has a very simple website. It is clearly not the kind of store that wastes time with appearance. Its goal is to get our attention quickly, but it does this through its low prices and beautiful replica watches. Anything else is just a source of distraction that could prevent us from finding our dream fake designer watch.

As I was saying earlier, the webpage is very simple and plain. It doesn’t have anything that is worth our attention- the background is black, the menu has only 6 buttons that direct us to its products and the center of the home page features only an oversized banner with a Rolex DateJust. There are no other notable design details or function on the website. Judging by the looks of it, the company doesn’t seem to be that professional.

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The collection isn’t as impressive as one may think. The company carries only 14 replica watches brands and it is obvious that it has thoroughly selected just the ones that have the best quality available on the market. Usually, when a fake watches store carries an endless selection of brands and designs, he neglects the quality of its products because he wants to offer as many products as possible. On the other hand, when the selection is more thorough this means that the merchant is keen on respecting certain quality standards. The brands are very nicely organized into sub-collections and this eases a lot our efforts of browsing through the replicas. carries three types of replicas- replicas with quartz movement, replicas with Japanese automatic movement and replicas with Swiss ETA self-widing movement. Nothing strange so far. The interesting thing is that it has Rolex Daytona watches with quartz movement. This is very unusual because Rolex does not make Daytonas with quartz movement and the ticking of the second hand would be a really easy to notice flaw on the knockoff. The prices start at $100 and go up to $130 for the Japanese and Quartz movement replicas. And as far as it goes for the Swiss movement fakes watches, these cost about $250 to $500.

I was really disappointed by the photos of these replica watches. They are clearly copied from multiple sources, at least 3-4 catalogs. The inconsistency in the accuracy and source of these pictures is a huge reason to doubt the quality of the products, What if, what we see on the website is not what we will receive? What if its actual products are totally different than what is shown in the pictures? My advice for you is to ask for real pictures of its merchandise before you order. accepts only credit card payments- Visa and Mastercard. No other payment options are supported. I usually do not like when my payment options are that limited. It makes me feel suspicious about why a store doesn’t invest more efforts into coming up with some alternatives. You can’t honestly expect from all your possible customers to be willing to enter their card info online, especially on a web page that isn’t secured by a security certificate. Such pages must have the https in front of the link.

The company offers a very nice discount to all its customers under the form of free worldwide delivery. Usually it costs about $20-$40 to have your replica watch delivered by EMS or another international carrier. Fortunately, this website delivers your package for free and the usual shipping time is about 5-10 business days. It takes a couple of business days to dispatch the order and a tracking number is sent to the customer by email. The package is delivered by EMS, FEDEX or DHL.

These days, there are only a few replica watches stores out there that offer a free repairs policy and I am glad to discover that is one of them. This website has a 180 free repairs warranty that covers any manufacturing defects that may prevent your knockoff from functioning correctly. Also, within the first 14 days from the delivery you can at any time return the product for a refund or exchange if you aren’t happy with it. The only disadvantages of the return policy are that you will have to pay for the costs of shipping back the product and for a $20-$40 shipping and handling fee.

As far as customer service goes, I am quite disappointed with this store. First, it has a live chat button on the home page, but this is just for show. When you click it, it takes you to the Contact Us page where you only have the option of sending a message by using the contact form included on the page or the unprofessional Gmail address. Needless to say, they don’t provide a contact phone number or their business hours. is a mix of pros and cons. To start with the pros, I should say that it has very affordable prices, easy to browse collection, beautiful models, free worldwide delivery and a 180 repairs warranty. The cons for buying a replica watch from this online store are- the pictures copied from multiple sources, it only accepts card payments, the payment processing page isn’t secure and it does not offer professional customer care.

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