Providing perfect clone watches have always been the goal of replica merchants. Some have accepted the fact that this is impossible to achieve and are trying their best to offer excellent copies and when needed they compensate the gaps with irreproachable services. Others have decided to continue the pursuit of the perfect replica watch and dedicate every part of their business to this belief.


The products are pictured as high quality Swiss made timepieces forged from the best materials available on the market. These expensive superior quality replicas target high end consumers who are prepared to spend serious amounts of money on perfect replicas. advertises Visa, JBC, Western Union and Paypal as accepted payment methods. Using Paypal is a big plus these days as only a few replica sellers have the privilege of supporting this payment platform. It is one of the most secure and preferred online payment methods.

What I just love about this website is that for most of their products they have a HD video under the description. The video presents the product and the main details and functions. Many replica merchants use this type of videos for presenting their items, but these are the best ones I have viewed so far.

Shipping to USA, UK , North America  and Australia is free. Considering the prices of these watches, it better be free. The delivery takes about 7-10 business days which is very reasonable considering we are talking about an overseas company. Overall, the delivery time and costs look pretty good to me.

I almost forgot to mention the warranty and return policy. offers for all its products a 12 months warranty and a 10 days return policy. No questions asked. Now I’m really impressed. A one year warranty and 10 days return policy are something that only a few replica merchants afford to honor.


If I would be running then I would be ashamed with the layout of the website. I honestly do not know if there is another replica watches website out there selling watches priced at over $400 that use such a poor website design. The first thing that came in my mind when I entered the website was that I was on a blog. No way in my mind I thought it was possible to use such a rudimentary site to sell competitive replica watches considering the aggressive competition there is on the market. Also, do not bother reading the long text on the homepage. It doesn’t make any sense. It is just a bunch of copied incoherent text. Very unprofessional.

The prices are quite high. The currency is GBP and the prices of these Swiss replica watches start at 350 GBP and go up to 1,250.91GBP for one of the Vacheron Constantin replicas. That’s quite a lot for a knockoff.

The testimonials page should have been a PROS argument in my review, but the poor functionality and authenticity of these posts make the page a clear CONS for the professionalism of the company. It is not an actual Guestbook page. It is a simple text pasted to fill in some blank space on the site. There are only 8 testimonials listed and all of these are obviously written by the staff of

Pictures:  The photos are of very excellent quality and seem to be actual pictures of their stock. The products are photographed from numerous angles clearly showing the details and particularities of each watch. Let’s not forget that most watches have a HD video that proves the quality and authenticity of these imitation timepieces. The company goes through a great deal of effort to show us what these watches actually look like.

Domain registered: AUSTRALIA

Customer Service:

I tried the contact phone number, but no one answered it and it didn’t even direct me to voice mail. This may be because I have called outside the business hours, but I can’t be sure of this as no business hours are listed. It may also be that the phone number is just for show and no one was supposed to answer it. To my complete disappointment a reply to my email was received after more than 24 hours and there is no live chat application available.

Summary: is far from a perfect website, but you can tell that it tries very hard to achieve it. All its efforts are directed towards showing and proving that the quality of its products is very close to perfection. Very different than the usual approach of online stores that invest more in the looks of the e-shop and less in the ways of offering to the customers a clear picture of what they will be getting. Sadly, most times this does not suffice in the online business. You have to keep a balance between your image and the quality of the products and services you sell.

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