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SWISS is the must have in the replica watches business. We all know that Swiss quality is the holy grail of replica timepieces, the closest version of the genuine product. So when a company promises to offer solid Swiss handmade Replica watches Made in Geneva by Swiss Watchmakers, it definitely captures our attention.

PROS: has a very professional and modern look. The Intro page features 7 big, clean and edgy promotional banners. The bottom of the page reinforces our purchasing impulse with the following incentives: 100% true photos, secure payment processing, free watch box, free shipping and up to 20% discount. Basically, everything you expect from the best deal ever. Are you ready to see more? Just click on the E-Boutique button from the top menu bar. This will reveal the Swiss made Rolex collection. No other watch brands are provided here, just Rolex.

The collection is not that large, but considering that the only brand available is Rolex, you have to admit that it manages to include the best of the best. The most popular models ever manufactured by Rolex Co are present on Browsing through the store is incredibly easy given the fact that the items are organized perfectly into collections, such as Daytona, Submariner, DateJust and so on. Each category includes the most representative designs and probably the best sellers.

As the name clearly points it out, the merchant only carries Swiss watches. No Japanese models are available. The watches are a little bit pricey. They cost about $1000-$1500, more than other Swiss replicas. But I guess that if the quality is really good then it is definitely worth it. The description page is short, but complete. It has all the essentials. In just a couple of words you are explained why these replicas are of excellent quality. The case, movement, bezel, dial, crystal and the water-resistance are examined and explained in detail.

The company accepts credit card payments like Visa and Mastercard, and also Western Union and Bank Wire. Plus, when you pay with Western Union you get a 15% discount and with Bank Wire 20%. Paypal or COD payments are not supported. These are ones of the most used payment forms, accepted and preferred by customers all over the world. Companies that are able to provide these options are clearly trusted and liable merchants that are capable to process your payment securely and to handle and deliver your order successfully.

All watches come with a standard two years warranty. You can choose to add another two years of warranty by paying an additional $150. This means that your watch will be protected by the extended four years warranty regardless of the manufacturing defects you experience.  This sounds like a pretty good deal.  If you wish to send the watch back for a refund or exchange then you need to ship it within the first 7 days from the delivery and provide the company with a tracking number. The shipping expenses are not refundable and if a tracking number isn’t available then the package will be refused and the refund/return request will be rejected. So pay great attention to these conditions before you return the merchandise.

CONS: promises a quick, reliable and free of charge worldwide shipping service. Supposedly, the company has numerous stocking facilities throughout the world which guarantees the fastest delivery time. All packages are shipped with a tracking number and a signature is required for delivery. All good so far! The actual delivery time is 12-20 business days, depending on the location. Well, that seems a little bit too much time, if you ask me. Especially, when you are a company that is supposed to have stocking facilities all over the world. The company is clearly lying about its stocking facilities.

Pictures: The pictures are pretty good. Most of them are made in the same photographic style, except for a couple of them. This shows that the images represent the actual stock. It is great to finally come across a company that uses pictures that are of its own merchandise. The photos are clean and clear. The watches are presented from all angles and all important parts, markings and details are highlighted. What I like the most is the attention to every particularity- some pictures even show how the luminescent markers and hands glowing in the dark with a green tilt, while some images are of the inside Swiss mechanism of the replicas. These are one of the best pictures I have seen so far.

Domain registered: USA

Customer service:  The company provides customer support by contact form, phone and email. Apparently, the customer support office is based in Switzerland. That sounds quite impressive. It would be even more impressive if a live chat service would be available, but I guess the phone number and email address will have to do for now. As an overall look, this company seems to be very professional especially from the point of view of the services it provides to its customers. Everything is well organized; even the contact lines are divided into Toll Free and International, into Sales and Customer Support.

Summary: seems to be a very solid company, a trustworthy manufacturer of high grade Swiss replica watches, and the kind of merchant that you would trust with your hard worked money. The website looks very professional, the product photos are obviously 100% of the actual merchandise, the customer service is very responsive and the policies are quite fair. This online store is a good choice for any online shopper, unfortunately the watches are more expensive than on most replica websites.

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