Experiencing the luxury provided by a watch manufactured in Switzerland is the ultimate dream for any watch collector. We all know that nothing can top a high precision Swiss mechanism and precisely because of this nothing will ever rival with the joy of owning a Swiss made replica.


Swissluxury.co.uk is one of the few replica websites that knows how to look professional. It shouts “Swiss Made” through every inch of its webpage; starting from the red and white color scheme, continuing with the elegant clear photos and ending with the classification by “SWISS ETA number” for most of its replicas. There are not that many Swiss wannabe online stores that manage to be this convincing.

The homepage gets you with its “50% off” banner. You instantly feel the urge to shop for your very own Swiss luxury watch and benefit from this great discount. Plus, underneath the main banner there are four items at 143 GBP, discounted from 579 GBP. To anyone this would look like a deal you simply can’t afford to miss.  And this is as far as it goes with the promotional incentives. There are no other banners or visible offers on the home page. It looks quite clean and elegant; almost too classy for a replica website, if you ask me.

The company provides delivery with FEDEX and DHL, two of the world’s most reputable shipping carriers. The delivery takes about3-7 business days and a tracking number is provided. Good news! Orders over 150 GBP benefit from free shipping and smaller orders are charged a 5GBP flat delivery fee. That is not that much for shipping especially if you consider that the packages are being sent with FEDEX or DHL.


The menu is apparently quite simple and short. Eh, don’t let appearances fool you! There are at least a couple dozen watch brands available on this website. Once you click on any button from the Main Menu, a pile of luxury name brands unveil in the left side of the page. These brands are classified in subcategories and each one seems to include quite an impressive number of different designs. Quite odd, after browsing a couple of categories I’ve noticed that pretty much all the products have the same price, 143 GBP. I haven’t seen this price policy on any other replica website before and it is very hard to believe that any merchant of such products would be able to sell all of them at the same price regardless of the manufacturing costs. Depending on the particularities of a replica watch, the manufacturing costs vary considerably from product to product.

Swissluxury.co.uk doesn’t sell just Swiss made watches. It seems that the company also carries quartz movement replicas. What is even more bizarre is that there is no variation in the price even though the difference between a quartz movement and a Swiss automatic movement watch should be enormous. On this website, a watch is 143 GBP. It doesn’t matter what type of movement it has, from what type of materials it was made or what functions it has. Furthermore, the description page doesn’t provide any security for the quality of the products either. Everything is presented like a huge chunk of raw information, very hard to digest.

The website states that the accepted payment methods are Visa and Western Union. It seems that Western Union is recommended for orders over $200. At least this is what they say. I, for one wouldn’t transfer that much money with Western Union for the first order I place with a company. It simply isn’t secure to blindly trust a merchant you have never used before, especially with that kind of money.

The company claims that it does provide a refund and exchange policies, but it does not give a time frame when you can take advantage of these after sales services. It only implies that if you receive the product and you are not satisfied then you need to immediately contact customer service and ask for the necessary return information. So if anything even suggests that your watch might be faulty it is better to let them know from day one.

Pictures: Swissluxury.co.uk uses several sources for its pictures. These do not look at all like they were taken by the same photographer. Also, the quality of the images is not impressive at all. The products are not photographed from key angles and do not show important details. It is my honest opinion that these pictures were copied from the Internet and put together in an amateur style as to give the impression that the company did bother to take pictures of its merchandise.

Domain registered: UK

Customer service: The only way to contact this merchant is by sending a contact form directly from the website. It doesn’t give out any actual contact details such as an email address or a phone number. I got to say that this is a first. It is the first company I come across with such a poor attention towards customer services.

Summary: Swissluxury.co.uk gives the impression that you have finally found a reputable replica merchant that actually sells watches equipped with a mechanism manufactured in Switzerland. It looks like a professional Swiss watch store. Sadly, it is just an act. What lies beneath this appearance are nothing but poor services, superficial policies, fake product pictures and deceitful payment methods.

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