Qualitywatchesdepot.com is a very simple looking replica watches online store. It clearly is that type of store that doesn’t invest too much in its appearance, but rather in the quality of its fake products- just as its name also suggests. The company is set on providing the best Swiss replica watches on the market and because of this; its collection includes only timepieces equipped with a high grade Swiss ETA automatic mechanism. It is a well-known fact that not all knockoffs can be perfect imitations. Some are better and some are worst. Rolex is the most authentic looking and durable brand on the replica market, and the Swiss movement products are the best ones you can find online. This is surely the reason why this store has chosen to sell only one brand, one type of movement- Swiss Rolex replicas.

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Even though the website is quite plain as far as aesthetics goes, it is pretty well made and user friendly. Browsing it is quite easy. You can either start from the top where there is a black menu bar with Best Seller, Swiss Rolex Daytona, and the informative pages, like Replica Rolex Vs Authentic, Customer Service and FAQ. Or from the left side list where there are all the available Rolex collections like: Daytona, Submariner, DateJust II, Pro Hunter and many others. This company really has all the Rolex designs you could possibly think off. The collections isn’t that large as with stores that offer more than just one brand, but it is very inclusive and diverse. If you are a Rolex fan then this is surely the right place for you. What I did not see here are ladies knockoffs. The company only sells men’s replicas.

Because all these watches come with a Swiss ETA mechanism, the prices aren’t that low as we were accustomed to see on these types of websites. But I can’t say that they are higher than the ones for most Swiss replicas. These are basically the average prices available on the market for Swiss fakes. The most affordable ones are about $500 while the more expensive ones are $700.

Qualitywatchesdepot.com does not have an advanced search option so you can filter the products by materials, price range or colors. In most cases this is a very huge downside, but here this isn’t that important because there are not that many brands and different designs to browse. There are only a couple of product pages for each category from the main menu.

The description page is very schematic and precise, but not thorough or detailed. For those who are familiar with these watches, it will be enough to understand the degree of quality that comes with each purchase, but I’m afraid that it just won’t be enough for the more inexperienced shoppers.

I like the pictures very much. These show the replica watches from all sides, present all the important details of each model and appear to be of the actual products stocked and sold by Qualitywatchesdepot.com. The only thing I dislike here is the fact that you can’t really enlarge the images. You can put your cursor over the photo and in that area you will see a magnified image of the replica, but not clear or big enough to distinguish the small details of these watches.

The available payment options are Visa, Mastercard, Western Union and Bank Wire. The interesting thing here is that Western Union payments get a 8% discount which sounds pretty appealing at first sight, but what you should know is that Western Union charges a commission that is usually between 5%-15% and the purpose of the discount you are offered here is to cover a part of this commission. It isn’t actually a discount, but a form of compensating the additional Western Union transfer’s costs.

The packages are shipped with EMS or with DHL. Delivery by EMS is free worldwide and the estimated shipping time for this option is 3-5 business days while delivery with DHL comes with a fee that depends on the destination country and the estimated delivery time is 5-7 business days. Both shipping options come with a tracking number that will be sent to you by email once the order is dispatched.

All replicas received from QualityWatchesdepot.com come with a 3 days refund policy, a 1 month replacement guarantee and a 12 months free repairs warranty. This is pretty great. Sure, the 3 days refund policy is a little bit narrowed if you ask me, but let’s face it: you either like it or you don’t. If you can’t decide within the first 3 days then it’s your problem. Nevertheless, you still have that one month period when you can exchange it with a different model or with the same one if there are any quality issues. Plus, if the watch has any manufacturing defects you can repair it free of charge. But please note that all return costs must be paid by the customer.

I must confess that I did not visit this site for more than 3 times within the last week, but each time it was at a different hour of the day, and every time, the live chat button showed the operators as being “offline”. I tried leaving a message on the chat, but I did not get an answer. Also, there is no contact phone number or email address on the Contact Us page. You can just send a question using the Contact Form available there. I’m not too happy about this either.

Qualitywatchesdepot.com is the right store for those who are looking to get a high quality Swiss ETA replica watch. It has a diverse and inclusive collection of Swiss movement fakes, the prices are pretty decent, the selection of available payment methods is very generous, the shipping is free by EMS and it offers a one month replacement policy and a one year repairs warranty. It sounds pretty good, isn’t it? What I do not like about this website are the absence of a response from its customer care department and its unprofessional appearance.

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