It is incredible how many replica  online companies there are out there. There are so many that it has become a necessity to know how to differentiate the reputable ones from the fraudulent ones. In the business of replicas, everything is fake and you have to be very careful what company you trust with your money.


The company carries both Swiss and Japanese watches. Each category includes an impressive list of watch brands available for watch passionate e-shoppers. Their selection is incredibly inclusive and represents a reproduction of the world’s most desired designs ever launched by famous watch brands. The prices of the Japanese watches vary from $80 to $250, and the Swiss models are over $300. It is quite easy to browse the product menu and jump from brand to brand or from Swiss to Japanese, despite the fact that there is no advanced search option.  The classification has been done flawlessly and this eases very much the whole process of finding the design you are looking for.

The packages are sent with EMS, TNT, DHL and UPS. The usual delivery time is about 5 business days and it takes about 2 business days to process your order for shipping once the payment is made. Of, course a tracking number is provided and a signature is required for delivery. The shipping policy sounds pretty good to me, but it would hurt to also state if the delivery is guarantees and what is their policy regarding customs clearance.


I’m not too crazy about the looks of Replicawatches138. It is not because it doesn’t have the most complicated design or the most interactive features; it is simply because it looks like a primitive website that could very well be the school project of a 10 year old child.  The homepage consists of a conglomeration of red and blue color text serving both as buttons and as instructions for how to order. Right from the start, you are amazed by the unusual ordering procedure: you first have to email the customer service with the items and shipping details and wait to get the payment info back from them so you can make the payment.  After the payment is completed you are supposed to have faith that you will eventually receive your goods.

Replicawatches138 certainly didn’t pay too much attention to the description page of its products and this is such a big shame as most customers want to read a complete description of the watch before deciding if the purchase is going to take place or not. This website has incomplete descriptions for most of its items. Some do not have anything written down for the following specifications: the case diameter, case thickness or Bracelet/Strap Width. It appears that this information is very difficult to get and publish on the website. Furthermore, the overall description is very vague and very poor in details.

The accepted payment methods are Western Union, Money Gram and T/T (Wire Transfer). Credit card payments are not available. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the unusual ordering procedure this company uses: you can’t place the order directly on the website. The shopping cart is available only for reviewing the items you wish to purchase, but you can not checkout and submit your order online. You have to email the company with the products you want and your shipping information so they can get back with you with the payment details. The next step is to make the payment. After this you need to hope and pray that you will actually receive the merchandise. I don’t trust this type of ordering especially when you are buying replicas from a Chinese based company.

The company has a very unclear return and replacement policy. More exactly, they call it “Resending policy” and it applies ifthe shipping caused any damages or functional problems to your watch. If this is the case then Replicawatches138 will resend the watch in your next order. Ok, and what if the watch breaks while wearing it? What is the resolution for this situation? The whole policy is very evasive and doesn’t inspire any trust at all. Especially if you are supposed to buy another product in order to receive a good working watch as a replacement for the defective one. How could you trust the company to place another order?

Pictures: The presentation photos of the watches have different background; some are photographed on a white layer, some on a grayish one and some on a black one. This suggests that the photos weren’t taken in the same studio and certainly not by the same company. This huge discrepancy continues. Basically, most of the products do not have detailed photos showing various angles of the watch, while a few have high quality pictures of numerous specifics of the products. It is very obvious that these images are not of the company’s stock and may very well be copied from different places on the Internet and merged to trick potential customers.

Domain Registered: CHINA

Customer Service: offers customer service by MSN, Messenger, phone, email and live chat. I don’t know about MSN or Messenger, but I have tested the live chat services and after waiting for more than 15 minutes for an operator to even bother to say “Hello”, I have concluded and it is a big joke. If you can’t provide the service you promised in a timely fashion manner then it is better not offer it anymore. I have also called the contact phone number and I only got to voice message, plus, the recorded message was in Chinese. If they can’t even record a message in English then this definitely means that they are not capable of handling a conversation in English. Oh, and let’s not forget that their contact phone number is a Gmail account.

Summary: is your usual Chinese company: very unreliable and a very high fraud risk for any online shopper. Its policies are extremely ambiguous and unfair to its customers, its prices are low and the misrepresentation of its products is intended to fool its customers into purchasing low quality Chinese watches. It is definitely not a safe choice.

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