We are always in the search of the best online replica stores, of that one merchant that has the best prices, the best quality and the best services. Replica-Watches.biz claims to sell only best quality replica watches. Is this so? Let’s review this fake watches website and find out!

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Only five of the brands available on this online replica store have buttons included in the upper menu bar, the rest are visible only if you roll the cursor over the “More” button. When this happens the page loads a very long list of watch designer names. These are ones of the most renowned brands in the world, the best of the best. By simply clicking on one of the names, a new page loads and all the brands that are being sold here, at Replica-watches.biz are displayed in a left side menu bar.

The company carries both Swiss and Japanese made watches. The less expensive ones are the Japanese models which cost about $100-$250 and come with either a quartz or automatic movement. The Swiss made replicas are more expensive and the price for these goes up to $2000. Yes, that’s right! This replica store carries a fake Vacheron Constantin Tourbillon Skeleton Black Leather Strap that is priced at $1,990. It is a little bit much for a replica, but if the quality is good then it is definitely worth it.

Each brand is divided into sub collections to ease our access to the desired model, but there is no advanced search option available. We can only use the price filter to sort the replica watches by price. The description of each replica watch is quite short, but very inclusive and well-constructed. It manages to explain and present all the important specifications of these fake products. Information such as outside materials, inside mechanism, functions, size and weight are all mentioned and presented in a way that is understandable for any website visitor, watch expert or not.

The accepted payment methods are always a very sensitive subject when it comes to an online replica store. Replica-Watches.biz states in the bottom of the page that its payment options are: Visa, Discover, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB and Cirrus. Yet, on the Payment Page there is a totally different story. Here we are informed that the fake watches company can only process: Visa, Mastercard, Moneygram and Bank Transfer. And indeed, after you checkout you do have these last four mentioned options available.

Replica-Watches.biz ships packages worldwide and the delivery is free. The orders are being shipped with EMS, DHL, UPS or FEDEX. The estimated shipping time to any part of the world is 5-7 business days. You may also want to know that it takes about two business days to prepare a package for dispatch. From what it seems, Replica-Watches.biz has a pretty fair shipping policy that allows its customer to enjoy a fast free delivery with the most reputable shipping carriers.

This replica online store provides a 10 days money back policy. But be careful, because the 10 days’ time frame means the time you have to return the replica watch, starting from the day of receipt. Also, in order to be eligible for a refund you need to contact the company within the first 24 hours and make a formal request with pictures and everything. Also, the returned product must be unworn and in its original state. If all these conditions are respected then the fake watches merchant will either ship you a new one or issue a refund, but only after the returned item arrives at its warehouse.


At first, you are tempted to believe that replica-Watches.biz is a blog. This is because on the home page there is a considerably large section of text and only one top sliding banner. The brands menu is also hardly noticeable as it is very narrow and simple. This is not how a typical replica online store looks like. A typical replica website needs to be classier and have a more attractive menu bar and sponsored products featured on the home page. It needs to invite visitors to start shopping. On the other hand, Replica-watches.biz with its dull look is hardly the type of store that incites you to spend money online.

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Pictures: The pictures of Replica-Watches.biz are of very good quality. You can tell that these have a pretty particular photographic style and that were taken in its own studio, and of course that it features the real merchandise that the company sells. I like the fact that you have the option of zooming in on the images. This way you can see all the important details and finishing of the watch. What I also noticed and appreciated at these photos was that for some of the replica watches, the back case is removed so that we can see the complexity of the inside mechanism.

Customer service: Unfortunately this online replica merchant does not have a reliable and responsive customer service. On its website I could not find any contact information for it. The only thing I did find was a Contact Form. No phone number, email address or live chat button was available. That is a real shame, because professional customer service is a must for any online replica store that wants to be liable and have a trustworthy image. Customers trust only companies that are easy to reach.

Summary: Replica-Watches.biz is the type of online replica company that gives us numerous arguments for using it as a supplier of high quality fake watches and these are: it has very good quality and reliable product photos that show us very specific details of these replica timepieces, it has a free fast worldwide delivery with the most reputable shipping carriers, it provides a 10 days refund/exchange policy, it offers both affordable Japanese watches and superior quality Swiss ETA models, and it is also able to process Visa, Mastercard, MoneyGram and Bank Wire payments. The reasons why I am not fully convinced that it is the perfect source for buying replica watches are: it does not have a responsive customer service, and in order to comply with their return policy you must contact the company with pictures of the product within the first 24 hours from the delivery. In the end, if we compare the PROS and CONS, we understand that Replica-Watches.biz is far better than most online replica merchants.

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