Rolex is probably the most famous and recognizable watch brand in the world. I honestly do not think there is a single person out there who doesn’t know a thing or two about these watches. If you are one of the zillions of Rolex fans then you are probably looking for a good quality Rolex replica watch at a very decent price. Rest assured, today I am going to review, an online store that promises all that and much more.

Even though this website has a very simple and common design, it is quite elegant and friendly. The homepage features a very wide banner with a Rolex DateJust, a plain menu bar with the available Rolex collections and links to the informative sections. There are no notable embellishments, promotional banners or other interesting features.

Best Site banner with stars sells only Rolex replica watches. At first glance, you may consider that the offer is pretty limited, but once you click on one of the subcategories and you see that each one includes hundreds of different designs you change your impression completely. The company offers a very wide selection of Rolex fakes and because of this, the site is the ideal shop for those who love this very famous brand.

The company sells two types of quality for these watches- Swiss and Japanese. The Rolex replica watches with a Swiss automatic mechanism cost about $250-$350 while the Japanese fakes cost about $100-$200, depending on the design, materials and functions. These prices are pretty low if we consider the fact that the original Rolexes cost about $7,000-$10,000.

The pictures of these replica watches seem to be of very good quality. Each product has 5 images that show the dial, caseback, clasp, buttons and bracelet. The quality is quite good and you can see every small detail in the photos. The actual problem about these pictures is that there is a different name watermarked on them. Instead of, the images say

The company can ship its replica watches to any country in the world. The best part about its delivery policy is that the shipping is completely free. No matter how many products you buy or the destination address, the delivery is free of charge. The only thing is that the packages are shipped with EMS and the usual shipping time is about 10-14 business days. If you are in a hurry, better contact the company to pay extra for a faster delivery option.

When you order a Rolex fake watch from this online store, you can choose to pay by Visa, Mastercard and JCB. Only credit card payments are available. There is no option to pay for the order by an alternative payment method, such as Western Union, Bank Wire, Money Gram or Paypal. I know that credit card payments are the most recommended when you buy stuff online, but seeing that the company has a broader range of accepted payment methods confirms the fact that it is a reputable and liable store. offers a 14 days return policy and a 180 repairs warranty, but I consider both policies highly unfair. I say this because the return of an unsatisfactory fake watch is full of conditions. For instance, you can’t send a replica back just because it has exterior damages, such as missing stones, dents or discolorations. Only internal defects are considered a good reason for issuing a refund or replacing the watch with a different one. Plus, the return fees must be paid by the customer and the company will charge you a $20-$40 restocking fee for processing your replacement.

On the top of the page there is a “Live Chat” button, but it doesn’t do a thing. When you click it, it takes you to the Contact Us page where the only options you have of getting a hold of Customer service is to send a message by using the Contact form. Even though the page says 24/7 customer service, there is no phone number available, no email address or working chat service. This convinces me that the company isn’t that trustable or reputable. A serious company must be always very easy to reach because shopping products online implies all kind of questions, problems or dissatisfactions that can be solved only by ensuring a good communication between the customer and the company. has a very elegant website with a friendly layout and easy to use features, very low prices, a wide collection of replica watches and free world wide delivery. The thing is that all these positive aspects can’t compensate the negative ones, such as unfair return and repairs policies, lack of alternative payment options, unreliable product photos and the unprofessional customer services. Before you submit the order on this replica watches online store, it is recommended that you contact the company and you confirm through extensive conversations all the doubts you are having about the products, quality and policies.

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