments page I sadly discovered that it only accepts Western Union. For me, it was a huge surprise. I honestly do not recall any other replica watch website that takes just Western Union. Online shoppers are very hesitant to use a payment method that offers a minimum of protection, just like Western Union does. We all feel more confident when we have at least the option of using a credit card or a bank transfer, not to mention Paypal. Out of curiosity I clicked on Buy for an item and discovered that after Checkout you actually have two payment options: Visa and Western Union. I am not sure why Visa isn’t mention on the Payments page, but it is a big mistake as this discourages many potential customers from going further with the order.

Pictures: The photos are very good, very clear and detailed. The style used to take these pictures is unique and shows that the images are owned by and not copied from the Internet. There are about 9-10 photos listed for each product and very single picture shows a different angle of the watch, different details as proof of how accurate these replicas are. The clarity of the images allows you to get a clear picture of the quality you will be receiving.

Domain registered: USA

Customer service:  The customer service communication channels seem a little bit dodgy to me. For example, there are two live chat buttons on the home page and one of them says Online, but if you click them it will say to leave a message because the operators are offline. Then why did it say ONLINE? On the left side chat button there is a contact phone number, but when you call it you only get a fax tone. After these two failed attempts, it is needless to say why I gave up contacting them and didn’t even bothered to send an email and test their response time.  For me this was enough to understand the level of quality service they offer.

Summary: is a complex website which seems to have all it takes to offer top notch quality replicas. Still, do not let yourself fooled by the impressive design and numerous promotional banners. It is obviously a China based company and its products and services are average; not better, not worse than the ones provided by other online replica merchants.

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