is a website that obviously has an angelic sound and feel. So if you want to feel like you are making the correct choice and that spending $100 or less on a replica watch will bring you nothing but bliss, then you have come to the right place.

PROS: is a colorful and cheerful website. It is populated by vibrant photos, very convincing promotional messages and interactive sliding banners. Every inch of this online store is designed to energize you and convince you that life is great, especially when you are wearing a luxurious watch on your wrist. You can tell that the company has invested a lot of time and effort into creating this website and it is incredibly appealing and professional.

The layout is very stylish and it clearly maximizes its promotional potential. The largest space from the home page is filled with banners and advertising messages. You just can’t say “no” to this watches no matter how hard you try. These people really know how to sell their merchandise. The product menu is on the left side and it includes the most famous and representative watch brands. Browsing through the collection is a little bit uncomfortable as the watches are divided into two categories: “2012 Replica Watches” and just “Replica watches”. Furthermore, the price isn’t displayed next to each item so you can choose them depending on how much they cost, you have to click on a “read more” button to actually see its price. This is a little bit inconvenient and it spoils your entire shopping mood.

The company sells only Japanese replicas. It does not carry any Swiss watches. And even though it offers a large selection of brand names, there are only a couple of designs available for each brand. So in the end you realize that the merchant doesn’t offer such a large collection of replica timepieces. The products are quite affordable as the prices vary from $78 to $99. These prices would convince almost anyone to buy an imitation watch.  The product description page is pretty inclusive, but it still needs a lot of work. You basically have all the details you need to assess the quality of each product, but it wouldn’t hurt to organize and present this information in a more comprehensive and readable form. ships packages worldwide. Orders that cost less than $300 are charged a flat rate shipping fee of $27.95 USD and orders over $300 get free shipping. The time needed to process an order for shipping is about one business day and all orders need to be confirmed by phone before dispatching them. The usual carriers are DHL, FedEx, EMS and UPS, and a tracking number is provided. The estimated delivery time is about 4 to 8 business days, depending on the shipping country.


All products are covered by a full warranty against manufacturer’s defects. The refund policy implies what I consider to be a pretty short return time frame, more exactly 3 days. Please note that you can return the replica only if it is defective. So if you notice anything wrong then immediately contact customer service and ship the watch in the shortest time possible. The shipping fees will not be refunded and if the returned watch is not defective then a 20% restocking fee will be deducted from the refund amount. The warranty and return policies do not cover the following types of damages:      intentional damage, defects caused by wear and tear, holes and water damage. All these policies seem a little bit unfair, if you ask me.

At the time, the company only accepts Visa and Mastercard payments. No other forms of payment are supported. This is a little bit discouraging. You, as a company, must provide at least one alternative to card payments as there are many online shoppers that do not trust to pay with their card for Internet orders.

Pictures: The product photos are of very poor quality and fail to serve their purpose of illustrating the accuracy and potential of these replicas. The images are too small and you don’t have any option of enlarging them or zooming in. You basically cannot see any of the important details and markings. These pictures present just a few parts of the watches and offer you a general impression in regards to the quality of these replicas. It’s such a shame that the company doesn’t pay more attention to the product pictures. In the end these are the ones that convince the customer. The pictures are an invaluable promotional asset on the online market.

Domain registered: United Arab Emirates

Customer service: The company provides customer service by contact form, email, phone and live chat, or at least this is what they say. I have tested the Live Chat service and even though it did say “Online” no operator took my chat. I waited for about 15 minutes and in the absence of an operator willing to attend I was forced to end the session. I also called the phone number, but it got straight to voice mail. Needless to say that after all this I was fed up with trying and didn’t even bother to send an electronic message. I am quite positive that the so called Customer Service they offer isn’t real. It is just for show.

Summary: is the replica website that looks and feels like the perfect place where to shop for your replicas. It looks professional and it sounds like they got the best deals on the market, still if you take a closer look at their policies and services you may be disappointed.  Basically, the refund and warranty policies are very disadvantageous for the customer, the customer service is un-responsive and the product photos are unreliable. So before deciding whether to buy from this store, take a moment to put in balance the Pros and the Cons.

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