We all love sales and this is exactly what ourswatchsales.com maximizes to its fullest: our thirst for superbly crafted timepieces…on sale. “Discount” seems to be their middle name and we adore it for the numerous times it appears on this site. Now, to get back to what matters most, or better said more than a good deal, is the quality of the watch we buy and the services we receive. Let’s see if these two are discounted too or simply priceless.


The website looks ok. The layout is quite cheap, but the content is above the average. The homepage speaks about many discounts and free gifts. For example, you get 20% off for buying 4 watches, 15% for 3 watches and 10% for 2 watches or if you buy one watch you get a free pen, box and shipping. And let’s not forget about the 3.7 GBP discount coupon. These people really know how to sell their products. And the most important thing is that the overall look of this web page is the one of a pretty liable and professional merchant.

The menu includes many luxury brand names, a diversity of design and prices. Speaking of prices, these start at $130 for the Japanese watches and from what I can tell go up to $500 for the Swiss watches. There are so many items in each collection that it feels almost impossible to browse through them. It is such a pity that the website doesn’t have an Advanced Search option to make it easier for you.

The page of each item shows a very inclusive and detailed description of the product as well as a Product’s Review option with a star rating system which seems pretty cool and fancy.  It also has a nice touch with the “You may also like” bar at the bottom. The texts are written in poor English and clearly show that this company isn’t US nor UK based. More probably, it is just another Chinese store with fair prices and average quality.

The packages are shipped with EMS, surely from China. The delivery takes about 7-14 business days and a tracking number is provided for delivery. Do not forget that the shipping is free worldwide regardless of the value of your order. Very important: if the package is lost or seized, the merchant will reship it free of charge or issue a full refund. This is a very good thing. You do not risk losing your money if anything happens with your shipment. The merchant is responsible for its safe delivery.

The company offers a 5 days return policy and a one year warranty. Within the first 5 days you can return the watch for a refund or exchange, but the shipping back is your responsibility. The one year warranty covers just the repairs of the damaged product. Five days seems a pretty short time frame for testing the quality of a watch and deciding if you should keep it or not, but the 12 months warranty is more than fair. Obviously, the warranty covers just manufacturer’s defects and you need to pay for shipping it back.


The FAQ section states that the accepted payment methods are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Western Union and Bank Wire. For Western Union and Bank Wire you get a 10% discount. The payment policy isn’t well put together as the information posted on the website about payment is very different than the options available after Checkout. For example, the order form shows JCB instead of AMEX and the Western Union option gets you 20% off instead of 10%. This contradictory information makes the company seem unreliable and trivial.

Pictures: If you click on a Brand, the listed items from the collection will have different style of presentation photos. This means that the pictures come from different sources and most likely that are not the property of the merchant, hence do not show the actual stock. The detailed photos are indeed detailed. Meaning they show many different parts and angles of the watches, but the quality is very poor and the images are very small. You can barely see the particularities of the products. The pictures are obviously not one of the strong sides of this company and are also not a key element in reinforcing our trust in the company’s products and liability.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer service: The website offers customer service by email and by phone number. I have tried the phone number and it called once and asked me to leave a message. Maybe it was just my luck and no one was available then, even though I did call during regular business hours. Still, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. I’m not even going to test the email response because from the start I am bothered by the use of a Gmail account and not of a professional email address. Maybe they do provide good customer service and maybe they are usually very responsive, but they did not succeed to convince me of this yet.

Summary: Ourswatchsales.com is an online store of imitation timepieces focused on convincing its customers to buy their merchandise through the use of massive discounts and free worldwide delivery. The collection includes a very divers and wide range of priceless designs that have made it in the history of modern horology, brands that are acknowledged worldwide for their perfect internals and complications. The prices are fair and so are the policies they offer. It is a pretty good source of replica watches.

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