We all want to get the best replica watch our money can buy, but at what cost? On the web, everything looks good, too good to be true. This is why before ordering we must be sure of the company’s liability; we must double check even companies such as PayBestWatch.co that promises the best online Swiss replica watches.


PayBestWatch.co has a pretty interesting design. I like it because it is different than the other usual online replica sites. Indeed, it is not very classy or innovative, but it is modern, sporty looking and catchy. At first, you are tempted to believe that it is a very complex e-store, but it is actually pretty simple. Its layout is a basic one: on top of the page there is a red colored brands menu bar, below it we find a sliding black and white banner, and even lower there is the sponsored products section. The color scheme is a gray and red one and the overall accent falls on the main banner that features beautiful high resolution photos of beautiful watches.

The menu bar includes a pretty large number of buttons. There are buttons for 11 of the most popular watch brands in the world and another button with the “Other Brands”. These are also numerous, actually, more than my screen can display. The list continues all the way to the bottom of the page. The company does not just stock a large number of different brands; it also carries many different models for each brand name. For example, the Rolex category includes over 1500 designs. That’s a lot! Luckily, the brands are organized into collections and each collection is divided according to the size of the dial. Not only this, but the website also features a complex search option. You can filter the replica watches by category, price, case and strap.

The product description page is well made. It lists all the important parts of the replicas and for each one it mentions the materials used to make it, its functionality or size.

The store policy says that all orders over $499 benefit from free delivery. The downside is that the free delivery orders are shipped with registered mail and it takes about 14-28 business days to get the package. If you prefer, you can choose a faster shipping method and pay extra. The options are: EMS for $13 with a 7-12 working days estimated delivery time or FEDEX, DHL, UPS for $35 with 5-12 working days as delivery time. Regardless of the selected shipping method, you will be supplier with a tracking number for your package.


PayBestWatch.co says it sells Swiss replica watches, but the description says Asian movement and the prices vary from $128 to $800. I find it very odd to see a Swiss replica watch at $128. These usually cost at least two times more. Another interesting thing is that for each model you have the possibility of choosing a so called better movement by paying and extra $160.

When you are purchasing a replica watch from PayBestWatch.co you have the following payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Western Union and Bank Wire. Interesting enough, is the fact that in the actual payment form it says Visa and JCB, but only Visa works. From my point of view, these errors are unacceptable. An online company should not have any errors in its payment policy. This only shows its lack of trustworthiness.

The company does not say if it has a repairs warranty, just as it does not say what the time frame for its refund and exchange policy is. Indeed, it does say that it can issue refunds, but it does not give a number of days when you can ship the order back. The stated return conditions are: the products must not be used, the customer will have to pay for all the shipping fees and the returned package must have a tracking number. The refund will be 100% the value of the purchase and it will be issued 48 hours after the returned goods have been received.

Domain registered: CHINA

Pictures: The pictures are very good. All replica watches available at Paybestwatch.co have high quality photos. There are many of them, showing the products from countless angles. These watches have about 12-17 pictures. And each one of them shows an essential part of the replica, demonstrating the accuracy of the design and the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. You can tell that these images belong to the company, as the photos are over stamped with the website’s name.

Customer service: This company still has a lot to learn about selling replica watches online with class and professionalism. First of all, it does not have a contact phone number. Next, there is the fact that I have accessed the website numerous times, and every time the chat service said “offline”. The business hours weren’t listed anywhere. I even tried leaving a message, but it said that no email address was assigned to this chat service and because of this it was impossible to leave a message. And let’s not forget that their email address is a plain Gmail account. Also, I find it very unprofessional to use an MSN or Skype account for chatting with your customers. I know, it is easy to use and free, but this says very less about the value of your business.

Summary: A company has its good and bad sides, and Paybestwatch.co is no exception. The question here is which one weights more when it comes to the security of your purchase. It has a huge collection of Swiss made replica watches, the website is very easy to use and order, the prices are accessible, the product pictures are very detailed and suggestive, and the shipping methods are very flexible. So far, everything sounds very nice, but let’s not forget about the downsides: its payment policy is full of errors, just as its processing system is, it does not say about having a repairs warranty, its refund policy lefts out important aspects about the time frame for returning the order and the customer service is highly unprofessional.

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