Quality and affordable prices are two key elements that gravitate around our passion for watches, and in the end it is the reason why we choose to buy a replica over the original. Planetreplica.co is an online store where customers are promised to find all that, plus services and policies comparable to the ones offered by authorize dealers.


Planetreplica.co seems like a very modern and up to date website. From the moment you enter the page you feel like you are on a planet dedicated to the most refined timepieces. Everything about this online store speaks about a big passion for high quality and affordable watches. It is the place where you will surely find that perfect replica you were looking for. The design is quite complex and stylish. There are many buttons and many menus, all of them destined to help you start shopping at once. The products are divided in 3 sub-menus and these are: Swiss replicas, Japanese replicas and Writing instruments. Just choose one and start buying!

The collection is wide and includes well know luxury brands such as Rolex, Breitling, Hublot, Omega, Tag Heuer and even Tonino Lamborghini. Dividing the products into Swiss watches, Japanese watches and pens is a very clever idea as this allows you to visualize from the start the product range it has to offer. You know from the start if it has what you want or if you should move further to another site.  Also, each brand is divided into collections helping you to have easy access to the desired design. Still, if you need additional help to locate that particular watch you are looking for, you can also use the very helpful Advanced Search option.

The prices of the watches vary from a couple hundred dollars for the Japanese ones to $1,500 for the Swiss watches. In my opinion the prices are a little bit higher than the average, but if the quality is as good as they say then it is worth the extra bucks. The description page is very informative and put together very professionally. Along the usual details about sizes, weight, materials, movement and functions, it also has two extra buttons: one for answering the question about “What is the difference between Swiss and Japanese” and the other one linked to the “Contact Us” page.  I love the fact that everything is interactive and easy to understand.

I find their 30% off deal very interesting. Apparently the second watch from your order comes 30% cheaper. That is very appealing for all of us. When we decide to buy a replica watch we do this to save money and each additional saving counts.

The accepted payment methods are MasterCard, Visa,  JCB and Western Union. All orders paid with Western Union get an additional 10% discount. The available payment options are quite inclusive and divers, not to mention that the Western Union discount is pretty attractive. From this point of view, the company seems quite serious and professional, and I do think that you can trust them to deliver your order successfully.

Shipping for the following countries is free: US, UK, AUSTRALIA, and CANADA, RUSSIA, SPAIN, AND ASIA.  The company allegedly has three warehouses: one in USA, one in UK and one in China. From here packages are being dispatched as to avoid any customs taxes or hassle. The packages are shipped only with reputable carriers such as FEDEX, UPS or EMS. A tracking number is provided and the delivery is guaranteed. I am quite skeptical regarding the three warehouses part as the kind of investment needed for conducting such an operation would mean that this company should be the ultimate replica website acknowledged worldwide by watch enthusiastic. Whereas, this is definitely not the case of planetreplica.co


The Return Policy unveils many conditions you have to respect in order to get your money back or a replacement. What I think it is terribly amusing is that they even call their policy an “Easy Return Policy”. Let’s summarize it, shall we?  You must return the product within 10 day of being issued a Return Authorization, all Links must be attached to the watch band, returns are sent to China at customer’s expense by courier that provides tracking numbers, for any missing links the customer will be charged $10 per link, and all returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Considering all this, the policy is anything but easy. Not to mention that in the end you will end up paying more than the watch is worth on shipping expenses and restocking fees.

Pictures: The photos are pretty decent quality and show all important parts of a watch, but these seem to be pointless due to the large blue watermark positioned on the center of the images. This annoying watermark blocks essential details and reduces the clarity and visibility of the photos. You can really tell that these pictures belong to the company and that they invest a lot of effort in protecting them, but do they really have to make it impossible for customers to see the quality of the products they are offering?

Domain registered: AUSTRALIA

Customer service: Planetreplica.co offers customer service by contact form, phone number and live chat. The customer service hours are 8 AM- midnight EST, Monday to Friday. These days, companies offering these three essential communication channels are very rare. The fact that you can reach the merchant this easily makes you feel confident about ordering your replicas. Websites that are responsive to customer inquiries are the ones that do not have anything to hide, the ones that will always deliver what they promise and definitely the ones that will always correct any inconvenient you may experience.

Summary:  Planetreplica.co seems to be a very liable online store of high grade quality replica watches. The company has very fair prices, a very wide selection of imitation timepieces and customer orientated policies. In my opinion, it is a place where you can buy your replicas with confidence.

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