or That is the question. Everything in the esthetics of this website makes you think that it is selling flawless Swiss replicas, but the actual content reveals the hard truth: these are more likely Chinese imitations advertised as high quality Swiss replica watches. Don’t get fooled by appearances. Learn how to spot the details that make the difference.

PROS: is one of the most complex replica online stores I came across so far. Once you open the site you are hypnotized by professional photos which slowly flash before your eyes revealing the most beautiful replica watches. Each photo has a unique message, a mission to get your attention and to convince you to place your order here; or at least to steal from you a couple of hours which you will be spending browsing the collection and craving for these superb timepieces.

The website looks very professional and has the looks and functions of an actual online store that offers to its visitors a real virtual shopping experience with endless temptations represented by its large selection of bestselling luxury watches. Everything on this site is carefully studied and organized. Every product description, every photo and every product are reviewed by professionals offering us an easy and fun access to these items.

The selection includes numerous famous brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Panerai, Tag Heuer and many others; each category is also divided in specific collections such as DayDate, DateJust, Daytona and so on. This makes it incredibly simple to get to the desired model, to find the particular style that interests you in a matter of minutes even though the company stocks an impressive number of watches.


It is very important to consider the shipping options available. offers two main shipping methods and these are EMS which takes about 7-14 business days and Fedex/UPS/DHL which take about 5-7 business days. This is stated on the Shipping Method Guide page. I also tried clicking on the Shipping Rating button to find out what the prices would be for delivery, but it redirected me to the same Shipping Method Guide which doesn’t include any rates for delivery whatsoever. This is for me just a reminder that not everything is what it seems. It may look like a professional, perfectly constructed site, but it still has some flaws and in the end it may turn out to be as vulnerable as any other mediocre replica website.

Returns and refunds are accepted, but at what cost? You basically have 14 business days to return the package and claim a refund, but this replica merchant makes the customer responsible for the following fees involved with returning the order: processing fee, shipping fee and transaction fee. In my opinion a full refund means the amount you have paid to the company when you submitted the order. I do not understand why the customer should pay for some unspecified processing and transaction fees.

I have read every inch of this website and I didn’t find anything about the actual warranty of the products. From what I can tell, you only have the right of claiming a refund or repairs within the first 14 days. After this, if the watch breaks you are on your own.

As perfectly complex is the design of this website as poor is the English used to write the informative texts. If you take a moment to read just a couple of lines you will actually hear the rough Chinese accents with an impressive clarity. For example, “We are sorry to tell china post man do not read English.” You may need a lot of patience to decipher some of these sentences.

Even though you can see in the bottom of the webpage a list of numerous accepted card companies, this replica merchant can process only one and that is Visa. Not even Mastercard or Amex is accepted. The only available payment methods are Visa cards, Western Union transfers and Bank Wire. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem as Visa, Western Union and Bank Wire are very secure payment methods, but saying you accept about ten credit card types when you actually accept just one, seems like a major lie to me.


The photos are impressive. I honestly did not see any other site that has such detailed high quality photos. You can see every single detail on every watch listed on this online store. The actual difference is in the fact that it also presents pictures of the inside mechanism. Watches with a solid stainless steel back, are shown with the back cover removed and photographed from close range so you can see all the details of the internal mechanism. This is something I really did not see on any other replica website. If these photos are of the real stock then these watches are of excellent quality and worth the money.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer Service: has the chat button in the lower right side of the page, but no contact phone number nor an email address on the website. It only has a rudimentary contact form. Every self-respecting online replica merchant needs to have these essential contact options: phone, email and live chat.

I always start with testing the live chat service. It is definitely my favorite way of communicating with customer support so I clicked the chat button. My main concern was to ask the operator if he can provide a contact email and phone number. The representative had a very poor English. He gave me the email address where I did send an inquiry, but I did not receive an answer not even after two days. I was told that a phone number isn’t available because the “telephone is broken”. I must say I am not at all impressed with the customer service offered by this company. I find it to be very deficient and frankly it doesn’t inspire me any confidence.

Summary: is like a beautiful wrapped gift on your birthday. You expect it to be all those things you have secretly wished for, the gift that will make your day and make up for those past few years of meaningless presents. Sadly,, is just an empty package. It doesn’t have any content, any substance. To speak bluntly: there is nothing Swiss about its watches.

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